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Football: Boehly has a little Lamp

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3 hours ago, Rorschach - 2 said:

Joao Felix looks good too, just ... perhaps not as a striker?


I feel like he's a guy with a lot of technical ability but not much way to actually use it. Like, he's not a striker, but would he really be a no10? Or a wide forward? He controls and passes nicely but what does he actually do?


That might also be fixed with a defined system, but also there's got to be a reason why he failed at Atleti, one of the most defined systems that exists in football. 

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Hard to say what he does. He excels at keeping the ball and moving with it, and if he had the ability to see space the way, say, Ødegaard or de Bruyne does (or even a glimmer of it), he'd be a fantastic 10. But he does create space the way he moves with the ball, so I feel there's got to be some manager somewhere who can take advantage of that.

However, he may be a wispy Adama Traore.

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2 hours ago, Darryk said:

Chelsea appointing Lampard is hilarious. Their owners are clueless.

Are you daring to imply that rich people aren't actually smarter than the average person?

Why I'd never.

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I think Boehly would've given Nagelsmann a permanent deal if he was interested. I doubt Nagelsmann wanted to join the mess with less than 2 months of the season remaining though and he might also be waiting to see if he gets any other offers at the end of the season.

If Boehly was just looking for a caretaker manager then there aren't many managers (none of the good ones anyway) who would be willing to take on a 2-month gig.

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Posted (edited)

Nagelsmann (probably) won't take a job offer before the end of the season. After that, he might be more interested in the PSG job than Chelsea (at least that looks like the somewhat smarter move). For Real his resumee looks a weeeeeeeeee bit too light.

And yes, PSG are/will be in the market again for a new manager as Galtier's days there are numbered.


Edit: Updated the thread title.

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Not great is it? Re: newcastle


Our investigation can reveal:

  • A June 2020 email from a Foreign Office official included a draft note that Sir Edward Lister (chief strategic advisor to Johnson) was considering who should be the “senior interlocutor” to impress the interests of the government as the “Premier League finalise its consideration of the takeover”.
  • Lord Gerry Grimstone, then a minister for the DIT, appears to have been chosen as the interlocutor. People familiar with the discussions were left with the strong impression that the government and No 10 (the prime minister’s office) were in favour of the takeover during a flurry of calls that at one stage took place every few days. Grimstone denies seeking to influence the decision.
  • Neil Crompton, the British ambassador to Saudi Arabia, met with PIF officials to discuss the takeover.
  • Foreign Office minister James Cleverly, who is now foreign secretary and a member of the cabinet, had a call with the Saudi ambassador to the UK in which he requested an update on the bid.
  • The Foreign Office prepared a briefing note for Johnson before a scheduled call with MBS as to how the prime minister should respond if Saudi’s crown prince pressed him on the issue.
  • The DIT is described as having made a “PR offer” that was to be shared with the Premier League, presumably to improve the image of Saudi Arabia and assist the takeover, and a Foreign Office official says “there is space to add colour to the real reforms on the ground” in the Gulf state.
  • The Premier League board was also lobbied by clubs within its ranks, as high as at ownership level, who feared the sporting threat Newcastle would present if acquired by PIF.


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10 hours ago, A Horse Named Stranger said:

I know, but I wanted to get that title out, while I could, as I could not guarantee I'd get to open the next one.

No one could guarantee Lampard would remain in that job when opening next thread comes up.

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