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How would you rate episode 306?


How would you rate episode 306?  

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BTW 9/10 for the episode. I pointed out all my excitement in the non-spoiler thread. lol editing all the while I was watching.

my only irk was some of the cheesiness. the small awkward moments (loras/sansa, tyrion/sansa/shae) but They needed those scenes to show sansa's horrific dismay at littlefinger's ship leaving. (such a cute ship). oh and yea the bran scene seemed like filler to me. (they are getting closer to the wall and meera hunts for them. but it was really pointless)

I did however, also enjoy LF's mention of someone useful. (thinking of Dontos)

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  • Arya the master archer - Just WTF??? Since when is Arya some super wunderkind with the bow and arrow??

Didn't the very first episode of Season 1 show Arya humiliating Bran when he was learning archery? She comes up behind him and shoots and hits the center, then runs from him.

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Well, in episode one season one didn't she take the bow from Bran and make an expert shot? For TV continuity that is

Yep, you are right, that did happen in episode one, but I took it to be more of lucky shot. Perhaps I misinterpreted and it was meant more to show her overall skill level. My mind keeps going back to the way that book Arya had trouble bending the bow properly when she was with BWB, and that's where my cognitive dissonance is undoubtedly coming from.

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Personally, the only thing that really ruined the episode for me was Loras' scenes. Especially that horrible scene with Sansa in the garden. Sophie Turner deserves a better actor to play off of.

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9. It was pretty great because the Wall stuff was awesomely done. That shot of Jon and Ygritte on the top was beautiful. Sam singing the Little Children song was so great. Its my favorite Sam moment. <3

The big change with Mel and Gendry was pretty drastic but it works! It really works! Im ok with it.

Well, guys, we dont have to worry about Ros anymore. Scattered applause

Dropping lots of foreshadow bombs and the getting rid of Ros plus Roose action and some Wall made for a good episode for me.

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Wasn't an amazing episode, especially in comparison to the previous two. But still very decent.

Ramsay and the shot with Ros at the end made it for me. And that shot atop the wall at the end. Arguably the most beautiful shot of the entire series.


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Give it a 7. Worst of the season... but this season is the best to date so it was still pretty darn good! Was definitly a setup epsidose so lacked the punch of the past three, but ups the anticipation for the remaining 4 epsiodes. Don't have any complaints on any of the scenes really. Maybe having Joffery straightup kill Ros was... a little odd to me. Interesting curveball having Tywin threat to put Loras on the kings guard, but still hoping he is somehow put on it eventually.

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Back to a 7. Has to be some filler I guess. Still great TV

We got to see just how attractive the Red Woman is when she talked to Arya.

Killing off Ros wasn't the shocker it was meant to be and a loss of one of the most attractive females on the show.

Ygritte continued to grate on a raw nerve and I loved her in the book. Be glad when she is gone.

The Queen of Thorns and Tywin --Epic.

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8 and commenting before reading other comments.

I was happy to see that Sam found some "buried treasure" :) Again... wtf is Rickon? Lol maybe I missed him. My fave part was the wall climb and as messed up as it sounds, Theon's torture scene. I am not sure how I feel about Gendry and Melisandre as the "wood's witch"... and what she saw in Arya (my fave lil assasin) . Could be a brilliant plot. Hmmmm.

Loved Tyrion's awkward moment. This episode is definitely leading to the climax.

Eta: yes, I did enjoy QoT and Tywin, lol. Ugh, and Brienne in a dress and poor Jaime and his steak :(

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I'm sure if I were to buy the whole season 3 package and watched each episode back to back to back, this episode wouldn't disappoint me. It's just a filler episode with some weird twists. Having to wait a week until next episode though makes this episode a bit ehh.

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I did not like (almost) a single piece of it, so if you are of the ones happy with it, just skip :P

:blink: :mellow:

Likely the first episode I was repeatedly checking time, if it is going to be over already. And definitely the first (in a bad way) I went to find who wrote this stuff. Benioff and Weiss? :wacko: The things what made me most mad, besides the general wasting of the screen time, were the handling of Arya/Gendry, Blackfish, Loras. No way in all the worlds is it in Arya's character to see her friend taken away against his will by some stupid cow and do nothing. They could have had her away training with Anguy or any other excuse, because Melisandre's gibberish about the darkness in her was neither here nor there for most of the viewers, I'd guess. Blaskfich, who is one of my characters in the books, stays dum on TV, all blaming, no suggesting or doing anything else except repressing Edmure. Loras childhood dreams about his wedding gave a half-smile, but also a neon writing of the word *stereotype*. I don't know, for me the actor already presents his character weakly with his acting, and the stuff he is given makes it worse :P Meera/Osha was simply a waste, Gilly/Sam almost as well, even the effects of Wall climbing seemed from an era of around 1970s. Dislike very much. Hope the next one will get back to being great or good.

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