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  1. That was pretty much how I felt when Thibs was coaching our guys. It's the same thing with every team! Hey millionaires, when you pass to the open guy, when you move without the ball, your team is more likely to win! Stop fucking ISO! We'd play a quarter of beautiful basketball, then suddenly the ball would stop (cough, Boozer, cough), and there's another TO or desperation shot. Then again, Thibs can't seem to trick KAT into putting any effort whatsoever into playing interior defense, so who knows. Over at realGM there was a great conversation from guys much smarter than I am about how the league has graduated past his defensive strengths. That the icing a pick and roll doesn't work because everyone is shooting 3's now, so his defensive brilliance has stagnated. Even before Butler, I was hoping that your Wolves would become my team in the West. You're absolutely right, it's really hard to watch them play - despite my adoration of early Jimmy Butler (not so much Hollywood Jimmy).
  2. I feel like Sanderson almost could have put a list in the appendix of his characters' crushes, past hurts, and current moods, laid out just like his magic systems. His characters are that artificial. But damn was that Wax and Wayne series a fun read, wasn't it! Stick to pulpy characters, world-defining expositions, quick action, and as little internal monologue and teenage banter as possible!
  3. I'm also pretty surprised the Bulls pulled off three in a row. I suppose I'm happy we beat the Knicks - that's really the only win I wanted all month. I highly, highly disliked Niko and Bobby before the punch, and even more afterwards. I'd be happy if both were gone, but I guess I'll be happy enough if we move Niko next month (he can't be traded til January 15). I am already stressed out about the draft, though it's months away. My opinion on whom to draft changes every hour, and that assumes we are still in top-3 pick range. At any one point in the last month, I've decided on Bagley, Doncic, or Ayton as our sure-fire star. Porter had me very interested for a minute. We'll probably get fucked into like 6th, then an even worse pick in 2019. I just don't see us as a relevant team for a very long time. It's so hard to root for losing for the greater good, or rooting for wins from a roster and coach and FO I thoroughly dislike.
  4. Sanderson gets plenty of attention here, and the much-awaited third novel came out very recently. I know nothing about WH40k, but the world in Way of Kings has a whole lot going on. The armor and blades are more complicated than just bad-ass armor. There's also characters flying around, machines that magick food (or buildings, or anything) out of the air, little critters that flitter around nature or people having feelings, and a whole lot of other crazy stuff. I was very hyped after the first novel, despite the author's standard iffy dialogue. It's big, flashy fun. If you're anything like me, though, the cool stuff isn't enough to sustain the series. Hundreds of pages of bloat, insufferably anachronistic characters, and bizarre hyper violence but no naughty words or even passing references to more than kissing have taken away a lot from a promising action-packed series.
  5. Yep Traverys, we are peas in pod here. I honestly have completely given up on finishing it. Lost my book mark and have no idea within 200 pages where I even was, it was that uninteresting for me. It's a bummer, it was one of my most anticipated novels of the year and the first time I've bought an actual hardback (instead of an ebook or using the library) since ADWD. Forgive me, I live in a closet in NYC. Sanderson responded to an email of mine back when Elantris was brand new, and at the time I was totally floored. I've followed him as closely as most authors hyped up around here. Just the nicest guy, and I love his relationships with his fans. So it's with a heavy heart that I've pretty much entirely given up reading his books as of now. I've never had more jarring text than Shallan speaking like an awkward high school girl, then ranging back into more standard fantasy dialogue. Modern day young women don't speak the way she does, nor does anyone's idea of a heroic, strong-but-deeply-scarred spec-fic heroine. I'm just not sure if he sees his books, then reads a bit of, say, Abercrombie's Northmen campfire chats, Erikson or Bakker's dramatic speeches, Hobb's likeable-within-one-page side characters, etc, and sees no difference. I feel like he's a supremely talented comic book artist who had a falling out with his writer, and decided he'd be just fine doing both. I apologize to Sanderson himself and you guys for bitching about this book for a month, but I'm honestly really disappointed. Maybe I'll try again in the depths of winter.
  6. I spent at least 45 seconds trying for a clever Coldhands joke and came up short. Instead, Ill just say that I was absolutely awful at that damn DK in WoW. By far my worst class that everyone else seemed to figure out.
  7. Nothing super dramatic, alas. Cocktail waitress at a club said he and his group were just over the top rude and left 10%. Bartender said he was shitty about not doing bottle service at that spot, which was basically a pub and no one would ever ask for bottle service. Art dealer said Melo said every thing he had was shit, but LaLa wanted something "flashy", then offered a third of the price, pushing that he deserved it for his celebrity status. Little shit like that makes asshole crotchety bartenders like me hold an unnecessary grudge. That said, I've gotten to meet a ton of "people", and there's just as wide a range from dickhead to favorite regular as there is for non-famous people. Melo is only like a 20/100, nothing shocking.
  8. I consider Brandon Sanderson to be a very entertaining author. I think he crafts some fascinating worlds. I also can hardly continue to read his newest, because the dialogue is so awkward. Characters consistently use completely anachronistic phrases, to a point that I literally have put the book down several times since I purchased it, simply because I couldn't continue with the awful conversations. This isn't limited to interactions between characters - the inner dialogues can be just as jarring. Last book featured a young girl trying to understand her magical powers, which she described as "her awesomeness". It is probably my single least favorite chapter I can ever remember reading. I have bagged on this damn book multiple times on this forum, but I do enjoy a significant amount of it. I want to know what's going to happen to these characters, and I want to see this wonderful world develop even more. I enjoy that he has a crazy overlying mega-plot that unites all of his novels. I just have such a hard time with his style of writing.
  9. I always was with the hype on him when he was such a scoring beast in Denver. Holy crap could he score, teammates or no. He came to NYC about three months before I did. My first bartending job here was a half block off MSG. I can't even explain how electric it was in fall of 2011, coming off their playoff out against Boston. But they started crappy. He got hurt, then Linsanity happened - I could tell you guys a bunch of overlong stories about how crazy that 3 weeks was, from my side of the bar. They fired D'Antoni, ended hot under Brown, but fizzled under injuries in the playoffs. Just about every Knicks game was on TVs behind me for the next few years. Melo lovers lauded his big scoring games. Others, more and more each season, started complaining over their beers about what god-awful defense he played, you're 100% spot on Billy. They also pointed out how his ISO-only gameplay made everyone else on the team worse. His diva persona rubbed a lot of people the wrong way. On my industry side, I know multiple people who served him (or LaLa. Universally loathed as an awful person by every industry staffer I know) and disliked him. Eventually it all went sour, as he was being paid by the worst owner in the NBA not named Sterling, with Phil Jackson's awful insistence that the triangle would still work minus Michael Jordan during the nascent period of today's 3-point gunner style play. I'd go on and on, as I've had more bar chatter about Melo than any other athlete in my time here, just above Eli Manning. He's one of my least favorite players of all time for his obstinate refusal to adapt his game to anything that would help his team win. He thinks he is playing NBA Jam, not trying to win a 5 on 5 game. Fuck Carmelo Anthony. 2am rant over.
  10. Melo is not the only reason, but I will forever insist that is a perennial loser. If he simply werent on that team, they'd be my second favorite team in the west (I will always root for Thibs, the angriest man in the NBA). I hope they gel a bit and at least are a tough out in the playoffs. I like RW and Adams too much to see them so disappointng so far.
  11. My best buddy just had his first kid a week ago. After the early chatter about her hair, mom, etc, his first proper story was about his and Mom's plan to have their first ever 3 hours both away from the kid to be Episode 8. I thought it was pretty cool. Did you guys flip a coin for opening night? Funny how even things like movie premieres are affected by the wee'uns.
  12. Suffice to say I am disappointed. Just can't keep the book in my hands (and not simply because it's unwieldy). I'm halfway through by page count and feel like the characters could be in exactly the same positions by chopping down fully 2/3s of what I've made it through. Dalinar's flashbacks are insufferable. At this point I am just skimming to see if something actually progresses. Hundreds of pages of bloat has me where I was at with Wheel of Time. Perhaps the final act will reel me back in. I just have to get through the slog.
  13. I absolutely think this has been one of the more exciting starts of the regular season in a long time, though I closed last thread saying in the past I've paid perhaps too much attention to my own team, and not enough on the rest of the league. WIth the Bulls tanking, I've enjoyed heading over to for some teams I have seen too little of. It's interesting that there is not necessarily one major storyline dominating others. Other than the Warriors still having about a 75% chance to beat the field in my opinion, there's just a great amount of stuff going on. Porzingis, in particular, is making me eat crow to half my New York friends. Last season, I staunchly insisted that he didn't have the killer instinct to own that team, and needed another guy to come in and be a true leader (Melo = vomit, of course). Man was I wrong. If Frank rapidly develops, boy could that be a fun team again in MSG.
  14. He's fascinating! If he pans out, how great would it be if he were a starter for the Yankees, say, and then DH'ed a couple games a week against righties? I admit that I'll be pretty sad if he just becomes a Zambrano type, as a pitcher who is dangerous with a bat, but not enough to push him up in the batting order.
  15. Seconded. Really has taken any pleasure out of scanning this thread. This is such an odd season for me. I'm not wired as a fan of tanking, which is what my Bulls need to continue doing, possibly even through next season. We're all trying to see the kids develop, but hope for an L at the end. I've watched probably three or four times as many non-Bulls games this year as I usually would, though. Maybe it's for the best to get me out into the wild, as it were. I can get a bit tunnel-visioned with my teams.