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  1. I really, really enjoyed the original. Definitely my favorite Marvel flick, and frankly one of my favorite sci-fi adventures of all time. That said, I walked out of the theater yesterday relatively disappointed. I grew tired of Baby Groot about halfway through. Thought 80% of the jokes missed. The corny dialogue worked great last movie, but fell flat on my ears whenever Gunn pushed for an emotional conversation - especially with the sisters' scenes. I rolled my eyes multiple times. I didn't really go for Russell's character the way most of you guys enjoyed him. Then again, I loved Lee Pace's Ronan and patiently waited for a Thanos scene which never came. Anyway, The good parts were terrific, and it got a bit dusty in the theater once or twice. I'll see it multiple more times, but I don't think I'll consider it a favorite they way I did the original.
  2. I think he's got some sort of Meereenese Knot situation, and is struggling badly to make progress. So he has games and cons and his kid and side projects that are slowing (or totally replacing) his writing. I don't fault him, but I don't really give a shit about him any more because of it, either. If the book finally comes out, I'll shrug and check it out at the library at some point, whereas five years ago it would have been one of my most exciting purchases of the year.
  3. That was a pretty fun read. I feel like it'd be the Balrog, though. Gandalf had Narya boosting his Istari kung-fu grip. He coulda taken out Smaug, but he chose the thievery route.
  4. I grew up on the other side, as a Bulls fan, never knowing the crappy feeling of having this unbeatable beast in my conference for so long. That said. I disagree with you. I am a huge NBA playoff fan. Knowing that Warriors Cavs was inevitable a year ago, and almost certain to happen yet again next year, just sucks. I'm watching tons of hockey. I don't know a damn thing about hockey.
  5. I really hope Toronto shows the fuck up at home. At least take one. I'm just so damn sick of LeBron in every ECF. Seems like he's a lock for 2018 as well. I've pretty much entirely checked out on this postseason. I guess I'm rooting for Boston? I just have a hard time seeing anyone taking two games from CLE or GSW til the final. Barf.
  6. This game is lit, as the kids would say.
  7. LaMarcus Aldridge is not playing like an all-star, that's for sure. What a clinic by the Rockets. I am shocked.
  8. The Syndergaard thing is really troubling. He has trouble last week, they push for him to get an MRI. He refuses. That's really, really weird. Says he knows his own body. Sure, kid, you're 24 and a master at recognizing injury vs soreness. Sure enough, he comes out and pitches an awful first, finally gripping his underarm visibly. Now he's down for an unknown time. I'm totally baffled that a player would refuse a non-intrusive MRI. Mets fans will argue all season whether going out for that extra game hurt his body more than it was already damaged. Tommy John surgeries, shoulder injuries, dead arms, etc. At this point, who could be shocked when a young ace goes down? Smoltz was quoted in an article saying that the young guys these days are trying for a 6th gear all the time, and never learned to coast in 4th or 5th. That may be too simplistic, but I definitely don't remember being a baseball fan fifteen years ago and not even blinking when my team's #1 prospect goes down for 16 months (as Reyes did for my Cardinals. My reaction was "Well that was bound to happen." instead of "WHAT NO OMG MY FRANCHISE!" as I would've in 1998 or so.)
  9. I was impressed that all three of the people that watched it with me said they really liked it. None knew the book, and only one had watched the ads enough to figure out who Wednesday was (once they all chatted after, as I resolutely only gave them vague assurances). The Bilquis scene! Hah! I thought maybe they'd just film it to have her kill him sacrificially. Nope! In ya go, sir! That got some great "what the fuck?!" sounds from the newbies. I definitely think the casting is solid, and agree with their discussed change to Shadow being a bit more of a talker than he was in the book - he had to be, obviously. The Techno Boy scene was really jarring, I guess I didn't ever really try to visualize how trippy his character would be on my reads. Next week we'll probably see the Ifrit cutaway scene, which is probably my favorite cutaway from the books. I hope they capture how sad it made me.
  10. Looking forward to this. Convinced some friends to come to my place for the premier. I hope they arent disappointed! I haven't read any reviews other than general awareness that it's good. Looking forward to fleshing out the other characters (no pun intended regarding certain undead ones hahaha).
  11. Well I'm watching this quarter and if this absolute shitshow of a team continues to play like this, I'll be headed out rather than staying home for this garbage. This is the shit I hated so much about this team all year long.
  12. If MCW plays more than 28 minutes and we lose, I will vomit. Well, I won't, but I'll sort of want to. Jerian Grant showed flashes of being a nice shooter to hide on offense while Butler and Wade hold the ball, but he is young and Thomas would go hard at him. I expect a lot of MCW simply for his long arms, and completely infuriating offense. I have never liked Rondo since that crazy epic 2009 Bulls Celtics series, but he sure controlled the first two games. I feel like tonight is gonna be an emotional Celtics victory. Just hope we can pull off game 4 and still win this series. Losing after going up 2-0 in Boston would be a very 2017 Bulls kind of thing to do, though.
  13. Yep, a lot of my Bulls contingent are suddenly strutting like we are a 65 win team after rolling over the Celtics for two games. We just match up too well. I'm incredibly pessimistic about this season, regardless of how we looked these two games, and I feel like the Wizards would stomp us. But, I've been consistently wrong about everything any time I talk about this team, so who knows, maybe your team will fold as well. My money is against my team, that's for sure.
  14. I've been Team Rey Kenobi from day 1, damnit. She has an RP accent! Obi-Wan calls her by name in the force vision! She does a Jedi mind trick on James Bond! The writing is on the wall! Okay, there wasn't any writing. If she ends up being Kylo's twin, I'm gonna roll my eyes.
  15. Weird season as a Bulls fan. I just hated this team for so much of the regular season. Rondo and Wade are two of my least favorite players ever, mostly due to their teams being rivals of mine over the years. I thought the Bulls were as likely to come unhinged against a hot Boston team as it was likely they'd win a hard-fought series. I did not expect Boston's depth to totally fail; outside of Thomas, they just look awful. And in that 4th quarter, his mental and physical exhaustion showed. Was an exciting win, to be sure. I think any chatter regarding trading Butler is gone, now, thank god.