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  1. My Cardinals, whom I've generally banished from view since, oh, May, sure tried hard tonight to blow an 8 run 8th inning lead. What the fuck is going on with this team? No Cardinals fan seems to know. We don't like Matheny, they keep missing trade opportunities or big signings. We're having yet another season showing our bizarre ability to bring up totally unheralded rookies who inexplicably succeed at the MLB level. It has been backfiring the last two years, as most of them somehow kill it for a few hundred ABs or IP, then badly peter off and we're back to this .500 lackluster team. I have absolutely no idea how to judge this team and its future, despite trying every day to figure out what the hell is going on with them, top to bottom. Hell I change my mind on Molina's 3 year extension about every day and a half since he signed it.
  2. I had very high hopes, though the Akiva Goldsman part had me very skeptical. The first trailer was so, so terrible that I convinced myself it'd be a total flop, and I'd probably skip it. I haven't changed my mind. It's getting shellacked by critics, and I haven't seen a TV spot yet that made me interested. Then again, I really feel like even if they absolutely nailed the first couple books, it wouldn't have been well-received, and bombed anyway.
  3. Oh, man. I was hardly expecting much, but I figured the Guy Ritchie King Arthur movie would be a solid late night casual watch. I absolutely couldn't last past ten minutes.. It's just astonishingly bad. Transformers 2 bad.
  4. The viewing party I attend enjoyed an extended (puns!) discussion regarding the total length of erections at Dany's small (puns!) council. There's direct statements about Varys and Grey Worm being chopped root and stem, but none of us agreed on the level of Theon's mutilation. In the long run (puns!), we decided at 4 total inches, allowing for Tyrion being well-supported compared to his body. We all agreed, though, that it was too bad that Podrick couldn't make an appearance there, just to single-handedly (or perhaps both-handedly) balance out the general lack of turgid members in the scene.
  5. Man, Euron's actor is terrible. At least he killed two of those even-worse sand snakes.
  6. I don't see how it could be anything else, really. It would be really odd not to be.
  7. Sam scenes were awful (though our party did get our first "shot for the first nudity" in one. Ed Sheeran was dreadfully obvious and terrible - why not just have them fucking break out cans of Pepsi?. But Arya slaughtering an entire house was holy-shit worthy, Tormund's hilarious face was paused and re-watched at our party, and, damn, the Hound was so damn good. Give Rory a damn Emmy or a Teen Beat or something god fuck sake. Coulda been a 10, coulda been a 6. 8 for me, maybe 9 just for Arya.
  8. Two fantastic Cubs related stories today. I like the trade for both the Cubs and the Sox. Though as a Cardinals fan, I obviously hope Quintana stays only OK and not as awesome as he probably is Sammy Sosa is really weird.
  9. My roommate of four years has moved out this weekend. It's been a few days of confusion over her trying to find friends to move, then resorting to a mover this morning, before I knew what was happening. I was at work when she texted saying movers were coming. She closed my bedroom door, and apparently was in a couple disputes with the guy, who threatened her and her dad. Well, the piece of shit also opened my door when she wasn't looking, took 120 dollars and my little weed grinder off my desk. I wish I could press charges, but it is illegal paraphernalia and all. The dickhead didn't take my canteen next to it that had my actual stash though, so I guess that's a silver lining! People are bad. I am pretty pissed at my roommate, but she's going through a really hard time, and I told her I don't care about the money, I just hope she pushes to get the guy fired.
  10. Shameless is one of those shows that I've had multiple people recommend. I've had multiple nights staring at Netflix and Amazon's choices, re-watching some mediocre movie instead of starting something new. I'm now three episodes in, and really, really enjoying it. Why the hell did I wait so long! Argh! A few actors are mediocre, but for such an ensemble cast, I'm very impressed at how easily I fell into the rhythms of the family. It helps that I find Emmy Rossum unspeakably attractive, but the rest of the cast are so good that I'd hardly miss a beat if she wasn't involved for a few episodes. Unless the show takes a sudden turn, I expect to binge through it all as soon as possible.
  11. Yeah, I can't imagine Celtics fans are enjoying all these players signing elsewhere. They gonna tread water for two more seasons and hope LeBron tires?
  12. I don't see a big problem with an established, respected reviewer like Pat to have a strongly negative reaction to a property, even if it's highly respected by most other peers. He clearly disliked the hell out of it, and a lot of others clearly liked the hell out of it. MST is about as good as it gets for me, personally, from start to finish. Many posters here disliked its pacing or saccharine epilogue. Pat has said he enjoyed the first series very much. I don't think he was personally trying to torpedo Williams' new work or anything. He just didn't like it, and let that be known. In any medium, fans are going to have varied opinions, as are reviewers. Subjectivity is inherently illogical. I have read and re-read and mostly adored the hell out of Robin Hobb's work, but I absolutely think the Fitz and the Fool series is awful in every way. Most here love it, I don't know why I could hardly finish the first two and can't be bothered to finish the third. I loathe mushrooms, but I use cream of mushroom soup for one of my favorite recipes. I am among about twenty people in the world that really enjoyed the John Carter movie. Anyway, my apologies for an off-topic, whisky inspired ramble, but I'm quite excited to get this in the mail. I hope it's a tome.
  13. Especially mother fucking re-building teams that could absolutely use a solid guy like Bell. Say, the Bulls. Instead we'll use the 3.5 to buy out Rondo or something?! Send the FO on a nice booze cruise?! I have more of a headache from that completely dreadful job (and then insultingly snide press conference) Forman and Paxson did than my hangover. My Bulls fandom is basically on hold until 2019 or so, while I watch other, more engaging teams in the meantime. The Bulls forum I read has three guys trying to defend the night, and about 150 raging over it, and collectively jumping ship to the Wolves, Bucks, Suns, etc. I've suffered enough bullshit from this front office.
  14. The Bulls decisions are abso-fucking-lutely god damn terrible. Single worst job of any of the GMs, by a huge margin. Selling off Jordan Bell, who probably is already a better prospect than Dunn who fucking blew last year? Oh, we drafted a Mirotic clone? And we get to hope Lavine comes back healthy in January! Fucking awesome, Forman! I expected to be disappointed, but not shocked. Jesus christ. I'm drinking more.
  15. Haven't seen Cars 3, but I also agree that the series is their weakest link. Other than toy sales I never got why they continued the franchise. I love just about every Pixar movie, so I don't mind. That short looks good, to be sure.