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  1. Especially mother fucking re-building teams that could absolutely use a solid guy like Bell. Say, the Bulls. Instead we'll use the 3.5 to buy out Rondo or something?! Send the FO on a nice booze cruise?! I have more of a headache from that completely dreadful job (and then insultingly snide press conference) Forman and Paxson did than my hangover. My Bulls fandom is basically on hold until 2019 or so, while I watch other, more engaging teams in the meantime. The Bulls forum I read has three guys trying to defend the night, and about 150 raging over it, and collectively jumping ship to the Wolves, Bucks, Suns, etc. I've suffered enough bullshit from this front office.
  2. The Bulls decisions are abso-fucking-lutely god damn terrible. Single worst job of any of the GMs, by a huge margin. Selling off Jordan Bell, who probably is already a better prospect than Dunn who fucking blew last year? Oh, we drafted a Mirotic clone? And we get to hope Lavine comes back healthy in January! Fucking awesome, Forman! I expected to be disappointed, but not shocked. Jesus christ. I'm drinking more.
  3. Haven't seen Cars 3, but I also agree that the series is their weakest link. Other than toy sales I never got why they continued the franchise. I love just about every Pixar movie, so I don't mind. That short looks good, to be sure.
  4. This season continues to be the least compelling season of Cardinals baseball since the Lankford Era for me. I don't think we have much of a chance for a wild card spot, nor am I all that keen on our mid-to-long-term future. I have a hard time watching games when I fully expect the bullpen to blow any lead. (ps, our bullpen is now 0-9 in its last nine decisions. Whoof.) Among a slew of other issues. At least the Cubs are under-performing as well. Though I fully expect them to go about 40-15 soon enough.
  5. I'm ashamed to call myself an NBA fan right now. This is just unbearable. I'm not sure I've ever seen a game in any sport being refereed so poorly.
  6. Funny. I was drinking with friends just over, on 3rd, when you were there. A big group of NYU kids were all pre-gaming on their way to a screening. More girls than guys, which was pretty cool for a large group of 21 year olds. Ill probably wait to see it on blu ray, but it looks fun. I'm just comic'ed out these days, I can only do two or three a year, and I was the only Guardians 1 fan who thought guardians 2 was stupid as hell. Gonna wait til end of summer or longer for more superheroes.
  7. My oh my do I enjoy every minute of John Wick Chapter 2. After seeing it a second time (I had a blast at the theater as well), I like its pure, distilled action even more than the first. Best pure action movie since Fury Road. I could watch it again a night later. Caught Logan this week as well. Damn good movie to be sure, but man was it intense. Some good spots of levity, and some very dusty moments, and a few really brutal and gritty action scenes. I felt like I'd just gone on a tough run once it was finally over. Reminded me a bit of Children of Men in its pacing and bleak attitude. Showed Pete's Dragon to some friends. I love a good kids movie, and that one is nice and charming. Giving Elliot a doglike charm was perfect.
  8. I love Hercule Poirot novels and adaptations. I wonder how the general populace will fare with Murder on the Orient Express, specifically that it's a pretty well known commodity, and the finale is obviously "out" for many decades. For a more modern example, I hadn't read Gone Girl when the movie was released, but I had already been generally spoiled to the finale, despite only reading indirect references to what happened. Are most people going to have a pretty good idea about the end? (I won't spoil it here, obviously). Ill almost certainly be going to see it, but I wonder if it'll suffer if word gets out - "____ did it" could be enough to steer away impatient modern crowds. Regardless, I'm stoked, I'm just going to pretend it's David Suchet throughout.
  9. Yep, Jiriki, we grew up similarly, certainly. I wanted to be a paleontologist until I got to Junior High and realized I didn't like biology, only dinosaurs. I nearly put Dinotopia in the list, but I was 11 when it came out, and already fully snobbishly into novels, so I always insisted it was merely my brother's book, despite my often pouring over it when I could. I enjoyed The Westing House enough that after a rigorous search for its title a few years ago (I could only remember bits about the cardinal directions for names, and that it was in a mansion), I tracked it down and gleefully re-read it 25 years later. I also remember that my grade school had a copy of Leon Uris' The Haj. It was the biggest book in the fiction area, so I remember paging through it as maybe a fourth grader, and finding a sex scene. I instantly became super popular as the purveyor of carnal knowledge to the other boys. I wouldnt let them fold or bookmark the page, as I was paranoid we'd be discovered by pesky librarians. We never were. Thanks, Mr. Uris!
  10. Where the Wild Things Are, just like Jiriki. The Where's Waldo? books, if those count. Once I abandoned pictures, I loved the Wayside School series by Louis Sachar, anything Encyclopedia Brown, old Hardy Boys books, A Wrinkle In Time, and of course The Hobbit and LOTR.
  11. Cardinals, yet again, looking like a hot-or-not, 86 win kind of team. No offense, hope the starter goes 2 runs in 7 innings and the bullpen doesn't explode. We'll get hot for a couple weeks again in like July, maybe have a strong September. Very not-fun brand of baseball. I'm having a wretched 18 months of sportsdom.
  12. I really, really enjoyed the original. Definitely my favorite Marvel flick, and frankly one of my favorite sci-fi adventures of all time. That said, I walked out of the theater yesterday relatively disappointed. I grew tired of Baby Groot about halfway through. Thought 80% of the jokes missed. The corny dialogue worked great last movie, but fell flat on my ears whenever Gunn pushed for an emotional conversation - especially with the sisters' scenes. I rolled my eyes multiple times. I didn't really go for Russell's character the way most of you guys enjoyed him. Then again, I loved Lee Pace's Ronan and patiently waited for a Thanos scene which never came. Anyway, The good parts were terrific, and it got a bit dusty in the theater once or twice. I'll see it multiple more times, but I don't think I'll consider it a favorite they way I did the original.
  13. I think he's got some sort of Meereenese Knot situation, and is struggling badly to make progress. So he has games and cons and his kid and side projects that are slowing (or totally replacing) his writing. I don't fault him, but I don't really give a shit about him any more because of it, either. If the book finally comes out, I'll shrug and check it out at the library at some point, whereas five years ago it would have been one of my most exciting purchases of the year.
  14. That was a pretty fun read. I feel like it'd be the Balrog, though. Gandalf had Narya boosting his Istari kung-fu grip. He coulda taken out Smaug, but he chose the thievery route.
  15. I grew up on the other side, as a Bulls fan, never knowing the crappy feeling of having this unbeatable beast in my conference for so long. That said. I disagree with you. I am a huge NBA playoff fan. Knowing that Warriors Cavs was inevitable a year ago, and almost certain to happen yet again next year, just sucks. I'm watching tons of hockey. I don't know a damn thing about hockey.