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  1. I still haven't re-watched, and was dilly-dallying around for too long. I am super excited to see it knowing a clearer timeline of events. I wonder if next season will have any more mind-bender plot reveals. Boy did that show pick up steam as the season advanced, or what?
  2. Yep, I agree with everything you said. Some of the best lines had the theater goimg nuts. It was impossible to hear the movie for about ten seconds after the "Bugatti spaceship" line. No one could get their shit together, but it was worth it. Other most hype moments for the raucous crowd, when T'Challa, Okoye and Nakia came in front of the UN and the ladies were in formal dresses got a great l and well deserved collective "Daaaaaaaaaaamn". M'Baku and his vegetarian line was the hardest I laughed. I can't get over how beautiful all the costumes and architecture was. This movie has the Best Costume design so wrapped up, it might as well not even have any other nominees. I have moviepass and will probably see this like five more times.
  3. Well I will be brief for now and say I thought it was absolutely terrific fun. My theater was incredibly hyped. Sure I had some super minor beefs, but it was superb all around.
  4. Dang, you guys got me wanting to revisit SG-1, which I didnt care for back then. I still love the movie. Its streaming on Hulu, like the one damn service I don't have. Yay for Queens having a solid library system.
  5. Fuck yea! Hey everybody, we're all gonna get laid!
  6. I am humbled. That thing is amazing. If I win the lotto (unlikely as I've not bought a ticket in 15 years) I will buy one for myself and for you as well. I'm at an age where I'm starting to think "Maybe the kid thing won't happen after all", but if it does, there will be Legos. My folks have all mine packed away for years now. I always used space or castle pieces, and rarely kept actual sets together, preferring my fleet of self-made ships, robots, and forts. I can still bring out robots I built of various sizes and recall their characters. My mom helped me send my careful, crayon-drawn plans to LEGO when I was like 6. I got a lovely letter to apply for work when I was older. I wonder if Mom kept it. Hell, 30 years later, I need work, maybe I should dig it up.
  7. New Lego Millenium Falcon 1400 pieces, 170 bucks. I think the biggest set I ever got as a boy was one of the big Castle ones, at a garage sale for like 5 dollars (back in the late 80s), and I seem to recall it was like 1100 pieces. 1400 is pretty impressive. I wish I had a significant amount of disposable income, because I would love to build this thing.
  8. Dialogue that has little to no adverbial tags, both in very short conversations or extended ones. For instance, in my failed attempt to read Sanderson's newest release, I constantly had to re-scan awful dialogue to figure out which character said this and that. Some lines had no hint at all before them, and could have been spoken aloud by the POV character, someone else in the room, an intercom-spren, or God. Who knows. I'm currently in an Agatha Christie binge, and her mysteries work in reverse: because dialogue is sparse, and the omniscient 3rd person veers between different characters' thoughts, nearly every line spoken is preceded with a "the General said:" Perhaps I need to greatly slow my reading speed, or switch to audio books (bzzzt, no thanks)
  9. I was at some friends' apartment the other day, and they had mentioned putting a lot of time and cash into making their apartment feel like a sci-fi movie. Her husband is an architect, she's a designer, and they have pretty much the coolest apartment I've ever seen, so I was all ears when they were excited to show guests their new toys. One of their cats is named Lex, and they are lifelong (and rich) nerds, so they get their robo-house's attention with "Computer..." instead of "Alexa". As with a lot of new tech, I was skeptical of its need, as are some others in this thread. But screw it. It was pretty fucking awesome. All the lights were on when my date and I walked in. The hostess said "check this out! Lighting is all set up!" She said "Computer, party mode" or something like that, and instead of a bright, quiet apartment, some nondescript lighting along the wall went to this incredible mix of warm reds and browns and cooler greens, accentuating their art and furniture. Her spotify playlist started along with the lighting. It instantly made an already kick-ass apartment into a seriously awesome one. Once we settled down, she said "Computer, Movie time", off went the music, the lights went dark, and the damn blinds came down. It was bad ass. I pestered her for details a bit, they use a couple Amazon Dots, a Wink Hub that does the lighting and blinds (and apparently thermostat), several IFTTT routines to sort out what stuff to interconnect and when. Long story short, it's a start. They spent a pretty penny, whereas my home theater works just as well once you have walked around closing the shades, dimming lights etc, then finding my amazon, projector, and soundbar remotes. The future is here. Well, it's over in a Manhattan studio, anyway.
  10. What a crazy hour. I think LeBron pulled off a massive win. As mentioned above, Cleveland shed a bunch of malcontents and disappointments, and got players who fit much better with LeBron this year. I think they have a much clearer path to the Finals (where they'll still get rocked) than they did an hour ago. Then LeBron can either stay with those guys, or ditch to LA, whom he helped free up max space for two guys. I agree and disagree somewhat with Maithanet. I don't think LBJ and Paul George in purple and gold wins them a title, but it sure is a huge start. They'd have Randle, Kuzma, Ingram and Ball as either young fits, or trade bait for stars. My anti-LeBron glasses see him believing he can win in LA before he retires.
  11. Krysten Ritter is so absurdly my type that she almost made me think crystal meth would be cool. Her character of Jessica Jones is basically exactly the kind of woman I jump after (as a bartender), as a jaded, detached booze-hound - minus the whole bed-breaking super strength. Haven't run into one of those yet. I very much enjoyed the first season. My favorite of the Marvel series, so I've high hopes for this second season. Boy does it look heavy, though. I hope there are a few moments of levity beyond her savage wisecracks.
  12. This is great news for fans of outlandishly-colored and shaped genitalia. Just think of the brothel scenes!
  13. Really enjoying my Moviepass that came a week ago. I pay 17 dollars for a matinee in my Queens neighborhood. It's ridiculous. So now that I've seen Jumanji (I sure would have loved it when I was 12, had fun three times that age), The Last Jedi (the dumb parts annoyed me much more on this second viewing, but I got to sit and enjoy the really great moments again), and The Shape of Water (got a little dusty in the theater once or twice, what a superb movie), I've already 'spent' five times what my membership cost for the month. I'll probably catch a movie a week now in my spare time. Can't imagine this will keep up, at least in NYC, where movies are absurdly priced.
  14. Every time I start to respect LeBron for doing something awesome, he pulls some stupid immature bullshit and I go back to rolling my eyes at his attitude. I'm just eating this season up. It's 100% petty sportsmanship on my part as a fan, but give me this moment, I just reveling in it! Tomorrow I'll remember that I'll probably never see the Bulls beat him in the playoffs. Sigh.
  15. A few years ago I would have mocked anyone mentioning that they watch Twitch streamers. I've warmed to it these days, for games I am awful at or my increasingly dated rig can't run. Anyways, the past night or two I've watched a healthy bit of the Sea of Thieves closed beta. Assuming it has lots more progression, PvP, and varied gameplay content, that game is going to be fun as all hell with 3 friends. I think that hour or two the first night watching a 4 man group sink other ships, screw up, and play pirate ditties was the hardest I've ever laughed at a stream. It was thoroughly entertaining, and wow is that a gorgeous game. Cant wait to play it.