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  1. This is a weird post-season for me. For the first time in my life, I am actively rooting for the Dodgers (because I wholeheartedly agree with the thread title, god damnit Nationals why you gotta always be chokin') and the Yankees (I live here, and hey this is a fun damn team).
  2. Egad. Once you're bored if it, play Path if Exile, which has a vast amount of possible builds compared to D3's super flawed itemization and disinteresting endgame experience. I am a lifelong Diablo junkie (I am playing a great d2 mod in my spare time right now, waiting for the next PoE content patch in december. If you loved D2, and can get over a rather intense amount of stuff to take in, its an exceptionally well made ARPG. I loathe everything they've done with D3 so much these days, but it is still fun for a weekend here and there I suppose.
  3. What kind of person hasn't seen Die Hard, anyways? Come on!
  4. I have to apologize. I am emotionally unstable, and can't really come up with a better retort than to bring up how completely asinine it was for you to mention a Sixth Man award, as if that invalidated baxus' post. That said, I am a diehard Bulls fan who has cheerfully rooted against LeBron for his entire career. He's one of my least favorite sportsmen of all time. I just loathe the guy and always will. Thus, I do agree with bits and pieces of your mostly cockamamie anti-LeBron rant. He's been gifted the best physical talents of any NBA player. His DNA said "NBA star", and we all agreed on that while he was just coming out of puberty. I think it's patently absurd to suggest that he's a poor passer. Argue against his mental composition, absolutely. We can toast a pint and bitch for hours about mistakes he's made. On court, though, if he wanted to just be a better Draymond Green, he could be. But that would waste his speed and dexterity. So of course the offense runs through him. The guy has been the most game-affecting player on the court for his entire career. He's incredibly good at basketball, always has been. If you want to drown holding onto "Yeah but he coulda been even better", well, good on ya.
  5. I agree with Mother C. LeBron never won MIP or 6MotY. Red flags galore. Not a complete player.
  6. We have 12 hours of Petty music for the dive I frequent. So many I'd not heard, he was such a talent. Man. Oddly, his sad voice and superb guitar work fit a night of a favorite's passing very well. Its a whiskey night. /edit Whoah just seeing now, indeed he is alive, but a long way from safety. We are not changing the music, regardless.
  7. Thirteen (or Black Man outside of the USA, I believe) is a standalone sci-fi of his that absolutely rocked. Kind of a pulp detective novel wrapped in a sci-fi, torn-apart America, with a lot of social commentary. And gore and over-the-top sex scenes, as Morgan does.
  8. As a bartender, I have so many pop songs that I am forced to hear far too often, and often drowned out by drunks attempting to sing along. Barbie Girl still gets cheers when it comes up on our awful brunch 90s pop playlist. Vile. I think my single least favorite song of all time is that "Tonights gonna be a good night" by whoever the hell thought up that hideous pile of rancid shit, and has made me suffer it and dozens of drunk 20somethings singing along over my years working or on the public side of a bar. That said, I think this newest brand of bottom-shelf trap rap (and I am a lifelong hip hop junkie) might upset me more than anything I've had to hear. Thank god my bar would never play that Molly Molly Percoset aural travesty. Old man rants to the clouds, but that has to be the absolute worst mainstream 'music' I've had to suffer. Thank god for Chance the Rapper, he's about all I have left in the rap game these days.
  9. I am also very hyped for Blade Runner 2049. I haven't watched any trailers since maybe the first teaser and full one. All I know is the two leads. That's it. Read one review that was perfectly vague and got me even more excited. I am in media and forum blackout mode (including this thread for awhile ) until opening night.
  10. Surely you expected dissenting opinions in a thread with this title. I'm sure the vast percentage of us would put down 50 Shades or a novelization of the latest Transformers movie. Although there's going to be a ton of subjective variance between all the users of this forum, for the most part we came here because we like at least some corner of modern fantasy fiction. Responses here are, by expectation, going to be regarding books that others here probably loved. I suppose I could have said The Fountainhead hoping for a lot of appreciative stomps on the collective floor, but I immediately thought of my dislike of Abraham's characters, despite fully knowing that he's one of the most well-loved authors here. I'm sorry my opinion is bizarro land to you. I have felt the same to many hundreds of posts here over the years as well, but won't belittle them. Cheers.
  11. I'm also in the minority of posters here that I didn't enjoy or finish the Long Price Quartet. Abraham has some lovely writing, and certainly seems like one of the most respected authors on this board, but I haven't enjoyed any of his characters. I didn't finish the Dagger and the Coin series, either. I also don't think I'll ever finish Robin Hobb's latest Fitz series. While I adore so much of her world, and felt a great attachment for a long time to Fitz and many of her supporting cast, I simply couldn't keep on with his and Bee's story. Hobb is such a superb writer, but in the end there were just one too many "Oh gosh, Fitz is making another bad decision and later on will have to make up for it, and I'll feel sad again" moments. I'm content to dream that he lived out his life with Molly and the fam. I sometimes forget that I've never actually finished The Wheel of Time. At this point, I can't even remember which book I got to. Every time a Forsaken was resurrected, or another Black Ajah was revealed, I lost a bit more interest. I have a lot of respect for all three works. Having a hard time thinking of a book that I put down simply because I thought it was awful. I guess Goodkind's Sword of Truth schlock, but when I thought those were super cool and awesome, I was still a big fan of the Boondock Saints and other late-teenage fluff.
  12. Brandon Sanderson's Wax and Wayne books are set in the Mistborn world, in sort of a Wild West setting with revolvers, trains, and the like. I really enjoyed the hell out of them. I struggled to even finish the Mistborn ones, as I simply never liked Vin or Elend (or anyone at all in the series, really), but the setting combined with the magic system was much more engaging. I've brought up Abercrombie to more casual GoT fans than I can count. I'm really stoked for his next stuff.
  13. I'm looking forward to Divinity: Original Sin II as well. I really enjoyed the first, though it fell into my pile of single player games I never finish due to my usual leaning toward online, grinding over storyline kind of gameplay. My Path of Exile addiction has passed (at least until the next league in a couple months). Going to do a nice single player game for awhile - I only have maybe ten hours a week now to game, and online games are always thirsty for more of my time and energy. If you pick it up, Wert, I'll be looking forward to your early impressions. I'm going to hold off just a bit, and maybe even re-start the first one, before I pull the trigger. I have a bad habit of impulsively buying a single player game, thinking it's super great for about 10 hours, and never touching it again.
  14. Just about to wrap up the first season of Hannibal. I'm aware of the cancellation, but know nothing otherwise. I am not at all a fan of explicit gore, though I love a good intense psychological mindbinder. So a few times an episode I just have to look away or squint and squirm until the mutilated bodies are off-screen again. It's worth it. Mikkelson is just fantastic, as are most of the rest of the leads. I'm aware of the cancellation, but knew nothing other than "It's gory but fantastic." I hope it doesn't have a brutal cliffhanger (don't tell me anything!). I just have to budget an extra half hour before bedtime to watch like South Park or the Daily Show, something to get my mind off all the creepy shit that goes on. Caught Baby Driver last night. Very fun although not quite the instant classic I thought I might consider it upon release. Sometimes the clash between light-hearted crime musical, then dispassionate, violent heist flick got to me a bit. I also stubbornly finished that Guy Ritchie King Arthur movie, which I'd stopped watching maybe twenty minutes in my first attempt. It continued to be dreadfully, miserably terrible . This time I wisely had a book to read, and internet to surf, and hardly paid attention through the mishmash of Ritchie-speak and Medieval schlock. I put it on par with that Uwe Boll In the Name of the King as one of the very worst genre movies I've ever seen (at least for a movie attempting to be a 'hit').
  15. You're in for a treat! The next film will be called Live Die Repeat and Repeat, and it sounds like a lot of fun.