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  1. TitanCon 2016: Fri 30 Sept - Sun 2 Oct

    MG. Please check your Ttiancon Admin email. I sent you an important one yesterday, and I want to make sure you got it. I also sent you a not very important one last week. You don't need to reply to me. I'm passing the message along. also I'm not gonna be here for 3 weeks.
  2. Alton Sterling shooting.

    I take it that Nestor thinks you have a brain and can use it in a logical manor to evaluate the situation carefully, and will not be easily lead.
  3. Alton Sterling shooting.

    maybe one of the officers could have used the binoculars while they where trying to negotiate with them. I'm sure that took a few seconds. Nor are we suggesting that all the officers put their guns down to take a butchers. It just needs one to do so. and how the hell do you miss a guy three times who is sitting on the ground not that far from you?
  4. Alton Sterling shooting.

    ok. a possible solution. Cuff and detain the Mentally unstable person. (and if they really must the victim you just shot.) secure the scene. then the partner - the cop who did not shoot anyone could maybe offer the guy first aid making it clear he's not medically trained. Since the victim was able to talk he could have refused. I would have thought that would have been a nice thing to do. Oh and first aid is not practicing medicine. If its unethical to give first aid without a license or regular training, why the hell is it taught in schools? why are the free leaflets giving instructions often in doctors surgeries? I get that morals and ethics are subjective, while legal dictates a minimum standard. but gee maybe the legal standard needs to be looked at? and maybe amended? Truly makes me grateful I don't live in the grand U S of A. Our Police officers try to give emergency first aid when safe to do so while waiting for the ambulance. Even for those people who have clearly committed a crime or attacked them.
  5. Alton Sterling shooting.

    Would it have been Illegal of the officer to give first Aid or attempt to stop the bleeding? If No, then both not giving aid, and giving aid are both technically legal. Assuming you agree that its legal to give medical aid unless the patient refuses aid. would you not consider it a bit of a dick move to shoot someone (maybe legally) and then let them bleed out without trying to help? Sometimes doing stuff that legal or not doing in this case don't make it a nice moral thing to do. I believe its perfectly legal for me to call you a wanker. It doesn't make it true. or moral, or the right thing to do. For the record I am not calling you a wanker, cos I'm I nice person.
  6. Alton Sterling shooting.

    Basic first aid covers stopping bleeding. = Apply a compress to would, apply pressure. Keep applying pressure until help (ambulance) gets there. I don't even care that much that they hand cuffed him. - I don't think they should have. But they had a moral duty to try and stop the bleeding. They could do still do that after cuffing him and securing the scene. and if the law states otherwise then the law is wrong.
  7. Alton Sterling shooting.

    One would think things have already gone wrong when they accidentally shoot someone. And most definitely liable after rolling their unarmed totally compliant innocent victim on the ground and hand cuffing him. I've got no medical knowledge, but I bet that would have aggravated the wound and potentially made it worse.
  8. TitanCon 2016: Fri 30 Sept - Sun 2 Oct

    Well you do have friends now. (I'll even give you a badge to prove it) On the Titancon forum there is a Hotel / Room share thread. If you don't mind sharing with strangers you may find someone there.
  9. UK Politics: The Love Song of A. B. de Pfeffel Johnson

    I work am employed by a car manufacturer originally started in the US by a guy named Henry. You don't have to be a member of one of the recognised unions to work here. but when you join the company you give those unions the responsibility to negotiate your pay and conditions. If your not a member you just don't get to vote on what they are. You don't get to vote on strikes and you don't get to officially go on strike (its advisable to take the day off without pay). You also don't get the union protections if something happens to you.
  10. TitanCon 2016: Fri 30 Sept - Sun 2 Oct

    You can book your hotel room now, you don't have to wait till the coach tour details are up.
  11. TitanCon 2016: Fri 30 Sept - Sun 2 Oct

    E-mail sent. to your Gmail account
  12. TitanCon 2016: Fri 30 Sept - Sun 2 Oct

    Phil, Did you get the E-mail I sent you with the Beard stuff in it?
  13. UK Politics: A Farcical Aquatic Ceremony

    this so much "project fear, LA LA LA LA" *fingers in ears.* was the normal response whenever I dared to mention that things things could be difficult. This was without getting the chance to explain why they could be difficult or what difficult meant. Brexiters just did not want to know.
  14. UK Politics: The Morning After

    51.9% of the country may not want your wife here. But I do. Its a very sad day for Britain, its not the country that I knew and loved anymore. I'm not sure how we will heal from here, but I do know given time we will. On an unrelated note. The Massive 12 foot Silver Brexit alien thing that started a trend in my local area with lots of small silver brexit aleins popping up all over, has now had its Brexit sign removed. I'm shocked to learn that it's really a Massive 12 foot Silver Brexit alien thing with an anatomically impressive erection and no balls.
  15. Pictionary XXXI - Summer Days, Drifting Away! - REPLACEMENTS NEEDED, PLEASE SIGN UP

    Buck you last pair do not go together. I had both chains.