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  1. MercurialCannibal

    Football: same old, same old

    whoa. that was a pretty nice goal. I still imagine nufc give up 4 goals.
  2. MercurialCannibal

    MLB Offseason 2018: Harper, Your Herald Boras Sings

    ryu. ryu. ryu. ryu. on behalf of my beloved myshkin we are so proud of our son.
  3. MercurialCannibal

    Escalators... what’s the deal?

    just poke them in the shoulder and say 'get the fuck out of the way, stupid. ' practice in the mirror first. it's important to be convincing.
  4. MercurialCannibal

    Football, a Sterling effort, but Virgil got Dijk'd.

    toon will get at least a point of not all three vs liverpool saturday.
  5. nope. I love chris hughton but I still want the win. and that strike from ayoze! I like that he is playing for a transfer to Spain
  6. I see de gea gone and man united replacing him with dubravka. toon get a tidy 40 million for him.
  7. MercurialCannibal

    Careerchat III

    i did something I have never done in my career. our hotel sold and I was courted by a hotel with two restaurants in Baltimore that I helped open a year ago when we were in the same company. in January I went and had a good two weeks running the place after their chefs had quit. they offered me more money to live somewhere with a cost of living 40% less. so, for the first time in my career I asked for more money. I told them pay me or I will have to go. and believe me i really didn't truly want to. i love my restaurant and crew. they came back with more than i asked for and i got a sizable raise for my exec sous chef too. hurray.
  8. MercurialCannibal

    Football: Bernaburned

    fulham are one of the worst sides I have ever seen. they spent so much money to be this tragically awful.
  9. MercurialCannibal

    How often have you cracked your phone?

    only once. galaxy s6 maybe. the wife kairparavel and I had been out most the late afternoon and night drinking. we got out of a cab when I dropped my phone. mentioned later my screen was cracked. I assured her it was not and those were just webs from the spiders inside.
  10. MercurialCannibal

    U.S. Politics: Impoverished In Squalor

    innocent, exonerated, no obstruction, no collusion! now suck it, libtard snowflake cucks! time for us to have 6 more years of trump while centrist democrats fail Americans and we crawl further and further into a past. I picked a bad time to stop drinking.
  11. MercurialCannibal

    Football: Bernaburned

    raheem is the best player england has and easily one of top 10 in the world right now. I said. I mean it.
  12. MercurialCannibal

    Football: Bernaburned

    got to see rooney score a hat trick for dc united last night. it really was awesome. he chipped the keeper something fierce for his second. he also had an impressive assist off a corner that our winger lasered home with a half volley at the top of the box.
  13. MercurialCannibal

    Football: Bernaburned

    matt motherfucking Ritchie! may have ran around my apartment like a crazy person.
  14. MercurialCannibal

    Football: Bernaburned

    what a performance in the second half. rafa had the lads up to the challenge! an excellent day!
  15. MercurialCannibal

    Football: Bayern Seek the CHOsen One

    why are we not talking about sean longstaff? he is the real deal. I am certain he and laselles end up starring for england in the coming couple years.