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  1. MercurialCannibal

    Match Day 4: Costa Rica v Serbia; Germany v Mexico; Brazil v Switzerland

    I need mitrovic to have a good cup. it's important Newcastle can get maximum cash for him in the event of a sale. he scores a couple goals and he could fetch 25 million easy
  2. MercurialCannibal

    Brewery Bucket List

    cantillon for me is a must one day. we have been fortunate to have been to a lot of awesome breweries all over the nation and in canada. for real extra fun I suggest hitting breweries and taproom with cray, isis and respective partners. your liver will thank you!
  3. MercurialCannibal

    U.S. Politics: Would You Like A Warranty With Your Magic Beans?

    ah, come on, guys. it's only a few nazis. nazis are like cancer. you wouldn't write off a small tumor in an otherwise healthy body. you would see it eradicated. and that is what is needed of this new crop of nazis. they don't get tolerance because their very stance is anything but.
  4. MercurialCannibal

    2018 World Cup - Get a Team to Support Here!!!!

  5. MercurialCannibal

    Debt to Society Paid?: Luke Heimlich

    sorry, but the kid isn't rehabilitated. at this point he denies ever doing what he admitted to doing. i can't see any MLB team putting it on the line to draft him.
  6. I live in washington d.c. getting a gun would be a hard for me. I could however drive the 10 minutes into nothing Virginia and have a gun sold to me legally by a private seller in no time at all. this isn't some black market. this is how the laws work and how people in otherwise restricted areas can get guns. to suggest if every state was as restrictive as say dc that guns would just still be as easy to get via a black market is comical.
  7. interesting read. I can easily see the case the article makes.
  8. MercurialCannibal

    At what age did you move out of your parents house

    The week graduated high school i was gone. That was 23 years ago.
  9. MercurialCannibal

    Football - To Russia with Löw

    Sigh. Rooney. Alas I won't be seeing much of him myself. The supporters group I am in is boycotting the new stadium. Rooney is being signed to not only help sell seats but to help sell the team. D.c. is owned by a group who cares nothing about on field results or supporters. They want money only. So the stadium is not was promised. No safe standing and only a half stand for supporters to start. They then made a ticket deal with one group giving them total financial control of the section alienating and leaving out the other two groups. Modern football is here.
  10. MercurialCannibal

    Football - To Russia with Löw

    clear handball leading to Frankfurt scoring their second goal. video assist didn't catch it. prince boteng clearly had the ball go off his hand with an arm stretched out. two passes later a goal. now a penalty in the dying moments. also not seen. again prince boteng. he kicks javi martinez in the ankle on a corner. again no call.
  11. MercurialCannibal

    Football: CLeaning up

    Rooney likely coming to my club dc united. yawn. front office having a rough time selling tickets to a new stadium after years of poor uninspired play, letting actual good players go and alienating the supporters who actually brought atmosphere and passion. so. they spend a reported $16 million on a has been striker who looks like a potato. but this potato will sell tickets and has to be able to score goals more frequently than the poor attack the team has had all season. just another signing to help confirm mls is the retirement league.
  12. MercurialCannibal

    What's For Dinner, Take 7

    i so approve. remind me to bring you ramp butter next month. today i made 7kg of it! blanch and puree the green, saute the whites and paddle into the butter. i have some pickled ramps too. and should have ramp kimchi if i get my shit together this week
  13. MercurialCannibal

    Separating The Art From The Artist

    as a metalhead this is something that stains the genre. lots of really great music produced by really shitty people. white supremacy and misogyny are common place in some brands of metal. while i can excuse a band like cannibal corpse whose earlier works were full of violent graphic sexual themes i know it is their schtick and i am cool with it. but a band who does nazi salutes and sports swastikas even when they say it is part of being extreme and edgy can get fucked. one of my favorite bands was arrested for raping a woman. they are done for me now. i was going to never spend money again at a festival i really enjoy if a band whose member was convicted of child porn wasn't removed from the lineup.
  14. MercurialCannibal

    Heavy Metal 9: through Bruce is salvation

    yeah, man. it is really good. haven't been able to listen to the whole thing yet.
  15. MercurialCannibal

    US Politics: House of the Rising Sun

    knee jerk? i like others have been reading your poorly argued bullshit for long enough to know your game. sometimes it's funny and cute. on this you are inadvertently (we hope) apologizing for cops for covering for nazis. and for that you aren't clever or humorous.