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[Poll] How would you rate episode 802?

How would you rate episode 802?  

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34 minutes ago, Remember said:

By my count that's the 3rd time an interruption has ended an important reveal/conversation. That's pretty horrible writing, but whatevs. 

It's called suspense....you really expected to get more than that in one episode?


34 minutes ago, Red Dragon10 said:

The "I fought for you" scene between Arya and Sandor was sweet, but cut short.

Yeah, that was a bummer. But it would have been out of character for either one of them to say more than that anyway.


38 minutes ago, of man and wolf said:

Plus Ghost bonus point, even if he was ignored.

He doesn't have to do anything. He just sits there and looks beautiful. (I am obviously a dog lover.)

1 hour ago, Anthony Pirtle said:

6/10. As a setup episode, it paled in comparison to last week. Much if it felt like filler, and I never needed to see Maisie Williams' sideboob. Still, it was great that Brianne got knighted. That was a very nice scene. 


51 minutes ago, Ser Sinister said:

As a side note, when the episode said it contained "Brief Nudity", who would've thought it would be Arya? 

Also, when Jon tells Dany the story of his birth, her first thought isn't, "Oh no! I'm your aunt!"...no, it's "That makes you the remaining male Targaryen heir." And of course the war horns sounded before we could explore that story line any further... 

Seriously, with all the nudity this show has had, you're bothered by seeing the contour of Arya's boob?

I think they wanted us to see her scars, which are still red and don't look as healed as I would have expected them to be. I half expected to Gendry to comment on them, but that would have ruined the "mood" I guess. It was interesting the way Arya took charge - just what you'd expect her to do, even in the "bedroom".

51 minutes ago, cirah1712 said:

I can't believe Jon told Daenerys the truth

I kind of thought he'd wait until after the battle with the NK. If they all die, what's the point in telling her now?

52 minutes ago, cirah1712 said:

I'm going to be devestated next week when most of the characters who made it so great will inevitably die 

I cant wait for next week, yet I'm dreading it too. I'm planning to have a box of tissue next to me.

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1 hour ago, Remember said:

maybe I'm just a crazy epic fantasy fan, but I liked all of the more intimate conversations. Frankly, I could've watched a couple hours of everyone getting their last bit of peace before the flight to come.

Me too. I am definitely a crazy epic fantasy fan, as well as a sentimental sap. I want to know what people are thinking and feeling. That's why I ultimately like books better than movies/tv.

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Just now, Anthony Pirtle said:

Yup. I'm not crazy about the gratuitous nudity of the characters I haven't been watching since they were 12, so...

I HATE the gratuitous sex and nudity in this show (or any show - I'm a prude that way I guess.) Arya's was the least offensive of any in this show, I thought.

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Just now, SansaJonRule said:

I HATE the gratuitous sex and nudity in this show (or any show - I'm a prude that way I guess.) Arya's was the least offensive of any in this show, I thought.

Well that's fair. At least, as you say, it furthered a plot point, and it certainly could have been more graphic. I just wasn't ready for it.

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1 hour ago, Lyanna<3Rhaegar said:

No Ghost or mention of him again. 


This is the problem. After 2 whole seasons waiting for Ghost, they put him in a  so insignificant way that people didn't notice he was there. It felt like he was painted over, as if he was completely added later, when someone in post production said "Oh, wait, we are at episode 2 of 6, and the script didn't have a scene with Ghost yet; fans are gonna be very upset"... so somebody decided to add Ghost in a corner, on a scene that when was filmed he wasn't supposed to be. It was so underwhelming and dissapointing that I'll watch the remaining episodes only because I want to get some closure to this story and I don't think GRRM will ever give us one. 
Even when I continue lowering my expectations, they manage to disappoint me every time. 
What I liked: Brienne being knighted by Jaime, Podric singing the Jenny song, Jaime apologizing to Bran.  Arya with Gendry felt odd, but it's believable that she didn't want to die a virgin, and it was a surprise, I didn't expect that at all. 
Overall, a 5 for me. 

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An hour of soppy forgiveness. It was very nice and almost made me like some of the characters again - but it's just way too simple and cliche. This story started with such complicated promise. When the human heart is in conflict with itself it seldom resolves so positively. I hope there are some real kick to the guts surprises coming, because as well made as this season is, the narrative is ultimately boring.

Also, getting massive LotRs film vibes this season. Anyone else feel Pod singing was exactly like this:

Still gave it 8 out of 10.

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1 hour ago, hallam said:

Bit difficult as Jon is now a Targ and Bran is becoming a tree. That only leaves Sansa and Arya who had scenes last week.

I know only the father's name counts, but Jon is still half Stark! And I'm sure he doesn't suddenly feel like a Targ and not a Stark. He was raised that way and I think it will always be with him in a prominent way.

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I gave it an 8, after some consideration. On the one hand the dialogue still leaves a lot to be desired, and a lot of the humour is falling flat. But on the other... when was the last time we had such a heart-wrenching episode of Thrones? A few moments here were among the most emotional in the series.

What I liked:

 - Jamie's "trial", expect for the parts I didn't. Brienne vouching for him made sense, and that moment worked.

 - Dany and Sansa seeing eye to eye... sort of. I really loved that they were on the verge of making peace and then the conundrum of the North appears again. Very believable and well done.

 - Jamie knighting Brienne. The best scene so far this season? I certainly think so.

 - Jenny of Oldstones, which almost brought me to tears. Absolutely perfect.

 - Jon revealing his parentage to Dany. The inopportune timing really allows them to maximise the drama caused by this particular revelation. I think Dany's reaction was perfect for her character, and I like that their familial relationship is remaining unstated, almost as though it's too terrible for them to say out loud.

What I wasn't wild about:

- Arya. I'm just a little sad that I don't find her believable or compelling as a character anymore. Everything is flat and emotionless. I don't care what you've been through, anyone is nervous for their first time, and I just saw no emotional depth from Maisie during that moment at all.

 - I felt Jamie should have confessed to throwing Bran from the tower. Would have truly wiped his slate clean.

 - Continued emasculation of Tyrion. I suppose you could argue that there's value in making him vulnerable by calling into question his intelligence, but I don't feel they're really trading on that, which means all we're left with is more cock jokes, drinking jokes, and dwarf jokes. Very frustrating to see one of the show's most central characters become so obsolete.

The above are minor nitpicks though. Overall it was a great episode.

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