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How would you rate episode 203?  

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I think this episode (and the next) are better than the first two, but in some sense it's a little easier -- fewer narrative threads, so they could focus a little more. Theon sequence with the letter and the reconsecration is my favorite sequence in these four episodes.

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Really enjoyed this episode and how things are beginning to pick up speed. Sometimes its a bit shocking for me to see how they condense things in the show since I just love the books so much, but I think overall the writers do a great job of it. Cant wait for next week!

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My only real gripe is with how this show portrays Shae.. but really only a little nitpick. Whore with a pointless attitude

Totally agree. The character of Margaery in the show takes it more than in the book whereas Shae's character wen't downhill. Her accent is stupid, she's stupid, she's annoying, she's a bad actor and she take's up to much screen time from the precious minutes that are limited on television. Those precious minutes could do more screentime on Arya, Daenerys, etc...

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Significantly better than the previous two. Finally hitting its stride. Kept to a few storylines, not scattered all over to make everyone feel a part. I like that Dany has been sidelined b/c her chapters were not very big in CoK IMO for movement of her plot. I like that Robb is only mentioned and not shown. I like that the Kinglsayer is spoken of and not shown.

I like that they stuck to some key conversations from the book. Tyrion's plot to test the council was well paced for TV. Yoren was outstanding.

Even the added scenes were strong and didn't seem out of character, unlike last week with Stannis and Littlefinger.

Very pleased. A 9.

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As always the cast the production values will garner a 10.

Ah, Bryan Cogman, this is much better, Tyrion's power play, excellent!

Gwendoline Christie nails it.

Natalie Dormer nails it.

Gemma Whelan nails it. (I have just noticed, Gemma's resemblance to Patrick Malahide is to be marked. Did not noticed that in E2.)

There is now a creeping problem, and it's due to George.

What goes from George's prose through the grinder has to be done. All that elaboration has to be boiled down , and that's as it should be.

What worked for a 10 episode season one, is starting to show a strain in season 2.

The fight at the keep that ends this episode had more of a plot advancement in the novel. I don't mind skipping Arya's escape and travelog being totally foreshortened and the rest eliminated... but alas the fight on the hold fast's wall seemed to be a piece of action that unified a small part of the plot at that point. Alas, budget problems again.

12 episodes would be an effort, but if HBO applied the resources D&D could do it. (Maybe with added help.)

We seemed cursed with some jamming , fixing it would be hard, but what is art for?

All in all this makes up for the first two episodes.

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I am torn on how I feel about this episode so I gave it a five.

I was pleasantly surprised with how Marg was portrayed. When I saw the casting, I did not feel comfortable that she was to be portrayed as older than Loras and Renly or that she was more the mastermind behind the Tyrells. But I liked it and can see a lot of promise in the adaptation of this particular storyline.

Totally whooped with glee with Brienne. Gwendoline Christie nailed it. I found her totally believable as the character. I thought it might have been clever camera work to make her appear so tall, then I looked up her actual height. Having natural attributes that contribute to a books character certainly helps with on-screen believability.

I still do not like this portrayal of Asha. Her attitude is so different from the books. It makes me feel uncomfortable. I thought perhaps I interpreted her character wrong, but I've reread some of her scenes and chapters and I don't get dull insolence from book Asha at all. I read a witty female fighting her way in a man's world. I want to root for book Asha. I want to drown tv yara.

The Kings Landing scenes were very jumpy and felt incomplete somehow. Though I am glad they included Varys riddle!

I like the vision they had with the changes on how Yoren dies and Arya is captured by the Lannisters. I just didn't like how it was filmed. It was as though they filmed the entire episode and realized they ran out of money just at the end and sort of winged it with the little bit they had left.

In short, I liked most of the changes, most of the new character portrayals, I just didn't like something about the direction of it all. I started getting bored.

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Although I think the other two episodes were good, this was a GREAT episode.

All the Tyrion scenes, per usual, were excellent but I particularly loved the scene between him and Cersei. First time in this series that I actually felt something for the Queen. When I read this part in ACoK Cersei came off as petulant, bull-headed and short-sighted. In tonight's episode Lena Headey was able to go further beyond the surface and show the emotion of a mother losing her daughter, to have men control your life and to not want your daughter to be treated as a show pony like she was. Brilliant scene. Just brilliant.

I also thought the family dinner scene with Cersei, her children and Sansa was also subtlety brilliant. The actress who's playing Sansa is getting better. She portrayed the "scared hostage" perfectly. Cersei was chilling as well "Sansa, the princess spoke to you..", "Sansa will do her duty"...the only thing more terrifying than a dangerous person is a dangerous and reckless person which Cersei truly is. Between the the Evil Queen and the Psycho Fiance, Sansa lives in constant fear. It's no wonder she hasn't had a nervous breakdown yet.

I also REALLY enjoyed the Greyjoy scenes. WOW...they are really doing this storyline justice IMO. Theon, poor Theon. He just wants the love of his father and Alfie Allen is portraying that perfectly to us. He plays the arrogant cad to the public but underneath it all he's just a scared little boy with abandonment issues. Yara (Asha) seems much more stern and grubby than I imagined her in the books, but you know what? I think it's actually better because the rough and ready motif goes more with the Ironborn culture.

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