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  2. darmody

    Arya Losin' It

    I can't recall the dialogue precisely, but I think maybe the three stood for how many he's been with since he rowed back to King's Landing. He definitely told Davos Mel was his first.
  3. SansaJonRule

    So, if Jaime can be forgiven . . .?

    Melisandre said that she has to die in Westeros, as does Varys (why does he always have his hands hidden in his clothes?). I don't think she stands any chance of being forgiven by Davos, but he may not live through the coming battle anyway. Jon only banished her from the North, so could be she shows up elsewhere after the battle. She did also say her work was done or something to that effect. If they do bring her back, I hope it is something relevant to the plot and not just to see her die. I feel like it will be, or else what was the point in telling us she'd be back?
  4. MinscS2

    Dany’s denial

    1) Fire-immunity is not a general ability that Targaryens possess. Some can withstand heat better than others, but some are no more heat resistant than your average peasant. Daenerys being able to stand in a roaring pyre (and then a burning house) are exceptions, not the norm. 2) Jon was badly burned by a lantern in season 1 when he saved Jeor Mormont from a wight. If Jon suddenly is immune to fire, that would be immensely bad storytelling, as nothing we've seen so far indicates that he would somehow be immune to fire all of a sudden. Yes, he died and was resurrected, allegedly by a "fire god", but nothing in the show has even hinted at this new immunity post resurrection. As for giving her proof: In her mind, the septons diary can be forged and Bran&Sam might lie. She did however, see Jon mount and fly away on Rhaegal with her own eyes. That's the biggest give-away. Deep down, Daenerys probably believes him, she just needs to overcome the shock and wrap her head around it. Jon was shocked too, it's the natural reaction when your world-view shatters.
  5. of man and wolf

    Who is Going to Die

    Where the hell is Melissandre? Also Ghost isnt dying....no way. Nymeria is coming with a pack of wolves.
  6. Queen Sansa Stark

    [TWOW Spoilers] Alayne I, v. 3

    Don't see Sansa marrying Harry. Laid out plans never happen. The way this is set up it seems like something big will happen in the second chapter. Perhaps her identity will be exposed and the ambitious Harry would actually show interest in marrying. Sansa, who is repulsed by the thought of marrying, will be pushed to flee the Vale and go the only place she might get some protection: Castle Black. Going to the wall would be good to her. What Sansa needs right now is someone she can trust and rely on unconditionally - and Jon can provide that. She in return would give Jon the purpose and will to fight. And together they will, most likely, reclaim Winterfell.
  7. SansaJonRule

    Foreshadowing by Tyrion

    I think that was suggested last season as well. I really can't see Jaime himself actually offing her, no matter how mad he is at her, he still loves her. I don't think it's outside the the realm of probability. Did anyone else happen to notice that when Arya was alone practicing her archery, the background music that was playing was what they played when she was in the House of Black and White. It stopped when she and Gendry started talking. What did it mean? Or perhaps foreshadowing that her FM assassin days are not over? Or was it just contrasting Arya the Assassin with Arya the Woman?
  8. MinscS2

    Arya Losin' It

    I thought Gendry was a virgin as well, but then Arya started questioning him about the number of ...ladies he's been with, and seemed to finally be pleased when he said "three", which I assume is the correct answer. She could tell he was lying when he said "I didn't keep count", those lie-detector skills coming in handy in the weirdest way possible.
  9. So is the Arya-Gendry thing just another example of stupid Show fan service, or will it actually happen in the books?
  10. darmody

    Arya Losin' It

    Arya didn't understand Mel's appeal when she was 12 or whatever, because she couldn't see past her feelings. But I'm sure by now she gets it. And if she is disgusted by the thought of Gendry with Mel, it didn't appear to put her off. Fairly certain she knows the red Witch took his virginity. Far as the baby goes, we're going to have to see the Stark bloodline stretching over the horizon when the show ends. Though Sansa is the better candidate for this, Arya would be a twist. And I estimate either the living or the dead are going to win this war before Arya would start showing, if she got pregnant that night.
  11. DMC

    Going to Weddings

    My grams is the type who will figure that attempt out within the first 2 minutes. Many have tried. Last time we all got together was her 80th birthday. A bunch of us got in trouble because she knew exactly how drunk we were when we shouldn't have been. My parents? Yeah, they're at the age where they're kind of getting confused, or at least I convince them they were confused if I want to - although ethically I feel like Bran warging Hodor. But my grams? Nah, ain't happening.
  12. Argonath Diver

    NBA Playoffs 2019 - Raging Harden

    I had to squint to make sure that the Utah Jazz are winning at halftime behind the scoring of... Jae Crowder and Ricky Rubio? Wish I'd been watching, that's one bizarre box score so far. 100% non-basketball aside: Anyway, I agree that this 2nd round could be really entertaining. I have absolutely no confidence in any of the matchups. Every series, I think you can make a pretty reasonable argument for any team to move onto their conference finals. That assumes Denver finally defeats pesky San Antonio, who yet again are showing how amazing a coach Pop is. Here's a really fun article about Pop and his renowned dining acumen.
  13. SansaJonRule

    Aim of the Nightking revealed

    Perhaps I took Bran's statement about why the NK wants him too literally, but I got the impression that if Bran, i.e. the 3ER, dies, humankind dies.
  14. darmody

    Arya Losin' It

    Have you seen Black Book? Carice van Houten is naked through like half the movie. Cost may be a factor concerning Cersei, though that actress has appeared nude many times on camera. With Arya, I imagine that the show doesn't want to put her through that, 18 or not. Sansa gets her modesty, too.
  15. SansaJonRule

    Bran: Who says there's an after? Jamie demise or Bran?

    I am not convinced they will kill the NK. Just beat him back again so the cycle keeps repeating. Of course then there would be the question of how would they protect themselves. The wall has been breached, and they don't have the CotF to imbue it with magic once repaired. Perhaps Bran will rediscover it given that he has done more than any previous 3ER.
  16. Nihiloth90

    Dany’s denial

    The only way they can actually prove he is a Targaryen is by trying to burn him. Is this correct?
  17. MinscS2

    Who is Going to Die

    Gonna quote myself from a different but similar thread:
  18. lady narcissa

    Going to Weddings

    Is your Grandma the sort who can be distracted by quality time near the beginning of the reception? Chat her up for some quality 10 minutes when other family members have not and perhaps she will let any subsequent wanderings on your part slide? Then she can focus on your mother and other family members wandering about and tut-tut them instead, especially if they haven't had some quality minutes with Grandma yet.
  19. MinscS2

    Arya Losin' It

    I loved their first scene together this episode, when Arya was showing of her dagger throwing-skills. Gendry, or rather Joe Dempsie, made one of the best "I have the weirdest boner"-faces I've ever seen. I'm not a big Gendrya-shipper, but I don't mind them together one bit. It also has a ironic but sad undertone to it: Somewhere in the seven heavens during the last episode, Ned and Robert gave each other the worlds biggest and manliest hug, as their houses started to join. It just wasn't the son nor the daughter they expected it to be.
  20. Triskele

    NBA Playoffs 2019 - Raging Harden

    The entire 2nd round looks fairly awesome especially with GS drawing Houston in the 2nd round whereas one could have easily imagined GS in some other year not being challenged at that stage. The eastern semis are the most interesting that I can remember them in that it seems like there's very little difference between the four teams. We basically know six of eight teams right now, and the two that we don't know are in the same quadrant. Portland is obviously in the driver's seat now, but on paper OKC is still a dangerous team that's not quite dead. And who knows in Denver v. San Antonio.
  21. Oursisthechicken

    SPOILERS: Rant and Rave

    Here we go again... When Dany was bitching to Jaime about her father someone should have screamed "YOUR FATHER WAS A CUNT!" bonus points if the screamer was the Professor 3EC. The 3EC is the memory of the world, guess 8000 years ago there were no books, beware Oldtown the NK is coming for the maesters. Who is the fat guy spewing nonsense at the war council and eager to fight WW, not Sam Tarly. On the same note WHY DID YOU GIVE HEARTSBANE, THE LAST REMAINING HEIRLOOM OF YOUR HOUSE WHICH YOU STOLE TO JORAH MORMONT?? You met him once, you owe him nothing (in fact he owes you for saving his life) It made way more sense for Jaime and Brienne to give their swords back to the Starks and Jon give Longclaw back to the Mormonts LORD Davos' Winterfell soup kitchen. The showrunners have no clue what to do with Davos and Varys so they just hang around waiting to be killed. Missandei and Greyworm, who the hell cares. We have no time for fAegon nor Arienne but oh boy did we had time for this weird ass romance. Jenny song, why? what does a sad love song has to do with whats going on, I guess they had to rip off Pipin song. You're a wizard Brienne, somehow you had a chance to save both Stark girls, Sansa even twice, managed to fail everytime but I guess they are safe now, so good enough. ( Scene was actually decently acted though) Arya sex scene, confused how old is Arya anyways if we go by Gilly's baby timeline she is a minor, but I guess some characters age faster. Aside from that, I'd buy a romance between those two but the show has no time to build characters they are rushing to the end and what people care about is seeing the good guys win over the baddies and the shippings they made in their heads become reality. Characters keep telling me other characters traits though the show shows me none, last time Tyrion was smart in the show was at the Blackwater. Honestly this episode felt like a bad TWD parody. Crackpot time: Jon name is Aegon because fAegon will marry Dany in the books. Tune in next week when everyone will kill skeletons ( not wights cuz they left the show in S3) by stabbing them anywhere, legs, arms, chest anything will do. Edit: Theon found LF's lost jetpack and managed to get to WF faster than the NK
  22. SansaJonRule

    Sansa and Royce

    I believe you misunderstood. Ser Royce was saying that as soon as the infantry was out in the field, they should shut the gates, but Sansa said there were still people coming in from the countryside and they should keep the gates open as long as possible. I usually have to watch an episode three times to catch all the little bits of dialogue. They often seem to mumble. Drives me nuts. But I know here we were supposed to be hearing it the way Dany was hearing it.
  23. Adam_Up_Bxtch

    Dany’s denial

  24. Nihiloth90

    [Spoilers] E802 Discussion

    I love Tyrion. My guess is he'd be a great drinking buddy.
  25. MinscS2

    Kingslayer - Jaime kills the Night King

    I would *genuinely* love to see how well Qyburns necromancy stacks up to the Nightkings necromancy.
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