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  1. This is where I'm at. I've never been a fan of the show. I watch because of my fascination with the source material. At one point in my life, I eat, slept, breathed the novels. I want to like the show, but it is terrible on every level. Of course, it's getting progressively worse. At this point, it's like bad fan fiction, and part of me hopes Martin never finishes just in case some of the dumb show revelations turn out to be true. Such as Stannis losing just so Jon can wage a second war and Rickon dies in the midst.
  2. Hold on, hold on. People are brought back by fire, and dragons have returned, but as far as most people are concerned--White Walkers are silly.
  3. Another fantastic episode! I was on the Reddit board and there was a guy/girl doing this "narrator" thing I didn't get at first, then it clicked. He/she was doing the Ron Howard narrator of Arrested Development in response to all the ridiculous love this show gets. For example, a poster might write: "Littlefinger leaving that letter for Arya to make her angry at Sansa? She can't be stupid!" Then the next post was: "Narrator: She is that stupid." "Even DnD wouldn't resort to such deus ex storytelling" (in regard to Gilly and Raggy and annulment). "Narrator: They did." (Picture of Sam and Gilly fleeing citadel and an arrow pointing to a book in their wagon of supplies) And he had them sprinkled all over the thread. Brilliant! I want to continue the tradition over there. Anyway: Dany brings the prisoners of war before her and says she is different than other rulers! She will not kill them like other rulers! Except she already burned most of them, and then, by the way, those who won't bend the knee will be burned right away, and, oh yeah, you don't get a chance to think about it, you get burned RIGHT NOW if you don't bend the knee even though Jon Snow is allowed to walk around Dragon Stone forever and mine weapons. But he didn't fight her openly! people will argue. Still, her argument was, all must bend the knee or burn. Except Jon Snow, I guess. Already brought up, but in addition to her overall stupid opening, she definitely landed Drogon in front of Jon because she thought, "Hey, I'm really on a roll today. Let's terrify some more 'Kings and lords.'" When it didn't work she was clearly pissed. Seriously, I don't have the energy to go scene by scene through how terrible all this writing is. It's bad. Scene by scene it's bad. When Beric is talking in the cell, and the Hound interrupts him, for the audience, and says, "So are we fucking come with you or not?" I wanted to punch the wall. All of this is so forced. The annulment itself is getting a lot of talk, but it's clearly a moot point. Why would Rhaegar make his first heirs bastards? He didn't. The writers of the show know his kids would be dead. They're finding a way to make Jon legitimate. Maybe Martin goes this route to give Elia a really dark fate. Maybe. But maybe Martin just goes with the divorce and marriage so none of Rhaegar's children are de-legitimatized. What we're learning in the show makes absolutely no sense except that the writers thought, "Oh, we have to avoid another King in the North crowning scene. Jon has to be legitimate. How do we do that?" Speaking of the King in the North--remember how in the books the North is like LOYAL to the Starks? They LOVE the Starks. They'll die for the Starks. If they decided to make Jon Snow the King in the North (they'd probably make him Jon Stark is my guess), then there is no way in hell they'd be like, "maybe we should have made Sansa Lady in the North!" like three weeks later. These lords in the show are a bunch of fickle assholes who don't deserve to share the same names as their stalwart book counterparts.
  4. P.S. Ever since the police beat up and arrested my father (twice) because he was acting "odd" (he has Alzheimer's), my mom is terrified to call the police for anything. The first time they arrested him, he was walking near the house--we'd just taken his car away, and he was walking and trying to adjust to his new life. It was two days after Christmas. My mom got worried after he didn't come home, she called the police and found out they arrested him. The second time he was arrested because the police thought he was acting strange on my parents back porch which faced the road (right down the street from the police department). He was picking up a flower pot and putting it down repeatedly. My mom was in the house. The police came up, next thing she knows, he is being savagely beaten--broken ribs, arrested again. Video from neighbors showed him standing there doing nothing when the cops attacked him. It's not worth it to have these people involved in our lives.
  5. Well said, and very sad that this is reality.
  6. This show has always been awful in my opinion, so I am equally upset when something good shines through for a moment. Like Jaime charging a dragon. Where's this character been for the last four seasons? Whatever. The entire episode was awful--I never thought the moment of the Starks reuniting would be so uninspiring and boring. It's something I've wanted since the Red Wedding (in the books)--and now likely this is the only way I'll ever see it. And Dany's god it's terrible.
  7. Also, I LOVE the logic of show characters like Dany who scoff at Jon talking about legends such as the Night King being real. "You expect me to believe in the undead??" Dany and her advisers sit around looking at each other as if wondering who let this madman into their midst. All the while, Dany and her advisers continually remind Jon about her dragons--which seem just about as silly as any army of the undead. "You believe in monsters? By the way did you see my dragons? How could you ask me to take you seriously about an army of the undead when I, a human, hatched three dragon eggs all on my own? I deal in facts, not silly fairy tales."
  8. I wonder if Jorah is going to notice Jon has the Mormont family blade (when Jorah inevitably shows up at Dragonstone). Likely, Jon and Jorah will be around each other for a whole season, then Jorah will make an issue out of it next season at the worst possible time. Like Jon is getting ready to face the Night King or something, and Jorah goes, "Wait! That's my family sword you have! I want it back!" And Jon's like, "Hm, you couldn't have mentioned this issue last year?" At least they gave Jorah a new shirt. For a series with so much money invested in it, I am shocked at the costume design. Everyone wears the same shirt/dress/armor in every episode. How did Jorah's shirt not rot off his back?
  9. How many walls can Littlefinger rest again for a season? That's his primary pose. I was shocked to see him walking around this episode. This show blows.
  10. And, a side note, I love Derfel Cadarn--the character, not you, though I'm sure you're great too.
  11. What I keep coming back to on this is that they murdered a yoga instructor just outside of her home. They're putting us down.
  12. I really loved it when it came out, but it's weird, I have trouble getting back into it due to the controls. And RE4 really fixed a lot of issues with the controls. I like 5 and 6 too. Either way, the games are good. I haven't tried the newest yet, have you? I just got Arkham Knight--I think I'm going to give it a try shortly. I've been immersed in Grim Dawn, Ark, and Hollow Knight. Batman might be an interesting change.
  13. Of course they are. Ridiculous. When a minority gets murdered, the minority did something wrong. When a white woman is murdered, it's not the institution, but again, the minority who did it. I guess they're at least consistent in their bigotry.
  14. I'll be honest--I wasn't sure how this would go. If the people who ignored the messages of groups like BLM would continue to defend the police, or would see this shooting as a problem. Not enough of a problem, though, as evidence that the police are out of control, but interesting they aren't supporting the police one hundred percent. I'm really trying to avoid phrases that paint deniers in a negative/racist light. But this woman being murdered is tragic, same as Eric Garner, Philando Castile, Kendra James, and Alton Sterling. The moment I saw this latest one, I felt some of the deniers might, at least, change their tune.
  15. This was my feeling too. After the Red Wedding gutted me all those years ago when I read it, and all this time of waiting for some vengeance from the Starks--wow. This was absolutely...nothing for me. I felt nothing. It was obvious from the first second what was going on, and even then, I had no sense of "oh yeah!" No buildup. No nothing. Just jump right in. She's her own personal army.