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  1. My son and I watched this tonight since it was "free" on HBO Now. We like Aliens but the lore of the films isn't something that really concerns us much, so I guess all the plot holes that this film creates don't bother us. It's just the stupid, after stupid, after stupid decision all these characters make. A good sci fi-horror movie could be made, I think, without a litany of dumb decisions being made by "smart" characters.
  2. I liked it. The last bit of the movie went on a bit too long and kind of subverted some of the themes the film had setup, but I think Garland had a hard time figuring out how to close this one. Either way, it was good. I liked Ex Machina a lot more.
  3. Teacher accidentally fires gun in classroom. Guys, I thought gun related incidents were going to go down when teachers started packing. "Fact: In 100% of all fake gun shootings, the victim is always the one with the fake gun."
  4. Oh...Magilou. And number 2. I guess these characters are just the way it is in this genre, but you know, if anyone else is around, I almost feel like I have to mute my speakers. I'm almost 40.
  5. Hmmm...maybe I have no good port (of theirs) to compare it to. I really haven't played Chrono Trigger (or FF6) since they came out on SNES, so I don't notice the details people point out--except in FF6, as that old art style is iconic, and the reskin looks like something made in RPGmaker. Now that I think of it, I haven't played a lot of remakes, ports, or remasters in general. I've been real interested in the HD remaster of FF12. I haven't heard as much negativity surrounding that one, so I think I might give that a go too. On a different note, I also picked up Tales of Berseria. I think I finally "get" Tales games now.
  6. I guess I don't see the shittiness in the port, and I'm glad to get the game back. If it's an android version, that's fine, it just isn't affecting me at all. It's just been so fun, and I've had no issues with the interface getting in the way, distracting me, or the port itself being a problem. There are some extra features in this version too, which I am excited to try. FF6 I also bought, and that took some getting used to (the sprites were supposed to be an upgrade, I know, but man they messed up the aesthetic of that game), but I like that one too. Edit: but now that you mention it, if I dig through my external drive that's collecting dust in my desk drawer, I bet I have Chrono Trigger and FF6 (3) on emulator. I guess I still want to support square as I don't see them as doing bad work here.
  7. Whoa. I mean....that's beautiful.
  8. Chrono Trigger on Steam = pretty good time. Ignore the haters. All these spoiled kids today, try growing up with your only Chrono Trigger experience being on a 13 inch tube TV, turned into the corner of the living room, your body jammed against the wall, because your mom wouldn't buy curtains because you lived in the country and ninety percent of the day produced tv glare so bad you couldn't see it. 90 percent! That's almost half of your Chrono Trigger playing time. I just remember being smashed up against the wall, tv inches from my face, horrible neck and back pain, but man, I couldn't wait to get Frog back.
  9. Yeah, but Mario 3 had Racoon Mario. Edit: n/m, I can't compete with the fuckin' lunacy of this thread.
  10. Case closed? Or, all of those are true? And games, to be honest, while fun and better than a lot of entertainment, have failed to do anything worthy of the title "art." The hamfisted nature by which they try to insert progressive elements (or, as we can infer from Wert's list #4--progressive elements barbarically hamfisted into narratives in ways that don't make sense in an attempt to increase sales, nothing more). Games are a mess when you try to link them to the concept of art. Think about it. Great art gets better with time. Most games become shittier with time.
  11. Maybe it's time to change my picture...
  12. Well...not when you put them all together like that.
  13. Do you mean changing conservatives' votes? Yeah, I think nothing does that, at least not in any way that's helpful. I do think ending DACA is just a piece of changing voting patterns for those who haven't participated in elections (due to various, valid issues). Those potential voters stopped Roy Moore, if only barely, and though that wasn't DACA, it's a combo of the MeToo movement, Dreamers, DACA, and Black Lives Matter movement that are getting people engaged.
  14. I think that's the biggest problem--it loses steam.
  15. It was decent. I've seen much better (10 Cloverfield Lane, for example), but it wasn't nearly as bad as the critics say. In fact, to say we have a lot of film critics anymore is difficult considering the caliber of work they do. I hear/read a lot of critics say, "I hear it's bad, so I'm not watching that piece of crap." That's not what critics are supposed to do. Either way, I liked Paradox enough, and the ending really made me like it.