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  1. Ah, I See, that sounds like an interesting job. Good luck with the positions! Have you picked one yet? Accepted any of the offers?
  2. What exactly is a paralegal? I never quite grasped what Paula’s job was. A person who prepares documents for the busy bee lawyers when they go to court?
  3. Well Annihilation could have been a really great movie if only...
  4. I started doing squats too! (And some other beach booty exercises) So very proud of myself. And I’ll try to incorporate 10K walks into my weekends. I know I know, the brave and the strong and the cool run, but I don’t. Running sucks. Yay! Like mother like daughter. Hope she continues to be in a brilliant mood and never stops force choking toys. We had snowfall in the morning Too. It’s gone now and it’ll be back to rain during the week. I must say this was probably the worst day at work in 2018 so far. Drowning my emotions into a doughnut right now. @HelenaExMachina CONGRATS ON THE JOB OFFERS! (just make sure to cut a good deal, don’t agree to anything that doesn’t involve a straight work arrangement)
  5. Thanks Yeah, I let it all go yesterday. I watched three Disney movies and had a lovely sleep. And this morning I went for a walk because we are snowed in and it’s soooooo pretty (though rather absurd). How is your weekend going? Baby sith destroying stars already?
  6. So where does that leave me? I’m right to assume that some people in my life need to get a grip and stop thinking they are the center of the world and I’m their errand person? Or I should get a grip and give people the benefit of doubt because I only see them this way because I’m hormonal? I’m watching Mulan 2. Very interesting little movie but kinda on the enjoyable side. I’m very tolerant with movies today.
  7. Ser Pounce
  8. I don’t know if I’m being hormonal or not, but like, what do some people think of themselves?
  9. I watched the first episode of ACS Versace. It was interesting though not captivating. The casting is flawless, Penelope Cruz is a genius and Edgar Ramirez looks sooooo sooooo much like the real Gianni did, it’s frightening. I’m looking forward to seeing a little more police work done, it was the legal case that bought me in the previous installment too. I did some cosmetics shopping damage and now I’m poisoning myself with a matcha Frappuccino. how are you all?
  10. Well, my mind seems to be trying to make it up to me, because I'm having a ridiculously inspired evening. I'm getting the most insane home decore ideas, I figured out what kind of haircut I want, the only thing I'm still stuck on is finding artwork I like to hang on the walls. I have a loose concept about what I want for the kitchen (two 40x50 botanical / food prints of watercolor artwork, fruits or herbs preferably or six 20x25 of the same) and I have an even looser concept for the living room (three 50x70 pictures, I really like those adjoining ones, when it's one picture but sectioned into three separate canvases) and a non existent concept for the dining area (a couple of some smaller kinda something...?). I more or less have the guest room sorted because it's the smallest and easiest room to decorate, I just need to get it done. For the hall, I want one of those letter / message board /key holder thingies but the ones I've found are all too large for the wall space, I have one random ikea print for the closet, and I have one of my bedroom walls figured out (but I do need all the pictures for that which is going to be a very expensive etsy visit). For the other wall, the jury is still out on a potential faux mantel. Do you want to hear my houseplant plans as well? I think not There aren't too many possibilities because this is not the lightest place in the world. I do however want to reuse my empty candle jars and plant succulents or cacti in them for windowsills and a greenery tray for the coffeetable. Okay, I'll shut up and watch a show or something.
  11. I’m microscopic. And potentially the child of a lego figurine and a gingerbread man.
  12. I should put out a job ad. Smart man wanted for home decor consulting (and potential other career prospects) requirements: university degree in engineering, no smoking (indoor workspace), large biceps (to lift heavy furniture), experience in drilling (bookshelves), driver’s license, automobile we offer: opportunity for long term cooperation, during probation period: lunch tickets, clean and pleasant work environment, competitive salary, free parking. After probation period: non financial compensation package, laundry tickets, housing benefits. Oh boy... What is the matter with my mind today?
  13. I had the most fantastic idea, actually. I’m going to paint the side of the kitchen and add a couple little shelves to store drinks (not that I drink all that much, but it’s going to look great). Actually I have to ask a smart man first, if this is even possible. I mean, will it hold? If not, I can still go for the chalk paint, but I have to skip the drink part.
  14. Okay, I pulled myself together and cleaned the rest of the flat. Now I’ll do a house decorating plan because my walls are painfully empty so I need so damn art.
  15. Sure, that’s why it’s a bad idea to waste away potential downtime. I mean what I was doing wasn’t even enjoyable or anything, I was just being plainly lazy. I still am. Trying to bully myself into cleaning but it’s been two hours and I’m done with my bedroom and my bathroom and that’s about it.