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  1. Ugh it's gotten so humid here. Makes moving outside feel awful.
  2. I went to a fairly conservative institution. We had one professor that we called Communist C--- because he was somewhat critical of America in a history class my freshman year. There was a lot of anger in the student body against any professors that spoke against, for example, the war or Bush or whatever.
  3. Arghhh. Finally saw my first Lapras in the wild, walked ten minutes to go get it, and the damn thing popped free of my first ultra ball and fled. Grrrrr. It was only 460 CP! So annoyed.
  4. Count me another one who didn't enjoy the Red Rising series. I read the whole trilogy desperately hoping it would get better. It did not.
  5. Just watched the finale. Thought the season as a whole was okay but didn't quite live up to its potential. There's only so many close-up shots of Elisabeth Moss's face that I want to see. Plus I don't think they've done a good job of making Gilead seem "real". I'll tune in for the next season, but I hope it improves.
  6. I mean, surely they're all aware that this bill (what is known of it) is widely hated, does absolutely nothing to help any of their states or constituents, and is basically a giant finger to any sort of responsible governing. They will vote for it anyway because--spite? Money? The tears of the poor are their preferred lube?
  7. Yep, you're right. Pretty embarrassing!
  8. Finally finished Wishsong. Meh from start to finish. Ah, well. Such is the danger of revisiting childhood favorites. Elfstones at least held up pretty well, I think. Next up I'm going for a change of pace with On Beauty by Zadie Smith. I have no clue what it's about.
  9. I said yesterday that if I never hear the word fescue again it will be too soon. They won't shut up about it! Also, those are totally fake bird sounds. Didn't CBS get flak for doing that at the Masters a few years ago? Some very good golf going on here. Watching this new generation of golfers is pretty exciting.
  10. I only ever caught one Porygon, and last night I finally finished walking the damn thing and got my Porygon2. Woot! Still about 20some candies short of a Typhlosion though.
  11. The bleaching went okay! Not perfectly, but since it was my first time and I saved over $100, I'm happy with it. Going to go to a cheapo salon to get a hair cut later this week because my ends are wrecked and no way am I trying to cut my own hair. That was my big worry about going pink, but it's actually been pretty manageable. I refresh the pink every month or so (very easy to do, just slather on my hair and leave in a shower cap for an hour and rinse) and have been going to the salon to get new bleach every 3-4 months. I leave dark roots so that it grows out nicely in between. The biggest pain is probably trying to wash the pink out of my shower!
  12. Gotta bleach it before I color--trying to maintain pink hair when my natural is dark brown.
  13. Due to a recent cutback in income, I no longer feel comfortable spending $200 to get my hair done, even though it's basically my only "high maintenance" item. So I decided to bite the bullet and figure out how to bleach my own hair. Which is terrifying. I did a test strip today though and so far it hasn't fallen out of my head, so perhaps tomorrow I'll work up to doing my whole head. I only have to do the top couple inches at least.
  14. What a horrible event. I can only imagine how terrified they must have been. I hope everyone recovers quickly from their injuries.
  15. I really liked A Shadow in Summer. The biggest complain I had was that the gestures were handled rather clunkily and sometimes distracted me from the story at hand. It's the one I remember the least about, so I'm pretty sure I only read it once. I definitely re-read the first two a few times.