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  1. Wait, wait...I agree with you most of the time, but are you actually saying that decades of corrupt politics and a concerted effort to create a sense of helplessness in voters can't be undone in a few years? It just seems so contrary to what so many here (who I assume are experts) claim when laughing at Bernie and the importance of youth turnout.
  2. Go back a few pages and look at Tywin's words. He literally says American populace is dumb.
  3. This is literally life and death for some people--people in this thread have expressed as much. For you the world isn't ending, but for lots of people it might.
  4. It's a definite elite bias in liberal groups where they degrade people and kind of act like, "you were once a Republican? Fuck you forever!" I know a lot of really good people that came around late in life, and they became really good allies. I mean, these people who run for office and write off so many people as unengaged and unintelligent are the same people that would tell me, if I were still teaching in public school, that no matter how unengaged your students are, no matter how far behind they are--no child is left behind. They all have to race to the top. They should practice what they preach. (The Senate needs to die and never be resurrected, btw!)
  5. I think this is a truly fair point. By endorsing that BS, we're now saying what McConnell did is okay. It's not okay, and his act was the first big signal that they weren't going to play by any rules. This is what I mean when I criticize Dems. They are constantly reacting and not looking at the big picture.
  6. I feel like this is a code telling their armed followers to do...something. You know, like how those bad guys in Hearts of Atlantis (Stephen King) tracked the old guy.
  7. Well, if the Senate did hold a vote before November, and Collins took a stand and voted no for any potential justice, I wonder if she thinks that might give her a chance to win in November. I don't think it will. The damage was done with Kavanaugh, and she directly let that happen.
  8. Biden's rhetoric seems too close to how Obama did things. I kind of understand Obama's misplaced faith in the system and compromise, but after Trump, I worry because Biden is courting the right, says he will work with them, etc., etc., it seems to me if the courts get "packed," it will be with moderate, maybe even a bit right leaning judges. I add in the "right leaning" as I think Biden will cave to pressure of trying to please everyone. I hope he truly understands (without saying it) that his Presidency can't be about compromise. It has to be about rebalancing--even tipping--the scales away from the right's stranglehold over policy. There is no reason to even try to negotiate climate change, for example, with the right, and especially if Dems control both houses in Congress. Packing the courts with progressive judges shouldn't even get a second thought from Dems.
  9. While shutting down what someone else said as ridiculous or impossible.
  10. Who am I being tyrannical toward? I don't care if you are a liberal or a lefty or whatever. I do care when people try to police what I believe is the right thing to do politically.
  11. Thanks for both of those. I loved Until Dawn, and I've been meeting to get that first game in the Dark Pictures Anthology. That might be just what I need! The Observer also looks cool. I like detective gameplay with my scares lately.
  12. Hmmmm--Higurashi looks like Doki Doki Literature Club, which also played games with you the player. I'll look into it, thanks! Alien Isolation I have too, and I stopped playing when the alien finally showed up and started looking for me. I couldn't handle it. It looks like I know what I have to do.
  13. Your way or no way. Purity politics rears it's head again.
  14. I'm going back through old Assassin's Creed titles (including the not-so-old Odyssey). I really, really want to like AC 3, but this game is so self-indulgent to the point that I'm five hours in, still in the tutorial, though I do have the main character finally, I'm still not an assassin. I guess I just like the idea of "homestead" and building it up. But damn is this game annoying. Oh, for Halloween season I'm playing: Evil Within 1 and 2. The second I loved so much, the first was pretty average and not so great. State of Decay 2: I love base building and open world. I'm a bit tired of zombies though. Resident Evil 7: So many amazing reviews, but I'm having a hard time keeping myself interested. Call of Cthulu: Not too scary, but I like the investigation and non-combat. Sinking City: Same as above, but it kind of stalls out after a few hours. The combat sucks. I want some newer, scary games. Any recommendations? Last year, I was really into Blair Witch until the combat was revealed. It removed all fear and suspense about the game. I want something scary as shit please.
  15. I agree. I also think at this point, McConnell is only concerned about how he'll be remembered--and to the Republicans, he's a hero. McConnell paved the way for running over and dismantling the "principles" that govern elected leaders.
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