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  1. Simon Steele

    U.S. Politics: Pedophilia is Just Acosta Doin' Business

    Its true, but I'd say they already have the armbands too. They just wear them on their heads.
  2. Simon Steele

    U.S. Politics: Pedophilia is Just Acosta Doin' Business

    There's a lot of movement pushing back against the notion that social progress is ever going forward. If you can get your hands on it, Calvin Warren's essay on Black Nihilism explores how "the politics of hope" are just another tool to get the oppressed to accept their inferior societal standing. He argues that nihilism isn't just a "nothing matters so why try" perspective, but instead, we acknowledge how broken everything is and we try harder to fix it. The status quo that Biden wants a return to is seen by many as a status quo that pushes oppression. Here is a goodreads link to the essay. I have a PDF of it, but I am not sure the legality of posting scholarly articles, so I will refrain.
  3. Simon Steele

    US Politics: Wondering the Acosta

    It could be fascism just to execute someone for property damage. We live in a country where we've given police free reign to execute us for whatever they want.
  4. Simon Steele

    US Politics: Wondering the Acosta

    This isn't surprising when talking about existential threats. They are so big and so terrifying that our minds can't fathom a solution. And understandably so! We have no solutions.
  5. That'd be pretty interesting if the Soviets had "colonized" the upside down, so to speak. I mean, we know Will survived in there. I think the show's been a bit uneven in how dangerous it is. Didn't a whole team of armed men go in there and die immediately? ...or was the Star Gate? Part of me says "no way!" They're really into female empowerment and agency. But Hopper has been a heavy hitter savior for much of the series anyhow. I wonder... Something that stood out to me about the Season 2 Episode 7 episode I watched yesterday, was Eleven remembering when Brenner told her that the power would consume and kill her eventually. Part of me thinks, "Yeah, he's a liar," but while watching season 3, I kept thinking, "The nosebleeds have to be signifying the toll her powers are taking." Mike and Max had a big argument about it. Eleven's powers will definitely return, but I think they're definitely dangerous to her. I'm not sure why I thought of this in respond to your Hopper super powered return.
  6. Just curious, when was the last time you watched season 2 (episode 7 specifically)? When I originally watched it, I was with you that the goon was just uninformed about Brenner's demise. But watching this afternoon, it seemed much more subversive than I remembered. I recommend watching that scene again with the thought that Brenner could be alive, and suddenly you start to wonder if the guy wasn't lying (or misinformed). There's just something in the way that scene's played. It's pretty cool, to be honest.
  7. https://www.insider.com/stranger-things-2-is-dr-brenner-papa-alive-2017-10 https://www.vanityfair.com/hollywood/2019/07/stranger-things-3-ending-hopper-death-duffer-brothers-interview-season-4 For that matter, how does the favorite theory for being the "american" go from incineration to a cell in Russia?
  8. I was just rewatching episode 7 of season 2 with my son, and it was an episode I always liked. I was shocked to find out how bad it was by review sites after the fact, so watching it again, I found myself...still liking it. Plus, I think they set up "the American" from Season 3's ending. When El is about to kill that dude, he says Brenner is still alive and he knows where he is. The cops come, so no resolution comes from that. But...Brenner's most certainly alive, and it might make sense if he's the American. I also loved El's training scene of trying to pull the train car. And the gang were actually pretty likable. That's all.
  9. Simon Steele

    Workable Socialism II : What is to be done?

    This is all the heart of Marxist theory too (as you know). And when I say Marxist, I mean the broader theory that stemmed from Engels and Marx's original works. Althusser and Gramsci for example, and their theories as to why capitalism is able to persist through ideology. Instead of oppressing people through force (which is dangerous, difficult, and doesn't work long term), you oppress them by convincing them that the values of the ruling class are actually really good. Trickle down economics is the clearest example of this cultural hegemony to me: people bought into this scheme wholesale to the point that even recently, the state of Kansas was imploding due to their governor's insistence on the model. People believe in things against their best interests. So when we see crazy arguments being made (like a 100 percent tax for all gift and inheritance no matter how much money the person has) that's how these destructive beliefs continue to flourish. No gains in the debate are ever made. Taxing the rich becomes theft, and it won't work anyway (according to many) because they'll find a way out of it. It's crazy these beliefs take hold.
  10. Simon Steele

    Workable Socialism

    This "ancestor" talk reeks of slaveholder mentality. It's creepy and doesn't belong in this thread. We're talking about socialism, not whatever it is you think this is about.
  11. Simon Steele

    Workable Socialism

    The point is, your "pull yourself up by the boot straps" argument, and "if you take risks, you deserve to rule over the poor" argument...are ridiculous. I think it's great Zorral has that safety net, and I wouldn't ask that to be taken away. But this idea that the rich are somehow more worthy of their wealth for some shit they did (honorably or most likely dishonorably) is flat out dumb.
  12. Simon Steele

    Workable Socialism

    Because Scot, you're talking about two different things. If I am provided clothes for work and life (kind of like the military), then fine. But if I have money, why can't I buy clothes that I like? You seem to think it's all or nothing. Hell, most countries with socialized medicine still have private insurance. You're arguing something that no one here is arguing. If we provided homes and clothes for, say, the homeless (or clothes for families struggling to dress their children) that does nothing to stop us from buying more. In fact, provides many people with discretionary income. Salt Lake City almost eradicated homelessness by providing homes before the funding was suddenly cut. They had huge success with their program. And it didn't take away the private housing (or clothing) market to provide those in need with these things.
  13. Simon Steele

    US Politics: Wondering the Acosta

    Yeah...he sucks tho. I mean, speaking as someone from Colorado. He's pretty rough. Though, good comeback.
  14. Good comparison! I was just rewatching some of season 1 with my son, and I forgot how awful Steve was (mostly his friends, but he was bad too).
  15. Simon Steele

    Workable Socialism

    For profit food is exploitative. The government could pay the farmers, but anything we require to survive being "for profit" means exploitation. Like when Nestle a few years ago said water isn't a right, and they'd like to privatize it. So yeah, food and clothing could very well be under the state's control, but why you think complete control? I don't know. I suppose it shows you're not interested in a serious conversation. This isn't about binaries.