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  1. Simon Steele

    Video Games: Devils Die Twice

    You just blew my mind. I bought Vampyr recently and every time I play, I keep thinking, "this is probably the closest we'll ever get to Bloodline." Bloodlines, if I remember, bombed pretty bad, but I loved it so much. I still think it's a great game, so this is exciting news. Edit: P.S. Vampyr isn't very good.
  2. Simon Steele

    Video Games: Devils Die Twice

    I'm more in line with this position--go where the games are, but it is kind of annoying that I currently have Steam, Origin, Uplay, and GOG. I don't want to add another program, just because, but on the other hand, I hear Epic is offering a friendlier money deal to devs, so that's something worth supporting.
  3. Simon Steele

    Mobile phone advice (is this an entertainment topic?)

    Interesting. This is what I asked Kal (about the Notes), but this is intriguing. The Note 2 was my favorite phone ever... On the OnePlus, I've heard the displays and camera are not as good. I don't think the display would bug me much, but the camera is a maybe. Are the notes still amazing with their battery life? (I suppose so given the size...)
  4. Simon Steele

    Mobile phone advice (is this an entertainment topic?)

    Kal, would you say the new notes are better than the S6 and S7?
  5. Simon Steele

    Mobile phone advice (is this an entertainment topic?)

    I've been looking at that phone too. I know you said you aren't too tech savy, but is there one thing you could point to and say, "THAT's why I won't go back to Samsung" If not, I understand!
  6. First, I have been using Samsung since the first Galaxy. I loved it. I got a Note 2, loved it (except for the size). I upgraded years later to an S6...didn't love it. At the time, I was mostly focused on the HORRID battery. So I exchanged for an S7 (I usually keep phones for at least two years but not with the S6). I have had the S7 almost two years, but it has a terrible battery, and it is SO laggy. Every time a new Samsung comes out, reviews are raving about the amazing tech, but when I get it, especially the S7, it's unusable at times. I've tried all the regular advice: factory reset, clear cache, delete everything. It just sucks. I'm thinking about grabbing a OnePlus 6T. Do any of you have any experience with this phone? The price is excellent, and I hear the battery is good, but I am concerned about lagging response time. Part of me thinks: just go iPhone, but I am not rich, and we were just issued brand new iPads for our job, and I hate so much of the things that people presumably love about Apple. Maybe I should do it anyway. I won't be using my phone the same way I use the iPad.
  7. Simon Steele

    DCEU: Suicidal Insanity

    Now Grant Morrison was the one who came to the Justice League comics and said, "Who are all these nobodies (Booster Gold, Beetle...Bailey, Ice Lady, Bloodwynd)?" Right? So he had the amazing idea of bringing back the core super heroes that everyone loves: Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Flash, and Martian Manhunter. And I mean this was an amazing idea because once it happened, you had to ask, why was it ever done any other way? Now the JLA had its issues, I suppose, as DC was in a weird era. Green Lantern was some weird kid (Kyle or something? Is he still Green Lantern), Superman first had long hair then became electricity Superman for awhile. Luckily Batman was Batman, and not Azriel pretending to be Batman.
  8. Simon Steele

    U.S. Politics: Impoverished In Squalor

    This is a good point. I liked Beto last summer/fall when I saw him interviewing. I thought he was interesting and exciting (exciting!?), but now I've kind of moved on. I like Warren, I want to know more about Harris, and Gillibrand seems pretty good too. I'm not saying Beto can't re-establish any momentum he might have had, but in his absence, negative stories have painted an image of someone connected with big money donors.
  9. Simon Steele

    Use the Oxford comma. It provides clarity and avoids confusion

    I agree Scot. But in the example you provided, I feel like the comma would suggest a parenthetical within an emphasized point, no?
  10. Simon Steele

    US Politics: compromising positions

    I don't think it will be effective, and I think you're right. I don't think he'll be effective this cycle either--he is awash in progressives. I also think his adherence to being labeled a socialist (which he's not) is about the biggest blunder he could make. But he insists on it. I can definitely see Trump using that to stir up the base, and I think someone like Warren really understands this. She's a "capitalist" and one of the few who will go with that. I also can't believe Bernie will make it through the primaries. I don't mean to be deliberately obtuse about Bernie Bros. It's something I heard back in 2016 directed at me (by a friend), and I really haven't reflected on it since, to be honest. I just took it as a name people put on Bernie supporters. I never thought about investigating the term, but a cursory Wikipedia perusal (the first line) about Bernie Bros says "some" of his supporters. I thought it was just what Bernie supporters were called, but after reading a bit, I guess it's a more troll like behavior--or worse. Your point is well taken--I get annoyed when people (on talk shows for example) bring up sexist white men, and all the white men on the panel say something like, "not ALL white men." In that situation it is clearly not all men, and it annoys me.
  11. Simon Steele

    US Politics: compromising positions

    I've heard you say this about Bernie's rape fantasies, but you understand he was making an academic argument about gender issues, right (in 1972)? It is poorly done, but it is an argument about gender roles being destructive. It mirrors so much of 70s and particularly 80s academic postmodern writing about sexual repression, gender roles, and race. I don't know what to tell you either way. If a person writes an argument, a theory, a piece of fiction, and you want to hold that up to a person perhaps touching women, assuming he has a right to touch, kiss, and hold women without consent, then yeah, this is a discussion not worth having. Bernie is no saint, but those two things are in no way the same, and your distortion of the writing as a "rape fantasy" is willfully deceptive. I'm not here to put these offenses in a categorical list of worst to best. If Bernie Sanders has to go because people find his writing from forty-five years ago indicative of the way he thinks and behaves, then I guess he has to go. But no rhetorical, creative, blundering point will be safe, I suppose. I'm not sure what Russian amplified Bernie Bros are either. I suppose I could go through a list of logical fallacies and point to what you're doing, but is it worth it at this point? Your anger for Bernie is showing. You might as well let it go. He's here, and he's in the conversation, and no amount of straw manning will change that. This is how the majority of us "Russian ampflified Bernie Bros" reacted when he lost and we went and voted for Clinton. She wasn't the favorite, but...I just lost interest in this conversation. You've dug in. It's pointless.
  12. Simon Steele

    US Politics: compromising positions

    As a Bernie Bro, I disagree. I can't speak for all Bernie Bros (but neither can you), but I think the Bro aspect is overblown. First, this time has already been setup to be more democractic with a field of good, varied candidates. If Bernie loses, any of the others won fair and square. The super delegate issue a number of people had has been dealt with in a reasonable way. Second, around 90 percent of his supporters did not vote for Trump. How many voted for Hillary I've heard is closer to 80 percent (so, most of us), and that's fairly in line with previous primary challenges full of bitterness--such more than 20 percent of Hillary supporters not voting for Obama, etc. Would Biden do well against Trump? I'd say that overall, yes. Biden would likely appeal to a ton of people. My only concern is that he already has rumors of being overly grabby when around women. Snopes did a good job of debunking some of the photoshopped ones, but his habits of touching/holding women could be interpreted very differently by those women than by him. This seems a significant issue, but I don't really know what can be done about it. The fact the Right is already pedaling this about him reveals a significant handicap for Biden the candidate. This article covers the images floating around--the second especially has potential for trouble. There are videos of a lot of these moments in the articles, and I have to believe these are created by the Right because they fear Biden. But they've got this one ready to launch if he enters the fray. Most likely after he wins the primary and there is little to be done except let him ride out the waves.
  13. Simon Steele

    US Politics: compromising positions

    Man, we (Colorado) better vote this goon out. He acts like he's a centrist, but his voting with Trump record is one of the highest among senators. I wrote him a letter during the Kavanaugh hearing, and I said that as a lefty, I didn't care much for Gorsusch but understood the vote. I laid out a fairly reasoned argument as to the issues with Kavanaugh (whether he was guilty or not...really hard to not write to him that the asshole was guilty). A couple members of faculty in my department, I found out later, had done the same. Gardner wrote to confirm Kavanaugh, and then about thirty days later (when we'd all cooled off was the reasoning I'm sure), we all got the same letter dismissing our claims and explaining why that was okay. I keep that letter on the wall above my computer so none of his little statements to the media "oh weed is totally cool guys" will seep through. I hope it's a landslide of retribution. Plus, Colorado is not only firmly turning blue, but people are turning out to vote.
  14. Simon Steele

    US Politics: compromising positions

    This is interesting. I don't know (either) how far the high road can go against Trump. I think ideally you'd want to win in that way (not rolling in the mud), but the higher the road the Dems take, the more they seem to lose. I'm conflicted on this. I'm not a huge fan of her prosecutorial background...EXCEPT that, I think, if she turned it on against Trump, he'd lose his mind. And that'd be wonderful.
  15. Simon Steele

    US Politics: compromising positions

    This is embarrassing almost. I mean somewhere between three and fifteen--there ought to be a happy medium. Do they not remember the absolute silliness of the 15+ Republican debates that pulled enough allegiances than Trump won? I swear, if Corey Booker wins...