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  1. Partly because of this thread and because I stumbled across it on Netflix I watched the Watchmen film for the first time since I saw it on its initial release. I think the best choices for remakes are those where the remake could improve on something in the original, and there is some potential here for a TV series to do things better than in the film, but there's also definitely potential for it being a worse adaptation. It gets quite a lot of things right, but botches some other aspects of the story. There are scenes that are done really well and it manages to cover most of the key points from what is a very intricate story (and in some ways I prefer the ending), but some of the scenes are a bit clunky and its portrayal of the characters is a bit variable. I think Jackie Early Haley and Jeffrey Dean Morgan are great as Rorschach and the Comedian, but I felt some of the other actors struggled a bit at times and it's maybe one area where a TV series could improve.
  2. I think I'd agree with your assessment of the show. It did feel a bit rushed, it's a detective story in which the clues just fall into the detectives lap, I don't think that's a fatal flaw since the mystery wasn't really the main point of the story but I agree it might have worked better a 90 minute story.
  3. I watched The Hood Maker, the first episode of the Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams anthology. I thought it was a good piece of dystopian SF, although there's a limit to how complex a story they can tell in an hour so there weren't any big surprises. It couldn't help but be a bit reminiscent of Blade Runner and Minority Report at times, but I guess if any series is allowed to then this should be. I did like the way they portrayed the telepaths, the first interrogation Honor does was a particularly good scene. I thought Holliday Grainger was very good as Honor, Richard Madden also put in a solid performance.
  4. I finished Dave Hutchinson's Europe In Autumn. I'm not quite sure what to think about it, I did like the writing (it reminded me a bit of Claire North's work) and the way it managed to capture the feel of a Cold War espionage novel despite the near-future setting and I thought it had some good characterisation but structurally it felt a bit odd. For the vast majority of the novel we have very little idea what's really going on, and the real plot is only introduced very near the end (even if it does partially explain some of the things that happened earlier). It felt like it spent a lot of time on relatively small details like the early days of Rudi's career as a chef but felt a bit rushed which it came to the heart of the plot. I know there are a couple more books so I'm hoping they go into a bit more detail about some of the things I feel the first book needed to explain a bit more.
  5. While it would be fun to see how Frank Castle reacts to Danny doing his explanation about becoming the immortal Iron Fist after punching a dragon, I think it might be best to keep Danny clear of the Punisher series because otherwise there's a risk that some ninjas might creep into the plot and nobody wants that. The Man From Uncle? I liked it, and I thought all the leads including Vikander put in entertaining performances. However, I'm not too convinced about the new Tomb Raider film from the trailer. I agree that having more adventure movies could be a good thing, but nothing about the trailer seemed to stand out.
  6. One of my colleagues was telling me at lunchtime that he was going to see his cousin's band The Big Moon, so I'm randomly listening to some of their songs on Youtube, which do seem pretty good.
  7. I would say it isn't uncommon to get things like flashbacks or multiple points of view or time shifts in short fiction.
  8. I finished Adrian Tchaikovsky's second collection of short stories in the Shadows of the Apt World, A Time For Grief. I thought it was a consistently good collection without most of the stories particularly standing out, I think the survival horror of The Price of Salt was probably the best of them. Now I'm reading Dave Hutchinson's Europe In Autumn, a near future SF story in which Europe has broken up into a multitude of small states, it follows an Estonian chef who gets recruited into a clandestine organisation known as the Les Coureurs who move messages, packages and people across the myriad borders. It's got a bit of the feel of a Cold War espionage thriller (even the protagonist notices this), it's well-written and has some vivid descriptions of a slowly decaying Europe, to begin with the story feels relatively small in scale, but that's starting to change.
  9. I did like all the elements you mentioned. I think one thing it might have missed slightly compared to previous seasons is...
  10. There's something very hypnotic about that gif. One thing is for sure, Vettel will never make any admission that he might have done anything wrong despite being the one who crossed half the track on the way to the accident.
  11. I suppose we can hope Rees-Mogg and Boris are going to be the Michael Gove and Boris of the next Tory leadership contest and will manage to try to backstab each other and ruin any chances both of them might have
  12. I have read that, I think in the Songs of Stars and Shadows anthology, although it was quite a long time ago so I don't remember it too well. I think I've probably read about half the stories on Wert's list.
  13. I finally got around to finishing off season 5 of The Americans. I think it's still one of the best shows on television and the characters were as compelling as ever. I think maybe the story arc of this season maybe wasn't quite as compelling as in the previous seasons, and there were a couple of subplots that felt like they didn't really go anywhere. Some of it did feel like set up for the final season, I'm still very curious to see how that's going to turn out.
  14. I've not heard anything but I have thought that they could do a book which would effectively be Dreamsongs 2, I think there are enough stories out there that you could get a reasonable collection even if many of the best stories are taken already. I think that might be more likely than a Complete Collection, although it would be nice if there was one.
  15. I read Max Gladstone's Full Fathom Five. I felt it was a little bit slow to start off with compared to the previous two books, but the second half was much better, and it had a good ending. The Hawaii-inspired setting was also a nice novelty for a fantasy story, and I liked the idea of an offshore worship haven where people can draw power from Gods without having to do any of the inconvenient sacrificing they had to do on the mainland. Now I'm reading Adrian Tchaikovsky's second book of short stories set in the Shadows of the Apt Universe, A Time For Grief.