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  1. The new Justice League trailer

    There's also Guardians of the Galaxy which would be an example where Marvel successfully introduce a large cast without really spending much time on an origin story for anyone other than Starlord. At least in this they'll already have spent a movie each on Batman and Wonderwoman beforehand. That said, I agree with the scepticism that DC are going to pull this off. I thought Affleck as Batman worked a lot better in BvS than I was expected, Wonderwoman looks good and The Flash looks OK from what we've seen of him, but I'm less convinced about the other two, particularly Cyborg whose special effects work seemed a bit dubious. I know there will be more trailers to come, but so far there's not been much indication of a plot which is worrying given how much of a weakness that has been in previous DC films.
  2. F1 2016

    Interesting first qualifying session. Hamilton may have ended on top but it looks like Ferrari are definitely competitve, it's difficult based on one data point to tell whether the 0.3 gap is representative or if Hamilton just drove a better qualifying lap. I'm hopeful this means we might actually have two teams genuinely competing for race wins which would be a nice change, although it does look like there's too big a gap to Red Bull and the others for there to be any more than two contenders. Further back Giovazanni put in a decent performance after being asked to debut on a few hours notice, although I'm not too impressed with Lance Stroll so far who seems a bit out of his depth.
  3. Carswell always seemed like an odd fit with much of UKIP, he may have been a fanatical Eurosceptic but he didn't seem quite crazy enough to fit in with the rest of the party leadership. It's a bit bizarre to see some of the leading UKIP figures celebrating losing their only MP.
  4. Legion (FX's Marvel tv series) [SPOILERS]

    I thought that mostly a good episode, although the last section felt a bit rushed. The silent movie scenes were great, and David's conversation with his rational mind was a good way of delivering the exposition. I did wonder about that as well, since he did get some scenes focusing on him in the previous episode it's a bit strange they completely forgot about him this time, at least until they got back to the real world. Given how their previous confrontation with David went, I don't think much of Division 3's plan to show up with lots of men with guns. It's also very convenient for the plot that they've suddenly been able to find Summerland just now. I wonder if the halo is going to interfere with David using his powers, so if he wants to save his friends he might have to take it off. The Shadow King seemed to be searching for something when he was interrogating David's sister, I wonder what it is?
  5. Kong: Skull Island

    I suppose Godzilla could go to Skull Island. Alternatively, the Monarch scientists spent a lot of time talking about their 'hollow Earth' theory, maybe there are some really huge caverns below Skull Island that lead from it to some other landmass.
  6. Kong: Skull Island

    I'd say it's definitely better than Godzilla. This time they seem to have realised that if they promote the movie with a great actor in a prominent role then they shouldn't kill him off in the first half hour of the film. I found the characters to be more interesting than in Godzilla, I think the number of significant characters in the film is maybe a bit excessive but it does juggle their storylines fairly well.
  7. March Reading 2017

    I have a lot of books I picked up randomly at some point but have never got round to reading. I've just started one that I picked up for free at Eastercon a couple of years ago - Edward Cox's The Relic Guild. So far it's been reasonably entertaining and the story moves at a good pace but I'd say the writing and characterisation is fairly average and the book doesn't really stand out in any way so far.
  8. I don't really see how May winning more seats outside Scotland would help in that respect, and I'm doubtful there are many opportunities for them to pick up Scottish seats. The various unionist parties winning a couple more seats each wouldn't really be much of an argument against a SNP mandate if they still had 50 MPs rather than 56. If the SNP do well fighting an election with a Second Referendum as the highlight of their manifesto that would seem to strengthen Sturgeon's position rather than the opposite. If there was a snap election does anyone know if the boundary changes that have been discussed will have come into effect? I seem to remember the summary was they'd tend to help the Tories overall, although in Scotland the existing Tory and Labour seats would be dismembered which could leave the Lib Dems with the only non-SNP MP. Having said that, I think there are plenty of non-Scottish reasons why a snap election would be tempting for May, 2020 seems a very risky time to schedule an election since it might be the point of peak Brexit disruption. It must also be tempting to take advantage of the disarray in Labour (and UKIP).
  9. Legion (FX's Marvel tv series) [SPOILERS]

    The problem with the characters being in a dream state for the entire episode is that it's not clear what the stakes are - while they're clearly in danger it's not clear whether the things they do in the "hospital" matter. I agree there should have been more resolution at the end. In terms of character background we also found out a bit more about David's real father, that he seems to have been aware of the threat from Lenny/King/whatever and was trying to hide David away to protect him.
  10. Kong: Skull Island

    I did comment on it in the 'What are you watching thread'. I definitely enjoyed it more than I expected to, I thought they did a good job of showing that Skull Island has some wonders in it as well as the more horrific aspects of it. Agree that the storyline worked fairly well, it's much better pace than Jackson's King Kong movie even if some of the character actions do seem excessively stupid. Starting off a scientific mission of exploration by bombing the place you are exploring was ridiculous. Kong himself was great, although I think it's a good thing this supersized incarnation didn't try to balance atop the Empire State Building.
  11. Rugby IV - Striking Hookers Are Back In Fashion

    It wasn't really a day of great rugby in general. Scotland were clinical in defeating a poor Italian team, I think they'll be happy with their tournament overall even with the Calcutta Cup humiliation. It seems a bit of a pity Vern Cotter is moving on, although I can see why the SRU might be keen on promoting a Scottish coach who has been very successful with Glasgow. The France/Wales match was dull until the farce of the ending. It'll be interesting to know if anyone can see any indication of Atonio's head injury at the end, it seemed to be a surprise to him that he was meant to be injured. Apart from that controversy France probably did deserve the win, since they scored two tries to nil. England didn't look like the same team that played against Scotland. Throughout the tournament they've often struggled in the first half and then improved in the second which does raise the question of whether the right players are starting.
  12. Hugo time! Hugo time! Roundup for 2017 Awards

    The big question is who the participants were, we have a few weeks to wait until we find out if Vox Day has managed to highjack the nominations again.
  13. Hugo time! Hugo time! Roundup for 2017 Awards

    I'm belatedly attempting to read a bit of eligible short fiction. I thought both of these were good. Touring With The Alien initially reminded me a bit of Arrival/The Story Of Your Life, it's got a different take on the alien first contact story but one with some interesting ideas. Alyssa Wong's story wasn't always easy to follow, but had some memorable descriptions.
  14. I think Sturgeon is probably privately fairly happy with this turn of events (it may well be exactly what she expected to happen), since it'll probably help keep the SNP's polling numbers high as they can campaign against Tory intransigence and still leaves open the possibility of a referendum.