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  1. I finished Max Gladstone's Three Parts Dead, which I enjoyed a lot. It reminded me a bit of Robert Jackson Bennett's City of Stairs, both being set in a formerly divine city whose Gods have recently been killed, although it perhaps doesn't quite have the same depth. The characters were likeable, there maybe wasn't a huge amount of character development but given that the book takes place over about three days that's perhaps understandable. It did also have a very effective main villain. The mystery plot worked well and I thought the conclusion was good. I'll probably start the second book next, although I'm not quite sure if I'll read all the way through the omnibus in one go.
  2. I think it's fairly low in terms of public attention, I think not having any free-to-air coverage has really hurt T20 getting any attention beyond cricket fans who have Sky subscriptions. It looks like the ECB have finally learned this lesson and there will be some games shown free to air when their new T20 tournament launches.
  3. I watched Ben Wheatley's film High Rise. It's an interesting film but my attention did wander a bit at times, the satire was very unsubtle and it was sometimes a bit hard to really get involved with the story when the set-up was so unlikely. Although I was a bit unsure about how well it all worked I did think there were some good scenes in it, the acting was good and so was the soundtrack (particularly Portishead's S.O.S. cover.
  4. Watched the film High Rise, not quite sure to what to make of it but it did have a good soundtrack, particularly Portishead's haunting cover of S.O.S
  5. I've been rewatching a couple of films I haven't seen for a few years. Edge of Tomorrow is still a great SF film, and watching Tom Cruise die in various incompetent ways never gets dull. I think I'm probably happier with the ending than I was before, I think paying close attention to some of the earlier exposition helps, there's maybe a bit too much of a gap in the film between some of the detailed explanation and the actual ending. Also watched Cloud Atlas, which I still think is a bold attempt to tackle a seemingly unfilmable novel that is mostly successful at producing an abbreviated version of the six storylines. I do think they went a bit far with trying to integrate the same actors in every plotline, it gets a bit distracting at times.
  6. It's quite a good trailer, but I'm a bit surprised it doesn't make any mention of the main plot about the Easter Egg Hunt, I suppose maybe they're saving that detail until a later trailer. What it does seem to have is a similar number of pop culture references to the original.
  7. Hugo voting may have ended but I'm exploring some of the voter's packet. I've started Max Gladstone's Three Parts Dead, the series seems to be well liked around here and it's been good fun so far, the plot feels quite fast-moving despite the amount of world-building it has to explain.
  8. It seems a pity that there isn't an e-book edition (which could hopefully be at a more reasonable price).
  9. Antony Hopkins appeared in Transformers 5 which I think is a good indication that he's willing to appear in just about anything if he's offered enough money.
  10. I'm not really very familiar with Westley but hopefully he can be a bit more successful at establishing himself in the top order than most recent candidates have managed. Dawid Malan did have an impressive T20 debut against South Africa last month so he should have plenty of confidence if he is picked.
  11. I think it was more expensive last year as well (not that I went, but I remember thinking they'd put their prices up). The £25 ticket is for the events at Foyles, so if you wanted to go to the Phoenix event then you would buy that instead of the Foyles ticket (since they're taking place at the same time you shouldn't buy both). I've got an all-day ticket for Foyles, the Phoenix events seem more targeted at aspiring writers.
  12. @Targh is also going to be there. I think Jo is going to be tending the TitanCon table. Johann (whose board name I can't remember right now) should also be there.
  13. Not technically an upcoming cover, but I'm sure those of us who've seen a lot of fantasy covers will see a lot of truth in this article on "How to make a cliched high fantasy cover"
  14. I don't know why I didn't put the date in when I created the thread, but I guess I can edit the title. I think it was just after Titancon back in 2015, so it does seem a few weeks later this year.
  15. Apparently, Ballance has a broken finger thanks to Morne Morkel and is likely the miss the next Test. I'm not convinced by Jennings, but I'd probably agree he should be given the rest of the series, especially if they're going to have to bring in another uncapped player into the top 3. I think it's fine having positive batting as a plan A, but there needs to be at least a plan B for situations where that isn't the best approach.