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  1. Yes, some of us are going to that. As you can see by the discussion above we were initially thinking of going to Belfast but decided on Dublin instead.
  2. There's something very odd about our Home Secretary having a sudden revelation that the immigration system she is in charge of can be pointlessly cruel. It's good that it appears there's finally going to be some action to protect the Windrush people, but I have a feeling that this wouldn't have happened if this hadn't been becoming such a prominent story.
  3. I watched Mute on Netflix. I like the futuristic Berlin setting, although I'm not sure it really contributed much to the plot - the storyline could mostly have been done in the modern day without really changing much and the noir mystery plot didn't feel as interesting as the setting. I thought Alexander Sarsgard and Paul Rudd did put in some good performances.
  4. It was a great race. I do feel slightly sorry for Bottas who seemed to do everything right and had one of his best races only to be denied victory by bad luck with the safety car. That said, it was a great victory for Daniel Ricciardo, his pass on Bottas was particularly good. His team-mate showed that just having the right strategy wasn't enough, the driver still has to be able to execute the overtakes cleanly. Red Bull played the strategy brilliantly, but Mercedes seemed to miss an opportunity by not pitting Hamilton.
  5. I sometimes read the SFFChronicles forum, and after a while I did start to find some of the thread titles familiar, such as this one.
  6. I think there might be more references to games than to any other single type of pop culture, but it's probably not a majority of the references overall. There's a lot of film/TV references as well as things like D&D.
  7. Does Australia still have cricket on Free to Air TV? It wouldn't surprise me if that was true, although I think it would be a mistake. I'm not convinced he's ever going to be a consistent performer at Test level, although maybe he might have a future in limited overs cricket where playing nicely for a couple of hours then getting out isn't such a bad thing.
  8. I wonder if there are more pitlane incident nowadays, I seem to remember cars trying to drive off with the refuelling rig still attached a few times back in the refuelling days. I'm sure someone has worked out the stats for it. Hopefully this will be a year where different cars have the advantage on different tracks, which I think is a lot more interesting than one car dominating every track.
  9. While that would be interesting I'm not sure if this is the right time for it given that Esslemont is busy writing prequels that are filling in some of the key historical events. I'd rather find out the details about the founding of the Malazan Empire from his series rather than a world-building book.
  10. The pit stop incident was nasty, I agree that the automated systems don't seem able to do their job. The race did come to an exciting conclusion. I suspect Bottas might have been able to pass if he had a couple more laps, Vettel did manage to do just enough to hold him off. It seemed a decent drive from Bottas but he's got to be disappointed that he couldn't finish it off. We didn't see much of it, but it looks like a good performance from Gasly to get fourth, he seems to be making a name for himself. Hamilton overtaking three cars in one corner was fun as well.
  11. I watched Annihilation on Netflix. I think it's a bit of a shame it didn't get a cinema release (in the UK) since it did have some interesting visuals inside the Shimmer and would probably have looked good on the big screen. I liked the feeling of going into the Unknown with none of the characters having any idea of what they are going to find and it did a good job of showing how disorienting their journey was. I also liked that it didn't feel it had to answer questions about what was going on and left a lot of ambiguity. The expedition never seemed like a good idea, I don't really know how it originally got approved - although I think it does make sense that Lena decides to go on it from her perspective. I thought Natalie Portman did a good job in the lead role, although I was less convinced by Jennifer Jason Leigh. I did notice that on Netflix and wondered how good it was, I do like a good heist story.
  12. I suppose it could be worse, they could be Williams who have probably the best engine in the field and seem to be stuck at the back of the grid.
  13. Slightly surprising qualifying session with the Ferraris seeming to have a clear pace advantage over Mercedes. With Hamilton's penalty added on it would be a huge effort to be able to challenge for victory so it looks like he could fall further behind Vettel in the Championship. There was also an impressive drive from Gasly in the Toro Rosso, although I suspect McLaren won't be too amused about their cars being behind a car with a Honda engine that suddenly seems much more reliable.
  14. They might hate Supergirl but it certainly seems like they've watched a lot of it.