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  1. WHEEL OF TIME officially optioned for television

    I think HBO would be unlikely to start a second second hugely expensive Epic Fantasy series at the same time as GoT. I agree Netflix could be a good choice.
  2. Saruman getting a death scene rather than just being forgotten about springs to mind. It's been so long since I watched the non-Extended Editions I can't really remember the details now, of what else was left from the initial film. I think they did generally improve the film, although there are maybe a couple of dubious additions in ROTK.
  3. Lois McMaster Bujold has also posted a brief blog, in which she seems to be taking the same position as Sanderson.
  4. Wert's summaries in the Lost rewatch thread made me suddenly want to listen to Mama Cass Elliot's Make Your Own Kind of Music
  5. Lost re-watch! (Spoilers)

    Maybe he was listening to his music really loudly? It was one of the stupider flashbacks from what I remember, especially since it basically has no relevance for the rest of the show.
  6. Deep Space Nine Watch/Re-watch (No spoilers)

    I think Babylon 5 is definitely worth watching as well. Comparing the two shows now, I'd say Babylon 5 has the better long-term story arc (although the DS9 story is still good, especially considering how it had far less pre-planning), while DS9 tends to do standalone episodes better. I think DS9 had a much higher per-episode budget and the difference is noticeable. The first season of B5 isn't all that great and has too many mediocre standalone episodes although it does have some high points. Seasons 2-4 are excellent, I think maybe the closest TV has come to making something that feels like a big Space Opera novel in TV format. There is also a season 5.
  7. The Dropkick Murphys - Shipping Up To Boston Pulp - The Night That Minnie Timperley Died Sufjan Stevens - They Are Night Zombies
  8. Deep Space Nine Watch/Re-watch (No spoilers)

    I did like that they never took the easy option of having her feeling she needed to be repentant about her past. While she may not exactly be proud of some of the things she did, she's also not apologising for it either (even when it would benefit her to do so).
  9. It does seem inconsistent, it feels like 90% of the time they're happy but 10% they'll demand I take my shoes off.
  10. April 2016 Reads

    Adrian Tchaikovsky's The Tiger and the Wolf has got off to a good start. The book's premise is based around various tribes of humans who each have the ability to shapeshift into the form of an animal. As the title might suggest, some of the characters can shapeshift into the form of tigers or wolves which are abilities I've seen in other books in the past but as the book has gone on there have been some more exotic choices. It certainly makes the action scenes fairly fresh to have a battle between a pride of lions facing some stallions, a hyena, a Komodo Dragon and what appears to be a Jurassic Park-style Velociraptor.
  11. TitanCon 2016: Fri 30 Sept - Sun 2 Oct

    There's a thread about roomshares on the TitanCon board - http://titancon.boardhost.com/viewtopic.php?id=70.
  12. Sadly they don't seem to have departed much from the formula of the companion having to be a young woman from modern-day Britain. There's nothing particularly wrong with that formula but it might be nice to see a bit more variety.
  13. April 2016 Reads

    I finished The Best of Ian McDonald. I thought it was a really good collection and the writing was of a consistently high quality all the way from the late 80s up to the present day. My favourites were probably the high-concept space opera of The Tear and the two stories set after alien artefacts land in Kenya and start reshaping the landscape, Towards Kilimanjaro and Tendeleo's Story. I know he's written some novels set in the same setting as the last two, I might have to read them sometime. Next up is Adrian Tchaikovsky's The Tiger and The Wolf (which I think has a really great cover).
  14. Joe Abercrombie

    Forbidden Planet had copies today.
  15. I'm sure he'll at least try to stand for leader when Cameron steps down. I don't really know what his prospects are because that depends on what the Tory Party membership think of him and I find it difficult to predict the decisions of a group who once thought Ian Duncan Smith would be the best choice to be the voice of their party. One plus for Boris might be that it's not as if the last few months have been any better for most of his potential rivals.