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    An Pierle - Are 'Friends' Electric? Manic Street Preachers - Suicide Is Painless (Theme From M*A*S*H) Richard Hawley - Some Candy Talking The Polyphonic Spree - Lithium, purists may disagree but I like the way they make the song feel entirely different to the original.
  2. I also get the same when watching some brush their teeth on film/TV, although it's not as bad as watching people getting injected on film/TV, even if it's just meant to be a regular innoculation or something like that.
  3. Iain M. Banks' Culture books - cont.

    I think Excession is maybe the most Culture-focused of all the Culture novels. Most of them tend to focus more on outsiders to the Culture and their interactions with it, there's a bit of that in Excession as well but it seems to spend more time on the Minds and showing the inner workings of the Culture than any of the other books. I wouldn't quite rank it as my favourite but I would put in the top 5 of Banks' SF. I think you may be confusing it with the often-theorised but never discovered dark matter. Antimatter is a much better understood, it has even been made in tiny quantities in particle accelerators. I can't remember if Banks explained it, but in a lot of SF which uses antimatter they use magnetic fields to contain it and keep it from interacting with normal matter.
  4. X-Men Apocalypse: continued

    Thinking more about the film, I think the finale (once Apocalypse and the Horsemen have starter wreaking destruction) is the weakest bit of it. The scenes of vast CGI destruction with no emotional impact felt more like they were directed by Michael Bay than Singer.
  5. SPECTRE - Bond 24

    I think Logan's always been a bit hit-and-miss, he's written plenty of good things but was also responsible for duds like Star Trek : Nemesis or the remake of The Time Machine.
  6. May 2016 reads

    I've started Connie Willis' Blackout, had a long train journey today so read about 200 pages. My first reaction was the most of the time travelling historians who make up the protagonists were quite annoying and also don't seem to be particularly good at their job, there's this odd mix of them not knowing basic history while apparently knowing enough fine detail to blend into the periods they're visiting. I think the book has got more interesting once they stopped talking about time travelling and the focus switched to WW2 Britain.
  7. The Richard Morgan Thread III

    There's an amusing scene in Market Forces where the protagonist is waiting for something and out of boredom picks up a Science Fiction paperback about a futuristic detective who jumps between different bodies while trying to solve a crime, the protagonist eventually gives up on reading it because he thinks the premise is too far-fetched to take seriously. If I remember correctly, Market Forces was originally written as a screenplay. Maybe if the Netflix Altered Carbon becomes a success that might encourage adaptations of other Morgan books, I reckon both Market Forces and Black Man could make good films.
  8. Unfortunately, I'll be up in Scotland all next week so won't be able to make it.
  9. X-Men Apocalypse: continued

    I also watched the credits, the introduction of CGI has really increased the numbers of people who need to be mentioned. For a more low-tech approach to effects I liked that someone had the fantastic job title 'Inflatable Crowd Supervisor'.
  10. Guy Gavriel Kay

    I finished Children of Earth and Sky earlier today. I really liked it, I think the obvious comparison out of his other books is the Sarantine Mosaic (which I also liked a lot), not just for the many references to the earlier series but also for the structure of how it interweaves the lives of the characters with some major events of that world's history but keeps the focus more on the individuals than on the world-shaking events. I think my only major criticism might be that it took over a hundred pages to really get going, there are a lot of introductions to various characters going on but once the plot did pick up momentum I thought it became a very compelling story. It doesn't have a huge number of action scenes in it but when action is required there were some very tense scenes, and Kay does a good job of showing how suddenly violent incidents could occur in their world. I particularly liked...
  11. Colonising a large percentage of the planet might have had a little bit to do with it...
  12. X-Men Apocalypse: continued

    I saw the film today. I thought it was entertaining but it felt a bit unambitious and didn't really try to bring anything really new to the franchise. The one new thing is Apocalypse himself, but I found him to be an underwhelming villain, they've cast a good actor in Oscar Isaac and then seemingly buried his performance under ridiculous costume and make-up. Compared to Magneto in the previous X-Men films he's not a very interesting character, the better X-Men villains have had an existing connection with the heroes but Apocalypse seems almost disinterested in any other characters. I think the film has a generally good cast, but it felt there was maybe less character development than in the previous films. I think Fassbender in particular deserves an opportunity to do more, there have been occasional scenes through his three films showing how good he can be but he's often underused. The newcomers mostly did a decent job, I was sometimes a but unconvinced by her accent but other than that I thought Sophie Turner did a good job. Overall I'd probably rate it about the middle of the X-Men films, behind the likes of X2 and Days of Future Past but still significantly ahead of X-Men 3 or X-Men Origins : Wolverine. Compared to the other two recent superheroes-fighting-each-other movies, it's less of a mess than Batman vs Superman but also noticeably less ambitious and I think Civil War was much better.
  13. May 2016 reads

    That doesn't seem like 10 years ago. It's always odd reading those old threads and seeing the mix between people who are still regularly posting here today and people who haven't been here in years.
  14. New Star Trek Series on CBS

    I seem to remember Jeffrey Coombs played two different characters in the same episode of DS9 once (and probably half a dozen different characters in Trek in general).