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  1. I think Button might have wished he'd stayed retired, not sure what he was thinking with that move on Wehrlein. I did like his pre-race chat with Alonso. Good win for Vettel, it's a pity Kimi didn't seem to have the pace to hold off his team-mate today. Hamilton probably did about as much damage limitation as was possible, the perennial problem of overtaking around Monaco probably meant he couldn't have done anything more.
  2. I'd imagine Alonso isn't feeling too bad about his decision to skip Monaco after Button gets hit with a 15-place engine penalty. While I understand the theory behind the engine penalties, they do sometimes seem needlessly punitive when they punish teams that are already struggling really badly and denying us the opportunity to see whether Button could get a decent points finish from a top-10 start isn't good for the sport. I'm not sure I'd necessarily count Hamilton out of the title back yet, he's bounced back from bigger deficits in the past and while Vettel might be the favourite now I would really say he's dominating the season yet.
  3. I think this season is the first time in a while I've been really anticipating the next episode. The Pyramids episode was mostly good, although the ending was a bit too contrived. It felt like the combination lock is the sort of problem the Doctor is usually able to solve with a bit of ingenuity, and given how advanced Timelord technology is, it does seem a bit unlikely that his glasses aren't a bit more effective. It's also a bit unconvincing that Bill could be said to have the authority to surrender Earth to the aliens, she may be the Doctor's Companion but it's not as if he's going to be bound by her decisions. I quite liked the banality of the world-ending threat, where the Earth is almost destroyed by a lab tech with a hangover.
  4. Hamilton's problems were very weird, although he does occasionally have these races where nothing seems to go right. Bottas got within 0.05 of a second of poll, so it's clearly not a fundamental problem with the Mercedes.
  5. Watched the first episode of Mystery Science Theatre 3000 : The Return. I think they've done a decent job of capturing the charm of the original show, and the Danish monster movie they were watching was amusingly bad.
  6. I seem to remember the last tournament had some entertaining matches, even if the final got a bit curtailed by the English weather. It is a nice opportunity to see (almost) all the team playing in a relatively short space of time, even if nobody probably really cares too much about who wins in the end.
  7. It wasn't as if they didn't have a terror alert level beforehand, the previous alert level was 'an attack is highly likely'. If they always had the terror alert level at the highest possible level then it might lose meaning.
  8. Alternatively, it does suggest that we might manage to become friendly with Europe again, we just have to go through World War 3 and the Eugenics War first.
  9. (Trying to reply to @HelenaExMachina's post about the Americans, but the board is playing up). Annoyingly there still seems to be no airdate for The Americans season 5 in the UK, other than that a vague suggestion of it being in the summer.
  10. While simultaneously denying that their direction has changed at all, and blaming Jeremy Corbyn for the change in direction that hasn't happened. The Tories would have to try really hard to lose this election, but they're making a valiant effort, particularly in the way their controversial policies seem to particularly target their own voter base. Maybe they thought the pensioner vote would be too hypnotised by the talk of Brexit and reduced immigration to pay attention to anything else?
  11. I liked the book, but not as much as North's previous two novels. I did like that its main plot was about something other than the special ability of the main character, unlikely the previous two - while Hope's forgetability may be important to the plot it isn't the main focus. I thought she was an interesting character, and although many of the characters she meets are deliberately dull I thought Byron was intriguing as well. The plot did lose momentum at times (the roadtrip across America, for example), but there were some great scenes, such as the big heist or Byron's idea of what a party should be like. One thing I wondered about was that since Hope's digital footprint is apparently more memorable than she is (hence Byron remembering her online conversations with _why_), why she doesn't live more of her life on the Internet. She might not be able to make friends in the real world, so I'm surprised she wouldn't try to build up relationships in online communities as some sort of way to compensate. I'd probably rank First Fifteen Lives and Touch as being fairly similar, I liked them both a lot. First Fifteen Lives probably has the better plot, but I found "Kepler" to be a more compelling character than Harry and the body jumping does lead to some unique action scenes. The fact that nobody has yet had a kind word to say about The End of the Day isn't really encouraging me to read it. I also read her first Gameshouse novella, which was well-written but I found I didn't really care about any of the characters.
  12. I'm wary of paying too much attention to polling, but it does seem interesting that they're all consistently showing a Labour revival heading towards the low-to-mid 30s. For all the predictions about Corbyn being poisonous to Labour's chances it is starting to look plausible that he could get the best Labour percentage of the vote since 2005. The Tories still have a big lead, but it's starting to look like they might not increase their majority by much. The disadvantage of calling an election is that it does mean the public will start paying a bit more attention to the opposite parties' policies than they normally would. A lot of Theresa May's supposed virtues, such as the 'strong and stable leadership' thing seem to be assertions at the moment without much in the way of hard evidence. I think the narrative may have begun when she first became leader at the time when the rest of the Tory leadership contenders were so shambolic that even liberals tended to see her as the best available option (it's hard to remember now but there was a brief moment where it looked like Andrea Leadsom could have been the PM). Now it is possible she might live up to her claims about her abilities but I think it's far too early to say.
  13. It does seem a very good deal, at first glance it looks like there's about 25 full novels in it (all the Best Novel nominees except Jemisin plus entire series for the McGuire and Gladstone nominations in Best Series) as well as all the short fiction nominees.
  14. I think the Doctor has failed to save everyone in all of the other episodes so far this season. I agree that being eaten by alien space beetles apparently being a reversible process does seem a bit odd.
  15. I think the last couple of episodes have been pretty good, particularly the space station one. I liked the 'capitalism taken to its logical extreme' theme and having to measure distances by the number of breaths of previous oxygen it would take to cover them. The blindness plot device was also effective. It wasn't perfect, the crew didn't get much in the way of characterisation, Matt Lucas was intermittently annoying and sometimes the dialogue was clunky (such as the blue skin racism), but overall I liked it. The previous episode was a decent haunted house story, even if it is perhaps best not to think too much about some of the details of the plot. So far, I think this looks like it could be Capaldi's best season.