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  1. Oh definitely! But yeah, she kind wrote some bs to make him look better [than he deserved]. And I say this as Jaime’s # 1 fan.
  2. Oh Bryan Cogman to do LotR on Amazon? If so, I sure hope he won’t be the “lore expert” and “true fan” as he was (supposed to be) on GoT. Yes, Sansa Poole, I mean you, and many other things.
  3. Where does it say that? Iirc, he isn’t. But I could be wrong.
  4. Yeah, this is probably why we didn’t get the circle jerk this week. But that’s good, right? Something to look forward to, I’m sure it will be hilarious. Yes, exactly like that!
  5. kissdbyfire

    Master thread on what the Show means for the book plot

    Except for those who put a lot of faith in the fiery god... they always use R’hllor. But Red Rahloo is so much better, and the context in which we’ve learned this... “alias” is just perfection.
  6. LOLOLOLOL Man, I want to see it! I want to see David and Dan smugly explaining shit I didn’t get because I’m so dumb and not worthy of understanding their superior intellect! I want it so bad it hurts!
  7. But but but... wham bam, no thank you ma'am, and she feels she has to lie while writing his entry because he deserves better? Sorry, I get very upset when I think about what they've done to Jaime. And we had NCW, so perfect, so deliciously gorgeous, such an amazing actor... but no, can't have that, so let's fuck the character as badly as we can. I hate this show.
  8. Come on, the comedic value of those videos is the best thing about the show!!! Dany forgot about the iron fleet, Euron wasn't paying attention, and on and on they go, illustrating perfectly that they're clueless hacks.
  9. And by the by, still no Outside the Episode to be found anywhere. Damn it. I really needed David and Dan to explain this atrocity to me. Oh well...
  10. I very much agree, well put. As to what @SeanF said about how he thought we were a bunch of oddballs at first... well, since this is the end (praise the og and the new), I think we should have a thread about that... maybe titled, "I thought the ranters were mad, but as it turns out... they were right all along".
  11. Stick ‘em with the pointy end. Dracarys? And I mean the pointy end and Dracarys of my WORDS, I’m not saying anything more than that.
  12. kissdbyfire

    Arya the Explorer

    That’s in the books, and even there Martin said she will flower “soon”. Show wise she’s had sex and seemed to enjoy it. And I say, good for her.
  13. It’s not even through the heart. It’s more towards the right side, and lower than where the heart should be. Maybe the liver, or the inferior lobe of the right lung. In other words, the hackery and sloppiness is so bad that they don’t even know/try to get right exactly where the heart is.
  14. Aaaaaaarrrrrgghhhh, don’t get me started on that fucking fuckery!!! I could rant by myself for pages and pages just on that!