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How would you rate episode 406?

How would you rate episode 406?  

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Asha/Yara's side trip to try to rescue Theon was a little pointless but Theon + Ramsey made up for it and brought the score back up to a nine for me. Even though I know what happens with the trial, it was still fantastic.

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I giive it a 6, was kind of boring :( Seeing Stannis get a bank loan? Why would the bank give an evil religious maniac a loan?

Watching Dany doing meetings was boring too :(

Yara attacking Ramsay was kind of a let down too :( I thought Ironborn were stronger, and they had shields! Ramsay was naked and had a few dogs :P

And why would Tyrion demand a trial by combat, he's going to lose! Shae was obviously under duress, probably had to say those things or else she'd die by Cersei.

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Braavos: Clearly setup for later, but at least they clarified the size of Stannis' forces. Plus, Salladaor Saan gets his obligatory one scene per season (that's such a weird recurring character).

Dreadfort: Single most pointless part of this season to date, and I'm including the brothel scenes. After the setup given to Yara in the season 3 finale, that was an incredible whimper.

Meereen: Eh, okay. Amazing CGI on Drogon.

King's Landing: Terrific stuff all around.

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Best episode of the season so far. Gave it an 8, which I may decide to revise up to 9 later. Why not a 9 right off? Well, the Greyjoy business was not well-executed (the Reek-specific stuff, yes, but the stuff around it, no), in shades of the Craster's Keep matter. Plus Emilia Clarke's vacillating performance is indeed started to bug me. The trial was exceptional though.

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I gave this one an eight. The strongest episode of the season. Yara/Ramsey was a little weak and cost the episode a point. The trial was great, Stannis storyline was good, Hizadar came across as a sympathetic and interesting character which was a good change from the book where he seems to be a sleazeball, good episode for Clarke, great episode for Dinklage, Tyrion took a big risk asking for a combat trial without a champion lined up and calling Joffrey a bastard strongly insinuated the rumors about Cersei and Jamie, much ballsier than in the books, where his actions were more measured.

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I feel like the asha/yara storming the dreadfort was sloppy and pointless I don't understand why they ran from two dogs and they were armed. But everything else made up for it I especially liked the whole part with Jamie and tywin.

I agree, I think the Asha sequence started out promising and then ended a bit clumsily. Not only did they run from the dogs, but Ramsey apparently gave them enough of a headstart to actually avoid getting caught by them, which is uncharacteristic of him.

Overall though, I give the episode an 8. I liked the Trial scenes.

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at first i was leaning towards a lower score but the trial and the bit with Ramsey washing Reeks back made up for the pitiful effort to rescue him...i mean how did they get away....after (i think) he let the dogs out???

but overall a good episode with killer moments during the trial and the addition of the Tywin-Jamie moment... :smoking:

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Those dogs are rather large. I'd run from certain types of them as well even if armed.

Like Kangals and such...they can kill wolves, wouldnt be much trouble killing humans.

Anyways I dont think Ramsay actually let the dogs out. They just decided to leave and Ramsay was content with the threat.

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