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[Spoilers] Episode 804 Discussion

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I need to rewatch this scheming between the Imp and the Spider. I can't quite see what Varys intends here, how he will manage to back Jon over Dany in any meaningful fashion. But I'm sure it will get them both killed.

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Just now, CrypticWeirwood said:

How much of it is the script, and how much of it is the director?

I don t know. But this guy directed the first 2 eps and I think this one was much better.

We had some stupid things. Like arya sleeping with gendry and now breaking his heart. Euron and cersei can easily take out dragons, sudenly everybody dislikes or is afraid of danny...

But overall it seems a good episode.

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2 minutes ago, Risto said:

Jaime returned to Cersei? God almighty. This is even too absurd to comment. 

I'm really confused about what his thinking is:  he's terrible and Cersei is terrible, so they should go be together?  WHY is he going back to KL?  To kill Cersei?  To warn her?  Because it's what he deserves?  He obviously loves and respects Brienne and knows what Cersei is...I'm just not understanding his motivation.  He knew that they were going to KL to get the IT from Cersei..I would assume that she would die in the process.  So now he knows Dany is down a dragon..what has changed for him, that he needs to go to KL too? 

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