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  2. More like DERP STATE CONSPIRACY Hey Ooo
  3. DanteGabriel

    US Politics: It’s Not A Crime If Your Feelings Got Hurt

  4. darmody

    somebody clear a few things up for me ?

    What officially starts a war in Westeros? "Calling of the banners?" The U. S. Civil War is popularly thought to have begun with the shelling of Ft. Sumter, though the Supreme Court at some point ruled it started when Lincoln called up the volunteers. Really, you can say it started whenever Lincoln decided it would happen, which was probably before the formation of the Confederacy. Point being there are legal technicalities, there are stories in history books, and there is real-world cause and effect. The Vale, the North, and the Stormlands taking to the field is the technical cause. The storybook version starts with the Crown Prince's alleged abduction of Robert's betrothed. Ned's father and brother die as a direct consequence of protesting to the King on behalf of Lyanna. The King calls for Ned and Robert's heads for the same reason. I don't know what Robert and Ned would have done without the backing of their mentor. But to say that calling for their heads was the inciting incident just means the "lie" upon which the rebellion was supposedly based is but two causal steps away from incitement.
  5. King Jon Snow Stark

    What smart things has Sansa done?

    I think they have been a very good team since they took over Winterfell. I think their roles are little more clearly define now. Jon is more comfortable as a military leader. I think most of it would be put aside. I think another source of tension will be Jon's claim. I think Daenerys will say its fake and even if she accepts who his parents are I think she or Tyrion will try to say the marriage was invalid.
  6. HouseLancaster

    What is the role of Gendry?

    Yes, he would! 1) Being a blacksmith is an easy way to mirror Robert's strength and use of hammer 2) if you read between the lines, there's more indication that he's destined to be a fighter than develop his smithin' 3) He had to do something, blacksmith is very obvious low born occupation 4) I can think of a few other medieval films where the hero in waiting was a blacksmith (without ever crafting a magic weapon) 5) This isn't Gendry's story and it's OK if he doesn't contribute to the narrative in such an integral way. There's not much time left to introduce this concept of him mastering Valeryan steel. I'm not saying it won't happen but if you consider they might be developing his relationship to Arya, adding this function would mean a lot of screen time for a secondary character. I don't mind if it happens, I just don't think there has been any evidence/hints thus far to suggest it (and in the books, he hadn't even made a sword yet).
  7. Deminelle

    What smart things has Sansa done?

    The source for tension is what happens now that Jon knows about his true parents. How will others, especially Dany, react to this? At this point I doubt that Jon wants to reveal it in fear of it effecting Dany's followers.
  8. SeanF

    dany and sansa

    Fighting the Others in a sparsely-populated territory makes more sense than fighting them further South where they're going to kill far more people. IMHO, it's clear the North wants independence, and that's the deal I'd be offering Dany if I were Jon - an alliance against common enemies, in return for recognition of independence.
  9. Maester Crypt

    the honeyed locusts...

    Its funny you should say that, I do have an allergy to bee stings. I am much like the Dothraki in that way except they are allergic to flies. My memories are like whispers in my head, drawing me down into the darkness, much like Jon in his crypt dreams. I think he had two of them in AGOT? I'll have to check on that, with all these patterns, its hard to lift the white fog from my brain. Reminds me of Peggy's Cove on Prince Edward Island, there's a beautiful lighthouse there, it's small but these are the kind of attraction you get in Canada's smallest province. Both my father and mother are buried there, but thankful I wasn't born there. I am from the 6ix and my Leafs lost last night. That's reminds what did Ned say of Jon? Not sure why I told you about my allergy, have never carried a Eppy pen so perhaps I'm just inviting Death.
  10. With new Martin's interview, he said secondary characters fate might differ from the show - and in case of Rickon they most probably will. Can you see Rickon taking Lord Rickard's spot?
  11. Kajjo

    somebody clear a few things up for me ?

    Exactly. Good example. If the books were to deviate to strongly from the show, it would make no sense at all. The show compressed the books and eliminated some threads, even important ones like Lady Stoneheart. But all in all the same story is told. While complexity is great, the show manages to tell some stories more concisely. Sansa marrying Ramsay make a lot of sense for example. Omitting this Jeyne/Arya red herring, too.
  12. Widowmaker 811

    Who or what attacked Essos during The Long Night?

    Creatures who favored the darkness. Vampires! People who don't tan. The servants in the Palace of Dust are dwarves like the children of the forest. So two species that are alike doing the same thing. A species similar to the Others existed in Essos and attacked during the period of darkness. Like Mathias and his gang in Omega Man.
  13. SpaceChampion

    Crazy Ex-Girlfriend S4 - We Want to Be Here [spoilers]

    Heavy Boobs cut from the Live Show:
  14. Kajjo

    What smart things has Sansa done?

    Yes, they do. In S7 Jon left Sansa with the command of the North. So this makes still a lot of sense. My guess is that Daenerys vs. Sansa and Jon torn between the two will be the source for tension. And of course Daenerys power-greedy, callous and cruel nature.
  15. Widowmaker 811

    What did x character think about Jaime joining the kingsguard?

    They assumed he wanted the appointment. Jaime didn't protest. He was hanging around the KG all the time. One could be forgiven for thinking it was his ambition. Tywin's siblings wouldn't object. That's one person out of the way in the line of inheritance.
  16. Rose of Red Lake

    What smart things has Sansa done?

    Ok. There's so much on the forum going on right now, I haven't had time, but I'll have a look.
  17. Maithanet

    NBA 2019 - Now the Joy in My World is in Zion

    If the Magic's big men aren't capable of exploiting size mismatches, then they aren't all that good. And the strategy I outlined would clearly fail.
  18. Ygrain

    R+L=J v.166

    Well, have fun going on, and come back askin' any time :-)
  19. Zorral

    Rant and Rave Thread

    Well, no, because this happens to many of my blonde relatives. Maybe not dark brunettes, but no longer what one would say is blonde. Though having for many years hair that was indeed much lighter than it is now, recoloring back to bright blonde is very easy and doesn't need frequent upkeep -- or so they say!
  20. 14ccKemistk

    Order of deaths to come.

    I believe that the WW battle will have a MASSIVE death toll. In no particular order i think the following will die in E03: Jorah, Davos, Hound, Gendry, Tormund, Berric, Jaime, Grey Worm, Brienne, Edd, Theon, Pod, Missandei, Arya, Yohn Royce, Little Bear. During E04–E06 we also see the death of: Tyrion, Cersei, Euron, Mountain, Bronn, Qyburn, Daenaerys, Mellisandre. Survivors: Jon, Yara, Varys, Sam, Sansa, Bran. Jon wins the throne but rejects it, he beleive he has nothing to rule over and nothing to live for either. Jon offers Iron Throne to Yara instead, who takes it. GoT winner: Yara Greyjoy!
  21. Kajjo

    Dorne? Highgarden? Riverlands?

    Yes, and we can accept that. There are more important threads than Edmure.
  22. Rose of Red Lake

    What smart things has Sansa done?

    But the orders respected each others' turf. She said she has called the banners. She tells Ned Umber what should be done. Jon, meanwhile, tells Wolkan to notify the Night's watch. He doesn't step on her toes with the command over the Lords. It's interesting too that when they hear about wight Viserion, Jon looks first to Sansa. So far they seem to be good together as a team I think.
  23. House Cambodia

    somebody clear a few things up for me ?

    Are you saying you DON'T want to turn to the last page and see Stannis sitting on the Iron Throne, with sweet Shereen by his side????
  24. Widowmaker 811

    Stannis wrote the Pink Letter. Clydas changed it

    Clydas can read and write. Those are the only things that point to him. The letter was intercepted and tampered with before it reached the wall. Assuming it was tampered. The only people who want this are the Karstarks. That is one family who would go all nuclear when they learn their land now belong to the Thenns. If the letter was at all tampered with.
  25. Kajjo

    somebody clear a few things up for me ?

    True, this is one story. It can't have different endings.
  26. Rose of Red Lake

    What smart things has Sansa done?

    Oh ok, yes, if they die he inherits. Lets hope that never happens! Bran and Dany had SO much chemistry in their first scene together. LOL
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