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  2. The Anti-Targ

    US politics - When the Barr's so low.

    It's worth remembering that ~75% of Americans are religious, and a lot of them aren't conservative. If all religious people voted conservative there'd be bugger all Democrats in congress or the senate, and there'd never be a Democrat President, past or future. There are plenty of leftish religious people who agree with the religious exemption. It's probably not an issue they will turn their vote on, but it might decrease enthusiam for voting, and would certainly decrease their likelihood of voting Beto in the primaries. Making left and right a religious divide is a losing election strategy for the side that's trying to marginalise religion.
  3. Lyanna<3Rhaegar

    Jaime as the Golden Lion

    I think Tywin would have tried harder if Jaime would have accepted it. Jaime was against it as well & was not going to be willingly removed from the KG. If Tywin had got him to accept it, either by force or persuasion, it probably would have happened
  4. Triskele

    US politics - When the Barr's so low.

    The rightwing internet sites are all convinced now that something about Warren's pregnancy story is untrue. Are they right?
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  6. Jace, Basilissa

    Westeros Experts League 2019

    If this travesty of a prime time event should go as expected I may yet find victory and be alive in this campaign. Football Zeus, hear me! I will batter Sunspear to the ground if it costs me forty-thousand Will Dissley achilles tendons! It is in your name, great father, that I eat these chicken wings!!!
  7. The Anti-Targ

    UK politics - The Yellowhammer Made The Robin Weep

    It does make sense to pivot from one threat that is no longer present to another when you have a specific outcome you want. For a hard out remainer any form of Brexit is a threat, and the thing to do is elevate and hyperbolise that threat to try to get people to come around to a remain position. And if you believe (rightly or wrongly) that any deal put forward by Boris (and supported by the ERG) before 31 Oct is merely a Trojan horse to circumvent the Benn act and achieve a no-deal Brexit, then of course you are going to shout and scream about the evil intent of any deal that's presented to the country, which is why you have the likes of the lib Dems and SNP saying they will consider voting for a deal but only if there is a people's vote. Others will be a lot more aware than me of whether there are actual flip-floppers who last week were all about getting a reasonable deal together and achieving an orderly exit and this week are fully on the remain train. If you think a FTA is all about we'll buy your stuff and you'll buy ours with minimal tariffs then you haven't been paying attention. And US FTAs are less free than most. The USA basically practices trans-boundary regulation. And it's not so much about what you bring in to Britain, but the conditions of getting into the USA. They are simply going to ignore your sovereignty and to all intents and purposes directly regulate any and all of your businesses that want to trade in the USA. As a sovereign and independent UK you're going to have very little capacity to prevent this trans-boundary regulation of your industries. As a member of the EU you would have far greater chance of limiting or eliminating the US's regulatory reach into your domestic industries. An FTA isn't the same as being in a supranational entity. But that doesn't mean it's better. It's funny that many hard Brexiters are so enamored of the USA, when the USA is itself a supranational entity, the likes of which Brexiteers hate with a vengeance if there is any suggestion of something remotely similar being applied to the UK in a European context. It's this very fear of a future USE that partly motivates a desire for Brexit. And yet, the USA is the shizz and the shining example of capitalist freedom.
  8. Jace, Basilissa

    US politics - When the Barr's so low.

    U.N. won't do a thing about Turkey invading Syria. Two permanent members of the Security Council have given them a green light.
  9. Altherion

    US politics - When the Barr's so low.

    No... at least not between only those two. Keep in mind that Turkey is much more powerful than Syria and is a member of NATO. Realistically, messing with them is just not worth it -- that's why they feel confident enough to invade Syria in the first place. Realistically, the Syrians will go to the UN and ask the Turks to leave and the UN might support them because this is just too flagrant a violation of international law. However, if that doesn't work out, it's just barely possible that Iran will get further involved on behalf of their ally (which at this point is practically a client state). Syria alone against Turkey isn't going to happen, but Iran and Syria against Turkey is not entirely implausible (and NATO may stay out of it because Turkey is clearly the aggressor here).
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  11. Lord Varys

    Targaryen Illness

    There absolutely is. This is the thread to search the quotes for you, but if you look you can see that basically all the quotes where the smallfolk offer their opinion - which are very few - it has to do with them being Targaryen people. We have that from the old Riverlander from Arya's chapter who idealizes Mad Aerys, the Oldtown folk toasting Dany, the White Harbor whores talking Targaryens, Dick Crabb revealing the Crackclaw Point folk are die-hard Targaryen loyalists, the Kingslanders having fun with the play where the dragon devours the lions, etc. And FaB this is only reinforced with various smallfolk being mentioned as standing with the dragons - cheering the Conqueror at his two coronations, standing up for a Maegor, even, loving Rhaenys and Alysanne and Jaehaerys I, Riverlander smallfolk being the first taking up arms to defend Rhaenyra's right to the throne (which is one of the most touching scenes in the entire book). I mean, Varys/Illyrio and Doran Martell would have to be utter lackwits if they believed a Targaryen restoration made sense if basically everybody hated them... Sure enough, the the First Dornish War - and Daeron's war - were ugly things. But the Conqueror ended the continuous warfare that troubled all of Westeros before - both the official wars between the Seven Kingdoms as well as the many private wars that plagued the Realm before the King's Peace. Jaehaerys I invented new luxury taxes for rich merchants and lords and abolished the Celtigar taxes. See above. I'd agree that those kings who showed their faces were more popular than those who didn't, but popularity is not exclusive to the former. That would depend on the lord. If the lord is nice then he would perhaps not loath him all that much ... but he would still be the guy who exploits them. The king is the guy you can turn to if the lord mistreats you. There are class interests. And on that level the king and the nobility had never anything in common. The nobility only stood with kings if the kings were not acting against their interests. We don't know anything about Egg's reform at this point, but chances are not that bad that the guy was never deposed because the smallfolk stood with him rather than against him with their lords. Sure, I mean it is not that all Targaryens are even described as healthy - Aenys, Vaegon, Naerys, Aerys I, Jaehaerys II are all described as sickly, and even some of the others are described as not all that robust. Many suffered from various maladies and died of illness (if they weren't poisoned). But that does not mean that some cannot also be immune to diseases - nor does it mean that those who died of illnesses must have been immune to all diseases nor does it mean that they succumbed to infectious diseases when they died - although it might sense that old and weakened individuals may not have been protected by their 'magical blood' against infection. The blood of the dragon is never described as a miracle cure... But as I laid out multiple times already I actually think the Shivers and the Winter Fever and, perhaps, the Great Spring Sickness, too, were actually magical plagues with a higher mortality rate than common illnesses. I think there is a chance that the Others cooked up the Shivers and sent it down south in winter as a direct response to Alysanne and Silverwing's visit to the Wall which they may have interpreted as a threat. The Shivers came in the cruel winter directly after the visit to the Wall (and the Winter Fever could have been a reaction the death of the many dragons during the Dance which could have caused the Others to move their plans forward). That's all speculation, of course, but I like to make sense of things that way. And that not all Targaryens have the same kind of magical talent despite the fact that they all have the blood of the dragon has been clear since, well, forever, considering Viserys III and Aerys II couldn't have hatched a dragon egg when they had a hammer to open whereas Dany could. They all have the dormant talent or can pass it along to the next generation, but very few can actualize their potential. And there are some subtle clues that Visenya-Aegon-Rhaenys and Aemon-Daenerys-Baelon did have the potential to become the three heads of the dragon if the need had arisen.
  12. Yeah, what a different game after that. This defense had stones. So does our offenders, but wr hands aren’t the best location. I kid, I kid. Well, how the hell did Goodwin drop that flea flicker? But anyways, with the injuries the D had to carry it, and they seem fine with that. The announcers commented on how weirdly done the Rams seemed mid-way through the 4th when it was still on paper a close game...don’t remember that before, they were acting like it was 34-6 or something.
  13. Random thoughts on several games: I don't know how good the Jets are, but Darnold back clearly gave them something that they did not have before. That has to be one of Cousins' better starts with really nice numbers and a comfortable win over a strong opponent. I think we've seen enough now to say that San Francisco is legit. Not sure if they're contender legit, but they are much improved. The move to ditch Rosen to get Kyler Murray is looking strong right now both in who quickly Murray looks solid and in how inept Rosen continues to look at Miami. They benched him for Fitzmagic after three and he only had 85 yards. You can certainly argue that he's in a bad situation like he was in Arizona last year, but he's just rarely making plays. Of course Russell scored late and the Browns messed up their final drive with a chance to answer. Was there any way that story ends any other way?
  14. Impressive win by the Niners. That defense man..they're making me believe.
  15. karaddin

    DCEU: Killer Clowns from Gotham City

    The criticism I have seen is that although the movie makes sure to position white elites as the victims of Arthur, it's minorities that stoke his feelings of alienation - the teens that ridicule him early on happen to be black teens for example. This can still be a problematic way to depict it that isn't disarmed simply by making white men the victims that he actually kills, as those incel types being discussed earlier are very open to the narrative of minorities humiliating white men. I don't recall the later details of what pisses him off and I have zero interest in this particular examination of the premise so it's not like I'm going to see it for myself up confirm. Just thought it was worth mentioning that as a separate point to the earlier discussion.
  16. A True Kaniggit

    US politics - When the Barr's so low.

    Based on no evidence and my own gut feeling? Doubt it. Highly unlikely Assad wants a full scale war against a strong county after a major civil war.
  17. Triskele

    US politics - When the Barr's so low.

    So....is there any chance of all out war between Turkey and Syria?
  18. Zorral

    US politics - When the Barr's so low.

    Everything everybody said would happen is happening and even more. The blowback on the US and US military and US citizens and voters is going to be incalcuble. On top of it all, bedbug's sending of troops and munition to Saudi -- remember what set Osama Bin Laden off? " Pullback Leaves Green Berets Feeling ‘Ashamed,’ and Kurdish Allies Describing ‘Betrayal’ " This is what I've been reading everywhere ever since the announcement of the latest Putin shopping list that bedbug has fulfilled for his masters. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/10/13/world/middleeast/kurds-syria-turkey-trump.html? Everything these guys have fought and shed blood, lost friends and limbs, and died for, with a few words from a murderous tyrant (or two) has been snatched away from them -- this is years of their lives! ISIS prisoners escaped and immediately reforming fighting, armed units -- Can't we remove him from office NOW!
  19. Platypus Rex

    The Tyrion of Fevre Dream (spoiler)

    I'm not down with the equal rights for bunnies movement. When people pretend to argue that the life of a mouse is as valuable as the life of a man, what they are really arguing that a man's life is worth as little as that of a mouse. Which is exactly how you are using it here. You are here to justify and defend the murder of human beings. Argue all you want for vegetarianism and the humane treatment of animals. But when you equate human life with animal life, you've lost me. The "cattle" analogy is useful, of course, as an analogy to understand the alien perspective of Joshua York. But York is not down with the equal rights for bunnies idea either. But the "cattle" analogy does not explain Marsh's perspective. Marsh ought to be more horrified than he is by York. And logically, Marsh ought to have been murdered by York for the crime of knowing too much. York is driven by race loyalty, and ought to anticipate that Marsh might also have some vestigial loyalty to his own kind.
  20. The Mother of The Others

    NFL 2019: After A Quarter, Are They Who We Thought They Were?

    Niners game is mildly erotic so far, but the setup is there for a rams 21-20 comeback. Falcons are alive , all tied up as of press time! Skins win. The Bucs shined (shone?) for one game and are done for the year it would seem. Jets over Cowboys would be funny for some, but there are lots of gun owners in Texas so it's best to keep quiet about it, and I hope they don't become a danger to themselves today.
  21. A True Kaniggit

    US politics - When the Barr's so low.

    Saw on BBC that the Kurds are dealing with Assad. Can’t say I blame them.
  22. Corvinus

    DCEU: Killer Clowns from Gotham City

    Finally saw Joker. A pretty good movie, if disturbing. But I dug the more grounded, realistic approach and setting it in the 80s was a good choice. It makes me wish Todd Phillips decides to attempt this kind of realism for Batman. Phoenix was excellent. I didn't care much for DeNiro, though. Sure he had a small role, but I mostly just saw DeNiro, and not the character he was playing. They could have had just about any other known name for that role. There was an interesting cameo at the end, and I'm wondering if anyone knows what's up with that.
  23. Ever since Tyron Smith went down Dallas has looked totally different. Now, the starting LT, RT, and two of their top 3 WR's are out. 3-0 contenders to 3-3 pretenders is coming.
  24. A True Kaniggit

    The Drunk Thread: Riding the Negroni Pony

  25. But have recovered nicely!!!!
  26. dbunting

    Watch, Watched, Watching: Hunting Minds

    Watched Kill the Irishman last night. Decent enough movie. Had no idea there was that kind of war happening in Cleveland in the 70's.
  27. the red god

    Account request

    oops! moved to the appropriate thread. i'm not sure how to delete this thread.
  28. What a shit show Dallas is putting on. Glad I didn't pick them in pick em', oh wait of course I did. And thanks a lot KC while I'm at it.
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