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  2. I think that both these ideas can be true and think the answer may lay somewhere along these lines. As an example we only have to look at this same scenario under the lens of Robert's death. 1.Ned has a fight with Jamie and is injured.He dreams about what happens with Dayne and company.He remarks how foreboding it was to have that dream now. 2.Time passes Robert goes on a hunt and gets mortally injured.It takes time to get him back to the castle. 3.Ned finds him in his bed of blood after he passes 3 men in white cloaks guarding him.Ned even referenced it for us 3 men in white cloaks as climbed the stairs. What happens we have Robert making a request of Ned to teach Joff makes sure he becomes a goof man yada yada. And Ned has a promise me Ned moment reminiscent of Lyanna. But what is remarkable is the series of events and when the elements occurred. 1.The cause of Robert's death.Had nothing to do with his final location in the tower. 2His fatal wound occurred elsewhere. 3.Ned's fight had nothing to do with that. 4.The kingsguard that were there weren't with him until the end.Except Selmy. But this is an example of how lots of things can come together having really nothing to do except where they ended up and why. Funny enough this "is" more or less Ned's dream.
  3. She really is the worst. Her videos reek of fascist propaganda. Now, there, we’re at 400, go make your thread Birdie. Also, our women whooped yours last night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Don’t people have to tithe to be a regular member of these super churches?
  5. Check out the picture of the people praying. The woman in the black dress is having none of it.
  6. Heal Nemo Hurt Toys 1
  7. Yeah, that makes sense. Bakker said something about the next series consisting of Atrocity Tales and this sounds like a long form Atrocity Tale to me. If that's the case it may still be a bad idea to release it as book one of TNG, especially with how TUC was received by many.
  8. Ravens connection to the storm god is another hint of a connection to the Children. My theory is Bran himself, in the future, is the 3 eyed raven.
  9. Officially yes, but that rule has not really been enforced. The Patriots franchised Matt Cassell and then immediately traded him to the Chiefs.
  10. The infobox for Jon Snow includes this bastard sigil for him. Has GRRM confirmed this? If not, the infobox should instead display the House Stark sigil, IMO. edit: Would Valyrian Steel count?
  11. When I saw that it made me think of the ironborn kingsmoot and the plot that an absentee could call the thing null. Maybe Wakanda has a similar rule. Maybe they should have explained it, but I was ok with it. Ultimately, T'Challa decided to recognize Killmonger as his cousin and give him his due, as he was very likely feeling guilty because of his father.
  12. I thought this might have been the case but wasn't sure.So Storm and Sea may have been the original OGs. So the ravens being agents of the Storm god has me rethinking the 3er a bit. I longed believed that the 3er wasn't Bloodraven and that he was of separate agency. I even think that the blue eyed lot (their green seer) could be cast under that umbrella to.When they come they usually utilize snowstorms the wind etc.
  13. I don’t remember that guy. I guess I need a rewatch.
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  15. LOL! Frankly, I'm tired of the whole discussion where everything points to RLJ even with a reasonable explanation that something else might be true. I stick to the text for that reason. I still believe rightly or wrongly that some of the answers are contained in the text. I prefer not to look at everything through the RLJ lens since I think that limits discovery. I'm more curious about Bran and Arya at this point than Jon. It's not that alternate explanations are too complicated; it only complicates accepted thinking that something else might be true. Typically that creates a defensive reaction with a silly chorus of neener-neeners; something that involves tribalism, group-think and identity politics; characterized as 'the only intelligent answer'.
  16. that and being in the Night's Watch is like an honorable death row/ life without ever getting out existence. Removed from society. Cannot inherit or take a family or anything else.
  17. RIGHT! Pypar was sane and healthy. I quite forgot that he played Pypar. Well I’m glad the guy had at least that one healthy role. Yeah, and the reveal of Joseph Altin was pretty premature too, imo. This episode I kept waiting for someone to show up with another kind of silver smile, but the only thing I have seen so far is the grey moustach of that perv looking police official who first pointed at the Van Burgen family. But no serious option B so far. Well, I’m curious to see how this unfolds.
  18. Josef Atlin (Pypar) has a prominent recurring role on The Alienist.
  19. Barf
  20. I don't get why people think that every other plot needs to stop before the threat to the Others is fought against. Just because they showed it that way in the show doesn't mean that it is true. There is no need for the wars of the Seven Kingdoms to stop to battle the Others, the Others can just be another house in this battle. Of course, it will be helpful if everybody is united against them, but that doesn't mean that it will happen. But then again, the people that Stoneheart wants to take out are the ones that are opposing the main party that right now seems to be the one who will fight the Others: Stannis and/or Jon. So maybe she will be instrumental to ending some of their enemies, like Jaime maybe, or the Freys. Well, I said that Stoneheart has the potential to ease Jon's transition to the throne of the north, and that is part of the Others vs Jon plot.
  21. The episode pretty strongly suggested that Willem Van Burgen is not the killer. Kreitzler may be wrong about some things, but I really don't think he is wrong about that. ETA: Just checked Josef Atlin on Wikipedia - he played Pypar on GoT?! I didn't realize that was the sane guy. Well, Pypar was healthy.
  22. Well, the dead people change after their death, and what Catelyn said: It's wrong, it is actually not folly, just her biases telling her that it is. Maybe after dying, she will come around. But I am not hedging my bets on that. Quoting myself: Stoneheart wants her daughters back. But to search for a hiding person is hard, as Brienne's travels prove. Better to set up a beacon. It might be Stannis, who's Hand most likely also has her son. True, this is just speculation, but so is the main claim I made this post to battle: Stoneheart will die at the hands of someone righteous because she will do something to deserve it. There is no evidence to support that, as far as I know. Everybody dies in ASoIaF, so no matter how you feel about her hellish life, it's gonna come to an end eventually. I would just like for Cat to get her revenge before she snuffs it. Further speculation: I mentioned that her coming north will help solidify Jon's claim, and that does not need her saying that she supports him. For the conspirators of the Grand Northern Conspiracy, the biggest obstacle will be to convince the North to not hold Jon as a deserter and hang him for and oathbreaker. There will be no smooth transition that the TV Series showed. The fandom explanation that he died and thereby fulfilled his vow will be dismissed as a lie, until they see Stoneheart, whether rooting for Stannis or Rickon or Jon himself. Her ravaged face(Why was it ravaged? Was George just preparing her to go north and convince people that not all dead who come back are wights?) will be proof that dead do come back, no matter which king she is supporting. Something that is not speculation: I believe that Jaime is scheduled to die on the Wall. You can go to read my other post Jaime and the Burning Swords for my reasoning. Who would take Jaime to the Wall? Especially when he was thinking of how to save Tommen from Cersei? I think that it is Stoneheart that will do that. If she hears that her son is in Davos's hands, she might go for a hostage exchange. Of course, these action is also wishful thinking. But as I said, I made this post to battle the seeming feeling that Stoneheart will die out of dishonorable actions. Wanting her dead just because you can't envision how she will influence the broader game of the series is not a valid argument. That will require you to start hoping for a meteor to fall on the north, wiping out all the Others, because none of us know how the Others will be defeated. If you can already envision how the Others will be defeated, there will be no more need for further novels, and we know that that isn't true.
  23. Possible, though it might be hard to believe that two young girls could keep up that level of subterfuge for so long. Definitely, lookalike is certainly going to be an important part of the story. That's a very good point.
  24. This. It's always seemed obvious to me that Brandon fed that bullshit to lady Barbrey in order to get into her pants. Him not wanting to marry Catelyn but being forced to sounds a lot like a married man who swears to his hot mistress that he's going to divorce his rich wife. Eventually,
  25. This last episodes was quite enjoyable, I’m liking the depth Sara’s character is getting, and Dakota Fanning is doing a great job. I’m guessing this is intentional and quite obvious, but now that I’m rewatching sherlock, I’m getting serious Holmes and Dr Watson vibes from Kreizler and John. Which is a good thing in my book, for the record. I like their dynamic and I like the way the investigation flows. It’s nice to see Roosevelt getting some substance, so far he was just there in the background and I wasn’t even sure he’s The Roosevelt. A little confused about the killer, I was hoping for another twist, but it seems poor Joseph Altin (who I haven’t yet seen in the role of a character that was both mentally and physically healthy) is the bad guy after all.
  26. He's already breaking out the fake news allegations and it's not even 5AM
  27. So many customer complaints! I wish I could sweep them all under a rug.
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