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  2. aromaticanalysis

    Is the hound Sansa's 'new direwolf'?

    ? I meant it was potentially good (depending on what you see as good) in the sense that it signifies that she could be a player. Sansa's manipulation of her memories is quite similar to what LF does. Neither of them are psychopaths. Psychopaths have no ability to feel empathy at all, which is clearly not true of Jaime or Sandor. The indisputable psychopaths of ASOIAF are Gregor, Ramsay, Roose, etc tier characters. You don't need to be a psychopath to be a bad person. And yes, both of them are bad people, but so what? You think GRRM would build up these complex, morally grey characters and then not have them interact with the "good guys" at all, because some "Sansa stans" don't trust them to protect Sansa (as if that's the point of the story)? Where's the dramatic tension in that? He "lost that chance?" Obviously I can't say until the books come out, but I would be willing to bet money that Sansa and Sandor meet again. This is a relationship that was introduced in Sansa's very first chapter. I'm of the opinion that all relationships set up in book one will have some sort of payoff (that includes not only Sansa-Sandor, but also Jon-Arya, Jon-Tyrion, Sansa-Cersei, Jaime-Cersei, etc) because that's how good stories work, and unlike D&D George is a good writer. You build something up, you have to pay it off. As it happens, I think the logical conclusion to his arc is that he ends up as Sansa's "dog" in the same way he was Joffrey's dog (so in a platonic way). That was set up with the "get her a dog" thing from Robert. I thought the general consensus was that Stannis would reclaim Winterfell in TWOW. Sansa still has a lot of stuff to do in the Vale, plus there's the whole fAegon situation throwing a wrench into LF's plans (full disclosure: I think Sansa will at least temporarily marry fAegon). Sansa's whole arc has been building towards her being a player in the "game of thrones," and the game has never been more complicated than it is at the end of ADWD. Why would George catapult her out of that situation now? Ok, I'm gonna stop you right there. Foreshadowing what now?? Again, all of this sounds like a huge reach. Waymar Royce as a stand-in for Jon? Want to point that GRRM quote out to me, because to me Waymar's description sounds like the standard "Northern look" (plus, if you want to go that far with grey eyes, Sandor also has grey eyes lol). The "Sansa's heroes" things is even more ridiculous. If you go by that logic, then Sansa calling out for Florian the Fool means that she secretly wanted to bang Robb. And just because they both want children, doesn't mean they will have them with each other! You mentioned the trajectory of the show earlier. If this 'fated' sibling romance was meant to happen, why was it never even hinted at in the show? What the show actually suggests will happen is Jon/Dany. We already know that Jon will not become king, so that foreshadowing is bunk right off the top.
  3. Feather Crystal

    Gender relations in Westeros

    I quite agree with your summation. ASOIAF very blatantly exposes the realities of patriarchy, and I believe GRRM has done so with a specific purpose in mind: after the Winds of Winter have melted away, Westeros will return into the hands of women in the (Dream of) Spring. It seems to me that the story of Durran Godsgrief's marriage to Elenei was a pivotal, historic event. Elenei was a magic moonmaiden. Her parents were gods. She was the daughter of the sea god and the goddess of the wind, basically the "get" of water and air. The combination of two elements created "magic". Once man had magic, the Children of the Forest and Westeros were doomed. Maidenheads are commodities and fathers are their daughter's pimps, selling them to the highest bidder, otherwise known as a marriage alliance or marriage pact. How can a commodity have any rights under such an arrangement? Ownership is transferred from the father to the husband. The marriage cloak symbolizes the transaction and calls it "protection". Cersei is consumed by jealousy and anger on being passed over as her father's heir. Her outrage over this unfairness is her main motivation. I seriously doubt that she ever loved Jaime. She's jealous of his position as the heir to Casterly Rock. I think she used their incestuous relationship to control him. I also think Tywin knew very well how his daughter felt and that is why he tried placating her by making her a queen. Tywin's goal to make Cersei a queen has affected nearly every House in all of Westeros. Arianne is a parallel to Cersei, with one small difference. Her father, Doran always planned to name her his heir. She just doubted her position. She was consumed by doubt, so her plan to crown Myrcella and start a war with the throne was intended to seize Dorne away from her father. Asha Greyjoy was Balon's third child, but after Rodrik and Maron died, she should have been Balon's heir before Theon. She was in fact, Balon's choice, but only because Ned Stark raised Theon and Balon thought he had gotten too soft. After Balon died, the Ironborn denied Asha her right to the Seastone Chair by calling a Kingsmoot. The Targaryens were no different. Every time a female was next in line for the throne, there was either a council called or a war begun. The latest battle was called the Dance of the Dragons. The eldest of Viserys I was his daughter Rhaenyra from his first wife, but his second wife thought her son Aegon II should inherit. The Dance of the Dragons ended when Aegon's dragon, Sunfyre burned and consumed his sister. Each of the above are cycles of repeated history, but I have them out of order. It should be Targaryens first, then Cersei, then Asha, then Arianne. Cersei may have a good deal of control behind the scenes, but she has never ruled outright in just her name. Asha was Balon's choice of heir, so she should have rights to her family home even though Euron took the Seastone Chair. Arianne is Doran's heir - of that there is no doubt - but she lost her intended marriage pact when Khal Drogo had Viserys killed. Now Doran hopes to broker a similar pact with Young Griff. Each of these women are working against the patriarchy, but I think its GRRM's intention that they will succeed where generations of women before them have failed. We need to add Sansa into the mix of moonmaids that should prevail over the patriarchy. Right now she's hidden under the guise of Petyr's daughter Alayne. He may try to sell her maidenhead - and Sansa seems to be OK with it if she can have Harrold Hardying aka Harry the Heir. It's very fitting that "heir" is in his title, because in order for history to be reversed, Sansa needs to become the heir. The Eyrie is after all, in her family line of inheritance too as Lady Lysa was her aunt. Lady Lysa was allowed to keep the Eyrie, serving as a sort of regent for Jon Arryn's heir Robert aka Sweetrobin. Sweetrobin may die of epilepsy or Petyr may outright kill him, but then Sansa will figure out a way to kill - not only her "father" Petyr, but Harry too - taking the Eyrie and maybe even Winterfell for herself. A good start for the first Queen in the North.
  4. Saw that and agreed with it. NBA tampering rules are a joke. Jordan can’t make an obvious statement of appreciation, but LeBron can actively recruit another franchise’s cornerstone player.
  5. Nagini's Neville

    Gender relations in Westeros

    Oh my god!! this is perfect!! Exactly what I was talking about!! It's kind of scary how much of that GRRM actually does. Also a lot of the younger girls/ women are described like delicate fragile dolls with shy smiles, but maybe that should also illustrate how women were supposed to behave in that society, I dunno. To be fair there are some trash books, which have become so popular rn, where female writers do that to male characters partly as well or in a different way, but than you wouldn't find that in a classic, that a woman wrote, while there are plenty of classics, where male writers treat female characters this way.
  6. Nagini's Neville

    Gender relations in Westeros

    Thank you Tbh this whole topic does upset me a lot. And I also don't see any way this is going to change anytime soon, because ppl are just so used to it, that most don't even recognize it It's a subconscious thing. And if they do, they maybe don't even care- to much money in objectifying women, really (for example in cinema, or maybe it's just perceived that way- dunno) Same thing with the "male gaze" in cinema- there are really to many examples to list them all.
  7. Raja

    Football: dropping clangers and scoring bangers

    This chelsea/ ajax game has been a touch disappointing.
  8. Nagini's Neville

    Gender relations in Westeros

    yeah, and that's why it feels sexualized and voyeuristic
  9. Lady Dacey

    Gender relations in Westeros

    please read this: https://www.buzzfeed.com/jasminnahar/heres-how-weird-itd-look-if-male-authors-wrote-about-men @Nagini's Neville I'm sure you'll also appreciate it!
  10. Bittersweet Distractor

    Game of Star Wars: The Final Hope

    Come on C3PO is much more useful than that, where would we be without him, we wouldn’t know the instability of various floors or the odds of surviving a direct assault from an Imperial Star Destroyer. I think my first run through will definitely be at home with the ability to pause . I honestly didn’t like Star Wars much as a kid, I think the scene in Yodas hut in ESB freaked me out a bit when I was 5 or 6. When I really started to enjoy it was when I went to see Revenge of the Sith on opening night with my dad when I was 17 and loved it, I went home and watched all of the films with him over the weekend. I’m so looking forward to being able to watch the films with my daughter from when she is much younger than I was, of course I will educate her to have the correct viewpoint of the plot, the Jedi are evil, the Rebellion are terrorists and pests and she can have any toy lightsaber she wants as long as it’s red .
  11. TrueMetis

    US Politics: A Mickey Mouse Operation

    All these fuckers better be seeing their security clearances revoked. This is a disgrace.
  12. iberiandirewolf

    Gender relations in Westeros

    Mmmm, true. I guess that being a heterosexual man, female breasts appeal to him in a different way than it does to us. If I was Daenerys and my tokar fell off, all I'd think about would be ''whooops''.
  13. Instead they're ordering pizza and snacks!
  14. Really wish Democrats had the guts to order the sergeant-at-arms office to forcibly remove Gaetz and co.
  15. Ran

    Succession Season 2 - Full Spoilers

    Have finally gotten around to watching this, and binged the two seasons in a few days. It's interesting to see after-reviews and commentary on those who watched it as it was meant to be watched, on a weekly schedule. In particular, I have to say, the Kendall and Logan in cahoots thing does not come off at all if you binge it all. What becomes painfully obvious is that Logan Roy is well past his best years, is no longer the shark in the water that he used to be, and has been relying more and more on his reputation and his wealth to get by while others are nimbler and smarter. Logan is almost painfully ineffective in the last episodes, but he's also someone who seems himself as survivor, and he'll never let go. Hence, sacrificing his son to save his own skin... and that smile was a moment's recognition that that son was, when push came to shove, ready to be a killer, and so a moment of pride. But it doesn't mean he's not going to fight tooth and nail to save his own skin, IMO. Anyways, wonderfully written show. I think the only aspect of the second season that I was displeased with was how Marcia largely vanishes from the story even before Rhea is on the scene. I'm not sure what to make of that.
  16. CNN reports the room is still uncleared. The hearings are not going on. It's a coup via shutting down the process of impeachment.
  17. redriver

    Football: dropping clangers and scoring bangers

    Good to see Keita and Ox starting tonight.Hope it works for both.
  18. Nagini's Neville

    Gender relations in Westeros

    But you can't compare an erection to body parts. With an erection there is something happening. The equivalent would be to describe, how a woman is getting aroused, that's fine. But the equivalent to describing female breasts in all their "details" and how they look and how they move from a woman's pov, would be for example to write in great detail from a man's pov about his penis, when he doesn't have an erection and what that penis exactly does or some other body part I dunno
  19. The Young Maester

    Why does Balon Greyjoy want to attack the North?

    She has brains. The only way the Iron Islands can remain independent its if Westeros fractures into separate kingdoms. The Greyjoy Rebellion is a good example of what happens you attack a united Westeros.
  20. iberiandirewolf

    Gender relations in Westeros

    I'd compare the way he often describes women's breasts with erections. I remember it was a common theme in some of Tyrion's and Sam's POVs, also mentioned in Jon's.
  21. Today
  22. As Magic explains... The Lakers got fined last year because Magic said in an interview that Giannis would win a ring with the Bucks one day. It's a made up controversy.
  23. Nagini's Neville

    Gender relations in Westeros

    Yes, I agree. And GRRM actually has said that himself. That he is biased because he is a white man, who grew up in the 60s. Also in regards to race. "voyeuristic the female POV characters are of their own bodies" omg this sticks out so much. He especially did that with Dany. Dunno how often he did describes her boobs and what they are doing. This is just utterly unrealistic. Just one example "Her small breasts moved freely beneath a painted Dothraki vest," A Clash of Kings This is just ridiculous - I'm sorry. Maybe there are some women, who are hyper aware of their own bodies like that, but personally I have never in my life thought something so stupid like that nor do I sexualize myself like that, the closet to a realistic pov in that matter would be "hm, maybe should put on a bra" or something lol or "shit my boobs hurt" I dont recall him ever writing things like: Jon's dick moved freely between his legs lol In general he doesn't describe male bodies in the same way he describes female bodies.
  24. Rorshach

    What shouldn't be done...about climate change

    That sounds more in line with what I know, thanks! ..not that it isn't bad news, or that the news on climate in general aren't bad, just that they haven't worsened that much in the last few days.
  25. Conflicting Thought

    International Thread 3

    The situation here, in Chile, is brutal. The military have killed over 40 people, they are raping and torturing us, they are spreading chaos buy burning and pillagin (many, many videos of them cought in the act) , but we are strong and we keep fighting, we are not backing down.
  26. Lady Dacey

    How does one change one's rank?

    Our profiles have ranks according to how much we've posted, and usually it's stuff like "commoner" "freerider" or "council member". Some people have ranks that seems made up by themselves though. I don't know how to do that, and I wish I did. Can someone help me out? I just don't want to be a "noble".
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