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  1. US politics: Donny, you're out of your element

    Yes, Mansoor doubtless knows the pressures for an active duty general, but he's still speculating as to the exact situation. What we've been told from White House sources is that McMaster has been given assurances regarding staff, which (if true) suggests this wasn't strictly a normal situation. I think we'll know more in the next week or so as there's more reporting. And on another note, this -- and the attached PDF report from McMaster -- is solid stuff. https://www.csis.org/events/harbingers-future-war-implications-army-lieutenant-general-hr-mcmaster
  2. US politics: Donny, you're out of your element

    I too have read the opposite, but the proof is in the pudding -- in particular, I think we'll see where K.T. McFarland goes, if anywhere. Also, there's no evidence that he was told he'd have to resign if he didn't want the job -- that was offered up speculatively in sources I've seen. OTOH, being still on active duty, he may have felt obliged to say yes regardless of his personal feelings or any inducements offered.
  3. US politics: Donny, you're out of your element

    Think this is a pretty good response to the Pewdiepie issue from someone who's a comedian and, I think, gives Kjellberg some benefit of the doubt while pointing out very reasonable things about his mistake and the dangers of allowing the audience to shape you. http://birthmoviesdeath.com/2017/02/20/pewdiepie-rookie-comedian-quit-whining-and-write-some-damn-jokes
  4. Board Issues 4

    Thanks. We really need to have information on what the links in question are to be able to tackle them.
  5. US Politics: Papers, Please

    Very rapid response from the DoJ for a FOIA request regarding the OLC's review of the travel ban EO. USA Today reporter shared its legal analysis, in full, for those wanting a glimpse behind the complexities of weighing the form and legality of such a consequential executive order: For the full memo (which basically simply repeats what the EO is supposed to do without commenting at all on the legalities): https://www.buzzfeed.com/zoetillman/heres-the-justice-department-memo-on-trumps-refugee-and-trav?utm_term=.ewGbWYZP8#.dd2LlD0A2
  6. Board Issues 4

    What device and browser? I'm having no such issues. Now, some of the ads that show up use Flash and Flash has recently had a security update, so you might try updating that (if on desktop) and see if that fixes things.
  7. George's story in Book of Swords

    George originally had Bittersteel losing a hand to Bloodraven at the Redgrass Field, in the same combat between them that left Bloodraven less an eye. George decided that that was too much like Jaime and scrapped it, though.
  8. George's story in Book of Swords

    Something for the far future, at least. It'd have to be done with some sort of role from George, and he has bigger fish to fry.
  9. George's story in Book of Swords

    Another option, down the road, is a sort of Unfinished Tales, with various scraps put together, if George doesn't want to finish up some of these pieces (some of them need polishing in their full form). It could also include any lengthy extracts from ASoIaF drafts, like that Shrouded Lord chapter.
  10. George's story in Book of Swords

    As there has, in the past, been a passing remark or two about a revised edition of the TWoIaF, nothing says that we might not get the rest of the material out that way. Which is why we haven't suggested publishing all sorts of stuff that was cut, as we may have use of it for that. George may opt to release a piece or two more over the years on his website, but I would not look for all the material ending up on-line.
  11. Rumors coalescing around Neil Gorsuch as being Trump's pick for SCOTUS nominee. In a review of leading candidates, Slate suggested Gorsuch might actually be the least objectionable -- definitely a conservative and originalist, but apparently much less partisan than Scalia. (And for those keeping track, RoguePOTUSStaff claimed 3 hours ago that Gorsuch was the pick, after initially saying it was Hardiman... but after searching around I discovered that the first reports to this effect were 4 hours ago. Another example of reactive "prediction" from this account.)
  12. Dan Drezner deleted a tweet regarding that statue allegedly requiring Bannon's confirmation because, after staring at it a bit more, he felt the claim falls apart. Specifically, the statue relates to those who are appointed to the principal committee, and while it seems an early draft EO that caused much furor made Bannon a principal appointee, the actual EO apparenly only invites him. And the president is allowed to invite whoever he wants, apparently. So, not legit.
  13. It didn't really correctly predict, did it? It said it was going to be signed. Fact is that it then claimed that the reversal was a "win"... but that's all retrospect, and it gave no hint at all that there was any doubt that it would go forward beyond (wrongly) suggesting that it was "unlikely" that it would not go forward. It's not the source of the initial leak, and according to press an alleged draft EO (no one has said what the source is) has been circulating in Washington over the weekend so I suspect it's just following the same rumors any one else can and then spinning it as if it's an insider "confirming". So far the RoguePOTUSStaff account is 100% reactive, just about everything it claims that will or may happen is already sourced from somewhere else. The only claim I've seen from it that I haven't seen anywhere else (other than the first White House Leaker account) is that Reince Preibus has been on the verge of resigning. Focus on genuine journalists. Josh Rogin claimed someone reliable in the administration was feeding him info about it, while Mary Emily O'Hara said the White House flat-out denied, and the NYT story is notable in that it completely fails to touch on whether there was a genuine draft of an EO anywhere.
  14. Lets see what Trump says about FADA when it gets out of House Ways and Means.
  15. US Politics: Redefining National Security

    In other news, General Flynn has deleted his Twitter account, this after his son did the same after calling the EO a "#MuslimBan", and after reports are coming out that he's getting increasingly sidelined in the WH.