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  1. Board Issues 4

    Instead, try and scroll down to wherever you see visible ads on the page, and screenshot that, then pass it to me so I can show the ad network the problem ads.   Re: notifications, how they do or do not work is a complete mystery to me. I shall try and find out more information.
  2. Board Issues 4

    Seems like a bug, so have posted it as such to Invision.
  3. The ASOIAF wiki thread

    It's the great King's Landing tourney of 272 AC, but Tywin as Hand arranged it and paid for it.
  4. The ASOIAF wiki thread

    Re: RPGs, SOME information in the GoO RPG is drawn from GRRM, but it's all sort of secondary canon in that it can of course be changed a bit when/if it makes it to publication a work of George's authorship (ASoIaF, Dunk and Egg, TWoIaF, Fire and Blood, etc.) But the book doesn't say anywhere what's from George or not, so ... bit shakey, unless they  are details that show up later in other sources. The Green Ronin RPGs are, so far as I know, almost entirely made by GR's own writers with no real input from George or any other authority. They're good for what they are, but George doesn't have the time to be involved in the way he was involved with the Guardians of Order game.
  5. Roddy, We had a couple of discussions with GRRM about the Citadel, given the framing device and how it was first conceived.
  6. Board Issues 4

    Both times with the same ad, the PS4 Avengers one?   What would work best is if you could save the page and send it to me at [email protected] That way I can look through the ad tags it's showing and see which is the problem.
  7. I'll note as well that "world" is used quite a lot in the books. Including in one of the most remembered lines: "Never forget what you are, for surely the world will not."
  8. No one said it's a common term. It's the term Yandel used, however, quite deliberately and for reasons we think quite sound.
  9. Not an oversight. Yandel's final remarks in the text explicitly speaks of "this world of ice and fire".
  10. Board Issues 4

    It looks like there are some other issues. I have contacted Invision about it.
  11. Board Issues 4

    We had to restart the MySQL server, so unfortunately it will take awhile for streams to become cached again. Until they're cached, it is a very slow process to get them to complete.
  12. Archived Topics

    I think that may in fact be it. Go to Google and try this search: site:asoiaf.westeros.org "topic title" and you should find it:     And no, can't really fix the order, I'm afraid!
  13. Archived Topics

      Just tested it myself and not seeing the issue. Hrm...
  14. How to Get a Wiki Account

    It's IPS4, yes, but currently don't have a test install available. What level of access would you need to be able to test it, however? Maybe we can figure out something. And thanks for the very kind offer!
  15. Archived Topics

    What's the topic?