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  1. What about Ghost? [SPOILERS]

    Ghost has been making sounds on the show since season 1. It's just what it is.
  2. Quick note: I am all for this thread, but have it be about the show, please, just as the original poster asked. Commentary on other threads is not what the thread is about.
  3. Forum Tweaks for the Season

    While we're working on trying to resolve outstanding issues, I've tried to shut down some things on the forum -- activity stream, search, and so on -- to try and reduce overall load while retaining the core posting and browsing functionality.
  4. Forums completely unusable on mobile

    We have some brand new issues this year that we did not have in previous years. Tapatalk has had to be disabled, and perhaps that's what you used for mobile viewing? Besides that, the new server and PHP upgrade has reduced some caching options. Finally, this is the first week we've been able to actually stress test our configuration, and we're learning something new all the time. We'll keep plugging away to get it as smooth an experience as possible.
  5. Forum Tweaks for the Season

    An additional tweak: for the duration of the season, I am attempting to disable email notifications. I know some of you like it, and I like it too, but the fact is that the mail process means mail has to be scanned for viruses and so on and that leads to massive spikes in lag when a popular thread gets updated and a couple hundred notifications flood out.
  6. [Spoilers] EP601

    Book spoiler discussion of the show goes here, for those who want to discuss the episode in relation to the books, and with reference to spoilers from them. This topic should open automatically around the start of airing.
  7. Non-spoiler discussion of the show goes here, for those who've not read the books or those who have but are happy to not actually reference them at all in discussion, taking each episode as it comes. This topic should open automatically when the show begins airing.
  8. The ASOIAF wiki thread

    I think that's sufficient, with a banner of some kind. Surprised there's no templates out there in Mediawiki land for handling spoilers.
  9. Aegon II and Aegon III

    They were betrothed, yes, and Aegon and Jaehaera were declared heirs. Won't say more than that, as the other questions are for Fire and Blood. Just figured that we had to compress the details of Corlys and Aegon III so much that it was worth shedding a little light on that here.
  10. The ASOIAF wiki thread

    That feels like something that may possibly have to be marked as spoilers for S6-on, on the off chance some of these are too clear about significant events. I'd say differences between book and screen is the right way to go with handling events from the TV show. I don't know, maybe sub-pages for characters to tackle 'On the show'? It need not be in-depth, but I do think there's an interest in our having some relevant information alongside the book info.
  11. Aegon II and Aegon III

    The world book notes Corlys was pardoned and made a member of the small council.... but all this was in a bid to get him to use his wealth and power to raise forces to defend Aegon II. But Corlys would absolutely not accept the execution of Aegon the Younger, and indeed proposed that Aegon should be betrothed to Jaehaera (to the annoyance of Queen Alicent) as a requirement before he'd willingly support Aegon II again.
  12. I laughed, I shared. I'm a sucker for the oldies.
  13. The ASOIAF wiki thread

    Was away when the title question was asked. I don't consider the titles spoilers in themselves, especially if you don't watch the show. Someone else has raised the question of how to handle season 6 events on the wiki, since we do have "on the show" sections for some characters. I'm not sure how to answer that. Should we avoid covering post-S5 material, should we see if we can implement some sort of collapsable spoiler box ala the forum, or something else?