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  1. Board Issues 4

    Thanks for the reports, everyone. Should have most of these blocked now.
  2. Board Issues 4

    More info needed. URLs would be best, more information fo what they're leading to is acceptable. I really can't do anything with "I see pop-ups." Like, zero, and I'd like to because they're obviously annoying and not something we want. But you guys need to help out by giving me concrete information. We serve many hundreds of thousands of ads on a daily basis.
  3. Board Issues 4

    A link or other info would be useful.
  4. Sign in using Google Chrome

    I just don't have that problem at all so have no idea how to fix it for you. There's nothing wrong with the certificate so far as any browser I use to login shows.
  5. Sign in using Google Chrome

    I've tested on Chrome and have not had this result regarding an invalid certificate. Have you cleared your caches? We did briefly experiment with enabling HTTPS throughout but ran into technical difficulties.
  6. Board Issues 4

    Sorry about that, folks. Have passed this on to the ad network to get them to do something about it.
  7. Board Issues 4

    Should be fixed now, but you'll need to clear cache possibly.
  8. Board Issues 4

    Do you recall the name of the app in questioN? With that I can probably figure out which add is causing the problem and get it blocked.
  9. Board Issues 4

    We just put in HTTPS as the default, and at a guess this is related to that. Try wiping all your Westeros.org cookies, shutting the browser, then starting again and trying to log in once more. ETA: Okay, it seems to be that you show as logged out on the home page... but if you click through to a thread or sub-forum, does it look fine then? That's what I'm seeing. It's a bit weird and I suspect it is an issue with caching that I'll look into. The solution for now seems to be to just go to a thread/sub-forum first, and after that it should recognize you're properly logged in.
  10. Board Issues 4

    Interesting. I did not see the symbols and such. I've tried an edit of my own. I suspect some weird character formatting issue is to blame. Hopefully it is fixed now, but try to edit again and tweak it (I think I lost the emphasis that was intended) and let me know what happens.
  11. Board Issues 4

    So these are all on iphones/ipads/Android phones and tablets? Any particular ads cropping up or redirecting?
  12. Cloudflare and Passwords

    We've just received word from Cloudflare that no data from Westeros.org has appeared in search engine caches related to the bug, but that they are continuing to review and will notify us should they find anything
  13. Board Issues 4

    We've just received word from Cloudflare that no data from Westeros.org has appeared in search engine caches related to the bug, but that they are continuing to review and will notify us should they find anything
  14. For those who are not aware, Cloudflare is a service that allows sites to speed up response times and cache a lot of data to save bandwidth. We have used it successfully these last years, reducing our bandwidth overhead by about half, which has helped reduce our costs. Unfortunately, a bug in their HTML parser has, over the last six months, occasionally dumped plain text data that could includes e-mail addresses, passwords, etc. to the web. My understanding is that this bug depended on certain features that they offered being turned on, but as far as I can see we did not use said features. Besides that, the server doesn't really store your passwords -- it stores hashes made from those passwords, which in theory would take years of computer time to decrypt. All that said, while I believe from what I've read that chances are very low the memory collisions that led to plain text files being dumped and cached by search engines (which have since dumped those caches) has led to any compromise of security here on the forum (or the Wiki), it is generally good practice to change your password regularly, and we would recommend changing your password in the particular case that your password here is shared across other, more sensitive sites (such as Facebook and other social media, or mail servers).
  15. Board Issues 4

    My understanding is that the bug primarily affected sites that used their email obfuscation feature, which I don't believe we use. That said, I would certainly recommend changing passwords if your password on the forum is used in sensitive places (such as mail and social media accounts).