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Twitterly dee dee dum dum ...


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Lol.  That's Bezos-like levels of charity.


I have decided to follow @Elonjet after his account was suspended today, notwithstanding Musk's prior showboating about the "threat" to his personal safety not outweighing his commitment to free speech. 

He was briefly unsuspended a few hours ago.  Naturally that wasn't enough flip-flopping for one day, so he has now been suspended again for unspecified violations of Twitter policy. 

Elon Musk is the Truss/Kwarteng of the private sector.  It's not so much good or bad policy, as chaos and whiplash from abrupt changes of direction that is going to terrify the markets and investors. They can't do anything about Twitter, so it's Tesla stock that's going to suffer by proxy.   

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18 minutes ago, Ser Scot A Ellison said:

This will go well on a Platform that is used to provide rapid access to on going rapidly changing events:



24 minutes ago, Ser Scot A Ellison said:

This will go well on a Platform that is used to provide rapid access to on going rapidly changing events:


Scot you give musk too much credit—he’d used this policy on people who annoy him and that’s all.

If he gets any blowback he’ll dox a former Twitter employee and say they’re a pedophile.

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QAnon, adrift after Trump’s defeat, finds new life in Elon Musk’s Twitter
Among some QAnon devotees, Musk has become a figure of prophecy on par with Donald Trump

https://www.washingtonpost.com/technology/2022/12/14/qanon-musk-revival-twitter/.... Logan Strain, a conspiracy theory researcher who uses the name Travis View on the podcast “QAnon



Anonymous,” said Musk’s “conspiracist dog whistles” have galvanized a group that was fractured after 2020, when major social networks including Twitter started banning QAnon accounts and Trump lost the White House.

“He’s responding to and validating a rogues’ gallery of right-wing conspiracists … [and] going through a checklist of far-right grievances in a way that has certainly energized them,” Strain said. For QAnon believers, “what they view as a major battlefield in the information war just opened up again.”

QAnon devotees had spent years arguing that Trump was winning a secret crusade against a global Satanist cabal that would culminate in the mass executions of top Democrats and other “deep state” elites. Online, they dissected thousands of cryptic prophesies from someone known as Q, who claimed to be a top-secret government operative but was quite possibly just an administrator of the fringe message board 8kun.

Musk has never explicitly supported QAnon, and some of his closest allies say they doubt he believes some of the wilder things he says online. One person in Musk’s inner circle, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss Musk’s views, said he uses the claims merely to win the internet’s most prized currency: attention. “He wants to muck it up,” the person said.

But in QAnon circles, Musk’s ambiguity and plausible deniability have been seen as a strategic way for him to subtly push their dogma into the mainstream. A QAnon-boosting account with 165,000 followers on Truth Social, Trump’s social network, wrote Monday: “At this rate, Elon is on pace to start posting Q drops to millions of normies and there’s nothing anyone can do to stop him.” ....


Since he increasingly diverts Tesla resources to his twitter, Jeet Heer


likened this behavior to that of a guy addicted to fentanyl selling off his family's assets to support his habit.

edited to correct the spelling of Fentanyl -- shows how little I know about drugs. 

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For a supposedly Internet-savvy person, Musk seems to be unaware of the Streisand effect. I for one never knew that Twitter accounts that follow people's jets exist, or that this is something that can be done using public domain data, or how to do it.

By freaking out about it, he ensured that the number of people actually tracking his movements increased a hundredfold or thousandfold.

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5 hours ago, mormont said:

I'm glad to know Musk is taking a firm stance against doxxing. Bit of a shift from that time when a critic of his was doxxed and Musk reportedly called his employer.



Well, he also has exceptions for that rule: If it's relevant to a current discussion or something (you know, like smearing queer or trans folk as groomers or the like), then doxxing is a-ok. Libs of Tiktok is not banned.

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