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Jon Snow is likely to go insane

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On 6/25/2023 at 2:36 PM, H Wadsworth Longfellow said:

Jon's chances of losing his mind are exponentially greater than Dany's chances.  Even more so now after Bowen Marsh and the brother punctured him in multiple places.  His anger and hate started to build as he lay dying.  I don't think Jon will forget that during death and when the WW revive him his mind will be partially gone.  Just like Cat's mind has decayed. 

Jon doesn’t deserve a good ending. He won’t get one. 

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Jon is stuck to that wall like a fungus.  He ain't leaving.  He is the blue flower growing on a crack that he made on the wall.  He might come to some sense later on and but that is doubtful because he died.  Only the white walkers and their magic can bring him back as a wight in their service.  

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On 1/14/2023 at 9:24 PM, Damsel in Distress said:

I posted a comment on this in 2017. 

If R + L = J is true, then Jon Snow is the one who will go insane.  He will have incidences of insanity from the Stark as well as the Targaryen side.  His kin, Arya Stark, is already insane. 


I edited, updated, and re-posted below:

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Rumors of Targaryen Madness is an Exaggeration.  And a slander against the ruling House Targaryen


The prevalence of the madness that runs in the family is exaggerated.  A careful study of the Targaryen lineage shows that this madness is not as prevalent as their enemies would have us believe.


    Targaryen + Targaryen = Maegor the Cruel
    Arryn + Targaryen = Rhaenyra
    Hightower + Targaryen = Aegon II
    Rogare + Targaryen = Aegon IV
    Velaryon + Targaryen = Baelor the Blessed
    Dayne + Targaryen = Aerion Brightflame
    Kiera + Targaryen = Vaela
    Targaryen + Targaryen = Aerys II


In red - female parent. Non-Targaryen female parent. 

Italics – unclear whether these people were mad or simply just cruel. Vaela is likely someone who just had a below average mental capacity. 

What interests me most is that the majority of the so-called “mad” members of the family were not the direct result of T + T but rather the result of what appears to be normal pairings.  A second item of note is that the madness happens more often when the mother comes from outside the family.  This means the carriers of the madness are the male Targaryens.  Thirdly, because we are dealing with a fantasy world in which real genetics may not completely hold true, we can assume that anyone whose father is a Targaryen will have an equal chance of going mad as any other member of the family with a Targaryen father.  Also note that we have not had a female Targaryen of whom we can clearly point out as mad.  None.  Rhaenyra was a b* but being a difficult person does not make one mad.  Maegor was cruel but that doesn’t mean he was mad.  If cruelty alone make one mad then Tywin and Stannis could be labeled insane. 


Implications are as follows:


    1.  The Targaryens are the most prominent family in the series of A Song of Ice and Fire.  I do not believe George R R Martin will end this family line.  I think the family just needed a fresh start and based on my theory that the males carry the potentially damaging gene it makes sense to eliminate the male line and begin anew with a perfect Targaryen female.  Who is, of course, the Mother of Dragons herself, Daenerys Targaryen.
    2.  The Targaryen dragons also needed a refresh.  The heroine delivered once more and hatched three eggs.
    3.  Daenerys Targaryen is just fine.  She will not go mad.  Her future children are not going to go mad. 
    4.  Rhaegar + Lyanna = Jon.  Should this theory of his parentage prove to be true, that Rhaegar is the father and Lyanna Stark the mother, it is very likely that it will be Jon who will go insane.

 My verdict?  Jon has a much greater chance of going mad than Daenerys. 

Jon's chances are equivalent or greater.  I say equivalent or a little more because of his gender. 

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