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NFL Draft 2023: Little Black Books edition

Jace, Extat

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2 hours ago, briantw said:

1-0 is 1-0.  Defense got it done today.  Bengals only field goal came off a pass interference call that gifted them decent field position. 

Did Tee Higgins play today?  Didn’t notice him in the box score. 

Honestly it was a good penalty for Ward to take. Might have been 6 for Chase without the jersey pull. 

Tee was really bad today (only Burrow and the new punter were worse). That’s not to discredit the Browns defense though. Their DB’s played great. Not many teams can play that much man coverage against the Bengals WR trio and shut them down like that. 

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You know you're a battered fan when your team goes on the road, beats a team that won a playoff game last year, a division rival, wins 40-0 and you still aren't happy.

I thought Dak looked horrible, still over throwing passes.  I thought our corners were giving way too much of a cushion, Waller was having his way with them (including Gillmore) until the genius Giants stopped going to him. Even Barkley was doing really well the first drive or two.

Tonight I get to get anxious watching the Jets game knowing we have to play that defense next week.  

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12 minutes ago, Nictarion said:

Chiefs, Bengals, Bills all 0-1 just like everyone predicted. 

Every year about half the playoff teams of the year before don’t make the post season.  Somehow we are always surprised when it happens.  But you never know who it might be.

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