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  2. Alexis-something-Rose

    Varys Blackfyre hint?

    I don't take it as anything. Larys Strong seemed to know the tunnels below the Red Keep as well.
  3. Dragons 7th Eye

    Your favorite individual acting performance

    Oh absolutely! Joffrey was so despicable and he not only made him maniac but vain and cowardly etc. and very consistent.
  4. I forgot to mention Soprano's earlier. I think that ending was perfectly executed (pun of the day!). And I never understood how some people didn't understand what had happened. The build up in dread and tension -- for the viewer, to which Tony was oblivious -- over the last few minutes was suffocating and had to climax. That one probably stands out as the greatest directorial achievement in an ending, whereas most of the other good endings come from the writers delivering a satisfying resolution to the character's arc.
  5. I just checked that GoT petition and it is almost 1.5 million signers. Say what you want about the value or worth, a million and a half people (almost) have put their names on it. That is a lot of disappointed, angry people.
  6. Talking Hodor

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 806?

    Jon to Dany: "You went full Idi Amin. Never go full Idi Amin." Dragon did what I was hoping someone would do - burn that stupid Iron Throne to the ground. I gave the episode a ten. I think they did an amazing job with no book to guide them. Yes, it would have been better if GRRM hadn't bitten off more than he could chew and had finished his story before them, but this episode felt like it had more of his influence than others. Jon never wanted a crown, and the smile on his face as he traveled north with the Wildlings was proof that he was where he wanted to be. Sansa got what she, and the North, wanted. Bran as king was a surprise to me, but the more I think about it, the more I like it. Jon would have never been a good king, whereas Bran is perfect for the job. He doesn't even need a master of whisperers; he has Weirwood.net in his head.
  7. ARYa_Nym

    Arya the Explorer

    Nymeria had to go outside of her traditional structure to get power though. Had Ghost been around he would have been the king of the pack as he is bigger. Nymeria could have gone back north to her home and found a direwolf for herself (I believe it was said that there might be some hidden away somewhere) if she wanted to. Or she could have tried to find Ghost.
  8. AryaNymeriaVisenya

    No one really cares about KL massacre

    I thought it would have shocked Arya into doing something in the long term but no. She runs away.
  9. Ghost+Nymeria4Eva

    *SPOILERS* Jon useless information

    Isn't the show that goes the "true king" route for Jon? In the books, the Targ succession is kind of an open question. Viserys was heir after Rhaegar died, and he in turn dies without issue. Dany says she's Viserys's heir, but it's not clear if she's formally his heir. And the books have fAegon, whom GRRM has now called Aegon VI, who would be Rhaegar's firstborn male heir. On top of all this, it's Dany who has dragons, which is what gives the house power. It gets one thinking what GRRM's purpose for Jon's real heritage is. I mean, he could have just been a bastard and done all that (I thought Drogon let Jon pass because he recognizes that Dany is fond of him, not just because he has Targ blood. Also why he doesn't kill him in the end.) Jon could have just been a bastard and done all that, no? He also doesn't need to be a Targ to take the throne, He can just take it after killing the previous occupant. Maybe it's intended as something that would have once been useful (like when the throne was without a useful monarch following Robert's death) , but no longer matters when winter comes.
  10. Its funny how people feel duped because it wasn't obvious. Come on folks it wasn't meant to be. You were meant to question power. It doesnt matter if her first city was Yunkai or Kings Landing, the point is, it could have been either
  11. AryaNymeriaVisenya

    Arya the Explorer

    Entirely possible. But what does that say about Arya? Arya who hates status?
  12. Ydra Stark

    *SPOILERS* Jon useless information

    Yeah i kinda feel that way to ! That’s why i asked if the heritage of Jon even mattered ? It was such a big deal for a lot of fans, but in the end it really didn’t mean anything for the story in my opinion.
  13. Eltharion21

    What will the last scene of game of thrones season 8 contain?

    This man has a gift of prophecy!
  14. How could Dany do real evil in the first 6 seasons? Where existed the opportunities of such open display? I mean, it’s difficult to portray evil when all your dealings are with slave lands and she’s in need of an army to assist her conquest. If GRRM readily made her madness apparent early on, then that would’ve changed the entire landscape of the show. All he could do was hint at it and foreshadow it, which he did abundantly. There were plenty of instances of SPOKEN EVIL, however. I’m not sure why that doesn’t count. How the heck can anyone NOT take Dany as a woman of her word? Not to mention, earlier she didn’t have 3 grown dragons nor an army of Unsullied, so the only weapon of evil at her disposal were her words & threats. I mean c’mon, we would’ve witnessed her madness multiple times over if she had grown dragons and the Unsullied since S1E1.
  15. ARYa_Nym

    Arya the Explorer

    It's Nymeria who kills her "cousins". I doubt she would kill Summer or Ghost. Arya doesn't warg her all the time and the times she did wasn't when Nymeria was killing them for doing that. I would say Nymeria doesn't want them because she's a direwolf and her grey cousins aren't the same as a direwolf. She won't see one as an alpha.
  16. Daemon The Black Dragon

    Your favorite individual acting performance

    Jack Gleeson was pretty good as Joffrey. Overall the show had some great acting in it.
  17. Aldarion

    Edmure Should Have Got It

    Eh, Bran's role is to sit there looking dopey and talk nonsense. Which is quite ideal if you are looking to install a puppet king and do what you want, now that I think about it. Basically, Bran is a figurehead, and you will have seven kingdoms as de facto independent states since King's Landing under Bran's rule will hold no power. </sarcasm> OTOH, is he plays it right, his know-it-all power could also mean that he will be extraordinarily strong ruler. Remember what I said about castle being a base of operations? Holding the castle does not mean just sitting inside it. That being said, if Edmure really was aware that Tywin was merely trying to cross back to Westerlands (as in, away from fighting), then yes, his actions were idiotic.
  18. If it was an accident then that would make Jon Snow appear overly judgemental. They needed to make it look as if Jon and Tyrion are 100 percent justified in killing her. You are being asked to sympathise with a man who murders a formerly beloved character. I think Dany should have only attacked the Red Keep in a fit of rage. Not the people in the city. She forgave Jorah. Dany does understand that people can change and that people can come to love you. I refuse to believe the character would forget this. Then, I think if the show insists on the breaking the wheel part she should have said she would abolish serfdom and give the land to the peasants. This would add some grey to the situation. Are the Starks just reactionary nobles guarding their vaunted status. I mean it really says something that they demonise Dany for having the notion of changing the world. Then make light of a noble comparing the peasants to his dog.
  19. AryaNymeriaVisenya

    Are the starks finished?

    Cley Cerwyn would seem to be the obvious choice for her. But really she needs a second son
  20. Eltharion21

    A proposed rewriting of the last seasons/books

    I take my word back with apology , this would be infinitely better than what we got, insert Planet of Apes Damn you scene here ;(
  21. R. Strongolem

    *SPOILERS* Prophecies fulfilled?

    Which ASOIAF prophecies, visions and prophetic dreams do you think came to really happen in GoT, now that it's finally over? And which ones you think didn't?
  22. I cannot remember that final episode. I remember getting tired of Flint's constant sermonizing about having the only vision and plan that everyone else would just have to follow on faith, and I recall how the various plot points concluded. But I don't recall the final episode itself.
  23. AryaNymeriaVisenya

    Arya the Explorer

    Its always about family. I suspect the whole thing about not being mounted is about Arya's own sexuality, she hasn't bled yet
  24. I can't criticize these primary character actors for refusing to go along with the criticisms of GOT, and particularly the final season. They went through 8 grueling years of making this project, right along with all the technicians and other people who make such project possible. Grueling is probably even a light word to describe what they all went through -- together. Yah. 8 / EIGHT YEARS. That's a really long run for tv, generally speaking. And some of the actors like Sophie Turner were barely into adolescence when they began this extended experience, which dominated their lives for over 8 years. They have BONDED, like people who gone through war and battle together for 8 years. They are not about to turn on their leaders. They naturally feel anger about the criticisms, and, very hurt, which is more than understandable.
  25. Ygrain

    Varys Blackfyre hint?

    Yep, this has been noted. Along with theorising that perhaps Varys was castrated as means to end the male line, and a couple of others, like, Varys actively working on bringing the Targs down.
  26. It’s not even through the heart. It’s more towards the right side, and lower than where the heart should be. Maybe the liver, or the inferior lobe of the right lung. In other words, the hackery and sloppiness is so bad that they don’t even know/try to get right exactly where the heart is.
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