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  2. I was wondering - what happens if a noble is found out to be a bastard at a (very) late age? Was there such an incident in the past? I suppose he's forced to give up his noble name, but... it sounds weird. For instance, suppose some king want to pardon Tyrion for Tywin's murder but he can't - patricide is an unforgivable crime. The solution could be declaring that Tywin was not, in fact, Tyrion's father (doesn't matter if the A+J=T theories are correct or not). Does that make Tyrion a Hill, or could he still be a Lannister? Of course, the king could declare that he still is a Lannister, but I suppose that would require a seperate declaration.
  3. It still bothers me that no one pressed them to marry or even bought up the idea to either of them. Instead we got Tyrion and Varys talking about it and Varys bs to why it wouldn't work.
  4. Yeah he just repeats the same lines like a pokemon. If anyone watches his character in Season 8 without watching the previous seasons, they would think is nothing but a loser character 1. I don’t want it 2. She is my queen 3. The Night King is coming 4. Fall back 5. I have never been a Stark. 6. You don’t know her yet. 7. She will be a good queen. Kit Harrington gets paid 938000 to say this on repeat.
  5. Charles Stuart

    Jon killing Dany doesn’t work for me

    If she had not gone north the realm would have been lost all the same when the nightking showed up at KL with a vastly bigger army. That was the whole point of going north, to save the realm, it wasn’t to just help Jon.
  6. Jorah could be the flower girl in that meme about Jon and Tormund getting hitched Kit and Rose Leslie style?
  7. The only problem there is that Dany had never harmed so may defenseless civilians up until this point. It just seemed to come out of the blue, because the show runners wanted to achieve this end. As for her delusional talk and messianic complex, she has veered in that territory since almost the beginning of the show. But other characters (looking at you tyrion) only loved and believed in her for it. Plus, she was never this unhinged despite of the megalomaniacal talk.
  8. Oh, I think I get it....yes many ick points every episode..
  9. It_spelt_Magalhaes

    Bran Truly Was The Best Possible Choice To Rule

    Well, if you consider the adage of information is power, regardless of if he is all-knowing or not, Bran is way ahead of the game. Also, if you control the narrative, you can change society in a much more insidious and permanent way. The Citadel had the information about the Long Night, hells, about 'Aegon's' bloodline and legitimacy, right? They had operatives teaching and counselling every major and minor noble house in Westeros. They chose the information they willed to pass on and in which terms. My scary moment about Bran as King? He said he didn't 'want' anymore. It leaves other questions. Like: are we supposed to believe that 'in the show' because what, he said so? It's like suddenly people in GoT are unable to lie. Or: the most terrifying rulers tend to be not the actual crazy ones, mostly they screw enough people over and get shanked, but the clever ones who have a vision and the means of implementing it. We could make the case for Bran, should he have an m.o. like the Maesters, having the potential to be worse than crazy dragon lady? No idiotic destruction, just utter control you're not even aware of. Scary. Also Bloodraven level shit?
  10. LOTR has been finished.
  11. Exactly. By the time Season 8 rolled around there wasn't a Stark left who was even remotely likeable. A far superior ending would have been for Daenarys to prove she's "crazy" by killing all the remaining Starks, starting with Sansa on the "slow screaming roast" setting. :-) That would have made the series more tragic, and then you could have had Dany killed by either an incensed Brienne or heart-broken Gendry. Then, you crown Gendry the king, as he is the only person left alive in Westeros with any real claim to the throne. You've now knocked out the dumb manner the North secedes and Tyrion would then be the Warden of the North. Through his marriage to Sansa, he's the only viable claim to Winterfell. Now, there's a far better ending and one I could get behind, and root for, especially as those annoying Starks are killed off..
  12. Where was the confrontation? The argument? The disagreement? The ending didn't have Jon try to reason with her and fail, he just stabbed her. If they wanted to make it seen as more justifiable he would have needed to actually try which he didn't. I get if she was about to attack Winterfell but that's not what we got.
  13. They made Jon pretty dumb this season. I doubt he'll ever realize that he was used by anyone.
  14. Apoplexy

    All who were vying for the Throne died

    I have nothing nice to say about how things played out. The same outcome couldve been achieved much better with a few more episodes. But I have to say, I had always predicted that Dany wouldn't get the IT, with my reasoning being nothing else beyond she was the only person alive who was lusting after the throne since the war of the 5 kings.
  15. SeanF

    Strangest Possible Ending

    Daenerys turns into the love child of Adolf Hitler and Genghis Khan and incinerates 500,000 people. Jon stabs her through the heart while telling her he loves her. Dragon flies off with her body. A council of lords then invites Bran to become King, after Tyrion says he has a great story. Jon is sent back to the NW, after Dany's bodyguards fail to kill him. Bronn becomes Master of Coin. The North declares independence and all the other lords are okay with it. Edmure Tully gets released from prison and gets treated like a butt monkey by everyone else. Sam Tarly writes A Song of Ice and Fire and is made Grand Maester. Arya sets sail in search of America.
  16. DanteGabriel

    U.S. Politics: You Didn't Think It Would Be So Easy, Did You?

    For about four years, we had a pond in our yard, and kept goldfish in there. We started with five the first summer. Next spring, there were at least thirty fish in the pond. We had the pond supply people clean the pond and take all but five (they were the same people that sold us the fish but said they wouldn't be resold, they'd just live in the ponds at their store, which were extensive). This cycle repeated every year. If only I'd known, I could have been part of the patriotic goldfish resistance.
  17. BalerionTheCat

    Master thread on what the Show means for the book plot

    I've not much faith in the show telling. But if fAegon will be the one contesting Daenerys' heirloom, she will still find Cersei entrenched in KL. This part seemed right to me.
  18. Apoplexy


    Arya made her choice. She cannot expect him to wait forever and not move on. How so? Arya was pretty clear it was just technical and nothing personal. I mean we have no proof either ways. But Sansa did say ramsay didn't harm parts of her that he wanted to use. He was at the al fresco council meeting. He is lord of storms end. Why would it be awkward? Arya made her choice. And gendry is an adult. I interpreted his marriage proposal to mean he really liked Arya and would want to explore that relationship. Nothing suggested to me he was so deeply in love that he could never move on. That sort of stuff is incredible even in cheesy romance stories, which GoT is clearly not. How does it reflect badly on Gendry? And Sansa and Arya two separate individuals. It is possible for gendry to look at Sansa as more than just Arya's sister.
  19. Señor de la Tormenta

    People's reaction to Dany turning Mad Queen says something about us as humans

    Not only going full carpet bombing of civilians in a surrendered city is an act on itself absolutely irredeemable, but also, the speech to her arms - all nazi style - about conquering the whole freaking world, and her megalomaniac delusional talk with Jon were the final nails in her coffin.
  20. What? If I wrote it he wouldn't have had a problem with it(or done most of the things he did this season).
  21. The horrifying thing is, I could see them coming up with a sequel, involving Jonsa and Wight Daenerys, in fact the fanfics write themselves.
  22. A Ghost of Someone

    Rank the seasons!

    1 - 1 Followed the Book and was Great 2 - 2 Talisa plot line was off but still good, Also, they started White Washing Tyrion 3 - 3 Saint Tyrion is now fully annoying, Sansa is being ruined, she is not submissive, she is a resister, also Margeary BOLEYN 4 - 4 They are turning Cersie into Carol Brady, no, she is an Evil Bitch and Tyrion is 180 from what he is written to be. The show runners are in love with the actors and are mucking up their show because of it. 5 - 7 Tyrion as hand keeps messing up Dany with every piece of advise he gives. She gets weaker and Cersei gets stronger. The Wight hunt North of the Wall cost a lot and probably gave the Nights King his ticked through the wall thanks to him. He keeps getting praised for it too. The writers love him! 6 - 6 Queen Carol!, I mean, Cersei is laughable. The city rioted a couple of years before and after their Pope and Vatican are blown up, they are good with it and now there are a Million people there and they support Cersie. this is dumb. Everyone knows those kids were false, 7 - 5 The logic behind the Sansa / Ramsay plot for Revenge is beyond disgusting and insightful into the minds of the showrunners., people all over are doing stupid things. Sex slaves offering free Sex to the Imp was laughable. The Saint can do not wrong!, Stannis, are you kidding me 8 - 8 No comments needed at this point.
  23. Megorova

    Who is the great other?

    It wasn't Melisandre, who was wrong, it's the rest of Westeros. The Prince that was Promised, Azor Ahai reborn, is the Prince of Dragonstone. That's why Melisandre came to Dragonstone, to find him. And she was mislead by people of 7K, and was made to think, that Stannis is her guy. While actually the real Prince of Dragonstone is Jon Snow, because he is son of Crown Prince Rhaegar, which makes Jon current Crown Prince of Targaryens and the Prince of Dragonstone. She was right about a girl on a dying horse, that girl was going to Castle Black, to Jon, and she was bloodrelated to him. And Melisandre made an assumption, that that girl is Arya. But that's because Mel never saw Arya, so she didn't knew, what Arya looks like. Though the description of that girl, that was going to CB, was similar to Arya's looks. Wights attacking rangers at the Fist of First Men, heads without eyes, daggers in the dark, invasion of Golden Company (towers near the sea, dark tide, skulls - ex-captain-generals of GC). Mel was right about all of that.
  24. I see. I thought you'd given up on that? At least you said you had when I asked you. But yeah, let's see how they address Jonsa in the next series. Oh, wait...
  25. Who would you want to captain the Enterprise; Spock or Kirk? Data or Picard?
  26. So... major ick points were necessary, agreed?
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