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Football: The Return of the Carabao Cup


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Didn't care about the World Cup in general but I did catch some matches during my snowboarding week in Italy with my friends, as well as semifinal between Argentina and Croatia and the final match.

Overall, I think it's nice Argentina won it, mostly because of Messi. I won't lie, it's a bit because Cronaldo will eat his heart out now, the wanker.


Crvena Zvezda is Red Star. I don't translate English teams' names to Serbian and I don't translate Serbian teams' names to English.

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Have to say, it was surprisingly easy to not watch. Question now moves on to what I should do with a) FIFA tournaments in general, seeing as Infantino et al are irredeemably corrupt and should burn in hell and b) club football is moving very clearly in the wrong direction wrt money spent from owners etc.

Will continue watching club football for now, at least lower league Norwegian football. And Everton for now.

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1 hour ago, Heartofice said:

I'm glad the World Cup is over, now I can avoid watching Theocratic Oil State tournament so I can go back to watching Corporate Hedgefund FC play Theocratic Oil State United. 

Yeah nowadays there's no watching elite football without supporting clubs owned by these regimes. It's the state of the sport now. Unless you choose not to watch these clubs specifically and do a checkup on the owners as much as it's possible so you choose only to watch clubs owned by what you consider acceptable people.

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29 minutes ago, Mark Antony said:

Opposite feeling here. Club football is gonna take a while to get my interest back after that World Cup which was full of excitement not to mention arguably the best final ever. 

I feel the same. Nothing beats a world cup.

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3 hours ago, Raja said:

I haven't really been able to articulte my feelings of the world cup yet, specifically all the non football stuff, but totally respect the decision of some of us not to watch though.

I am more or less on board with this.  People should do what they are comfortable with.  Some people stopped watching the club game because it became dominated by big money.  Similarly with the international game.

Everyone has their own reasons.  One person loved football, was completely enamored by the idea of World Cup and it was the high point of the sporting calendar every 4 years.  But while uneasy about how the club game had developed, this WC was a step too far and he refused to watch it in disgust.  It was a real cost.  He would have loved this year's competition and seeing Messi win.  He knew not watching wouldn't change anything but he was simply disgusted by FIFA.

On the other extreme, there is this person I know who never really liked the international game.  Would watch it because it was on but his attention was always focused on the club scene.  When he refused to watch the WC because of a sudden awakening regarding human rights and made sure everyone knew about his decision, that I found embarrassing.

And there are a lot of stories in between.

The real question I have is about 2030.  Who is going to host that?  I'm surprised they aren't deciding it until 2024.  6 years doesn't leave a lot of time.  Are we going to be back here in 2030 with the Saudi World Cup?

FIFA has become the scapegoat and rightfully so in many ways, but it should be noted that the Danish FA said the following a few weeks ago.


“There are 211 countries in FIFA and I understand that the current president has statements of support from 207 countries,” he said. “Denmark is not among those countries".


I believe the Norwegian FA has said the same thing.  So who were the other 2 countries?  Are you confident that your country isn't voting for Infantino?  The national FAs seemed to have got away quite lightly.

Maybe a few other countries have changed their minds over the last 3 weeks but isn't it a little late? FIFA and Infantino are the same as they always have been over the last 12 years (ok, Blatter is gone, which is massive enough but the point still holds).

There is this sense from Europe that they can't do anything but there are over 50 countries in UEFA.  That's a pretty big minority if they actively worked against a candidate (and money-wise, they have an even bigger say).  207-4 is a different story.

On the other hand.  Infantino.  He came across really badly during the World Cup but I'm not actually sure what he could have done.  He was elected in 2016 (coming from and recommended by UEFA).  Maybe he had been a vocal supporter of Qatar in 2012?  But could he have seriously tried to backtrack?  As far as I am aware, there were no loud demands from UEFA or anywhere else that Qatar should lose the WC rights in 2016.  There was always this uncomfortable muttering about it, mainly driven by the media/human rights organisations but I don't recall any major FA saying it should lose the rights.

Infantino makes it easy for somebody to deride him but I do wonder about his actual practical options.  Blatter/Platini are much easier to castigate.  But I don't think it is right to put all the blame on FIFA/Qatar and shrug off all the ailments in so many individual associations.  The UN, the EU, FIFA, they all reflect their national parts.  Those international bodies didn't just magically create the rules, the national bodies demanded those rules (and money drove those demands).

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12 hours ago, Padraig said:

Are you confident that your country isn't voting for Infantino?

I am 100% certain that my country's FA is voting for Infantino. I am also 100000% certain that, given the obvious chaos and corruption in my country's FA, every self-respecting FA should wait for our FA to vote and then vote the opposite.

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4 hours ago, Corvinus85 said:

More on the celebrations in Argentina. Warning!!!! - video below has a guy falling off the bus.

Not quite as bad as Philly fans burning down their own city after the SuperBowl win, but the week ain't over yet. High temps as well. 

Call me when the fans start eating literal horse shit.

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