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  2. DireWolfSpirit

    Is Climate Change Impacting Your Long Term Planning?

    I am curious how electric models would hold up in North country. We have 30 degree below zero weather occasionally in our winters up here, and 4 wheel drive is considered a necessity in these conditions. Those little Tesla models ive veiwed would never handle my local road conditions in the dead of winter.
  3. Lady Winter Rose

    Conjectures on Robert Arryn’s Paternity

    I was hooked in theory in last post, until I noticed the username.
  4. Ramsay B.

    MLB Offseason 2018: Harper, Your Herald Boras Sings

    Tauchman... the Sock Man! Fucking Sterling.
  5. D-Shiznit

    dany and sansa

    Well Bran was waiting for Jamie the whole day that Dany arrived, and Jamie's arrival is where we pick up in EP2. Tormund also shows up in EP2 and says they have until sunrise before the NK shows up, so we're talking what 24-48 hours? max 3 days between Dany/Jon arriving and Tormund's sunrise warning? Food should not be a problem for that short a time span, surviving the NK should be singular focus.
  6. DireWolfSpirit

    NBA 2019 - Now the Joy in My World is in Zion

    I agree Westbrook isnt much less of a ballhog than Harden. But I wouldnt Lump Durant in with them. Behind Giannis, I consider Durant the second most valuable player in the league.
  7. Kajjo

    dany and sansa

    It's more about several days or even a week. We will see some more preparations, arrivals, conflicts and so on. The army of the death just passed Last Hearth and needed quite a time from the wall till there.
  8. Kajjo

    Kingslayer - Jaime kills the Night King

    I am annoyed by that, too.. Sansa understood the game, she learned, she got cunning. But "very smart" is something else entirely.
  9. Ser Yorick Ampersand

    Kingslayer - Jaime kills the Night King

    I agree with Arya and Sansa but in the books they have not grown into fierce shewolves yet. And in the show I dont think Arya's arc was well executed, the House of Black and White was very dull and the Waif part was borderline terrible. The same with Sansa, they failed to show how she learned her way in Kingslanding Court, she was allways being rescued by friends and too passive. We are still being told by show characters that Sansa is somehow super smart but she's never shown it really.
  10. D-Shiznit

    dany and sansa

    Yup, for some reason it still hasn't hit Sansa yet that in a matter of hours the NK is gonna bring devastation and death to the North on a level not seen in 8000 years. It won't mater if they have enough food to feed the armies for an extended time, if there is no army left alive to feed. She just can't seem to prioritize. Even Jon called her out on that when he said that she is more concerned with titles than she is the threat from the NK.
  11. Kajjo

    dany and sansa

    Well, I guess they have, and we just didn't saw them. Stupid scenes, but not a plot-hole.
  12. Headless Wolf

    The War in the South (TWOW spoilers)

    Well, since Euron doesn't care about the Shields, it's unlikely he'd commit ships and men to defending them, allowing Garlan to land basically unopposed and then letting him blood his men retaking each island. The ironborn meanwhile can simply sail out of sight of land, as they did when they took the islands in the first place, and descend on Garlan's ships once he's landed. Moreover, if Redwyne loses in the Straits, he has no choice but to retake the Shields with whatever ships he can find along the Mander, those being mostly fishing boats and pleasure barges. 1. The purpose wouldn't be to fight land battles. It would be to move down the Honeywine, like Harwyn Hardhand did in the riverlands, and to force Leyton Hightower's sons to remain in Oldtown or sail up the Honeywine themselves to drive the ironborn back. 2. I never claimed Euron would try to hold Brightwater. I clearly said he would torch the castle, which would obviously draw Leyton Hightower's attention if Oldtown is seen to be threatened from the north. The castle is lightly held, and not execting ironborn to come down the Honeywine. 3. Oldtown is a large city, and an influx of people fleeing raiders upriver, thousands of people, will cause problems for the Hightowers in terms of keeping order. They will have to deal with a spike in crime, they will have more mouths to feed, since the ironborn would likely take most of the food as they raid along the river. Furthermore, riots aren't essential to taking the city, but a large number of people fleeing to Oldtown will make it more likely the ironborn can disguise themselves as refugees and attempt to attack and open the gates from inside. It was exactly the same in the Dance of the Dragons when Daeron Targaryen and Ormund Hightower took and sacked Tumbleton, they sent men ahead with refugees fleeing the war, who attacked the defenders inside once battle was joined and opened the gates. When Tumbleton fell, it caused mass panic in KL. Similarly, if castles along the Honeywine fall, the people in Oldtown will fear they are next, and with Mace Tyrell so far away, victory is relatively uncertain, and that could cause riots. Euron could take Oldtown the same way Ramsay sacked Winterfell, by pretending to be Paxter Redwyne, possibly by glamoring himself to look like him, or by simply flying Redwyne banners up the Whispering Sound. Once admitted to the city, it doesn't matter that they don't have forces on land. Ironborn would be pouring of the ships and into the city. Let us also not forget that they already tried and nearly succeeded at infiltrating Oldtown, when they posed as Tyroshi traders. Posing as a victorious Redwyne Fleet would be an excellent way to get inside the city, and once inside the city is theirs to sack.
  13. Lord Lyman

    Best line of E01

    Cersei to Euron: "You're a true friend to the crown" I was waiting for a "Dilly Dilly". I wonder if they stuck that in there to pay homage to the Bud Light/Game of Thrones commercial that aired during the Super Bowl.
  14. Kajjo

    Dany Fleeing After Jon Reveal

    I don't think so. It's not like Dany to give up and flee. Maybe some dragon rides to think and cool off.
  15. Kajjo

    Kingslayer - Jaime kills the Night King

    I would even like the idea. I hope Arya will have significant influence and success in the battle against White Walkers, but if Jamie were to kill the Nightking that would be fine with me. Indeed it would. Yes, he has a very interesting and positive arc. From kingslayer, asshole villain, incestuous relation and arrogant King's guard up to honor, keeping his word, friendship and mutual respect with Brienne and fighting for the living, breaking with Cersei for the greater good. I enjoy Jamie's arc, too. However, Arya has a very interesting arc, too, from sweet tomboy, a lot of hardship, faceless men to return to "the pack" -- as well as Sansa from naive and dumb wannabe-queen girl up to a cunning player of the game of thrones. I don't really see real smartness in her, but she understood the game, the learned after all, she is quite cunning now.
  16. Bran the Shipper

    Redemption characters, do they need to die?

    I do agree that killing off characters as the end of a redemption arc is overplayed and not always satisfying. That said I think it can work if it works for the character. Of the characters in Game of Thrones who are on a redemption arc (which I would consider being Jaime, Theon, and Sandor) I only predict Jaime to die. Jaime's mistakes that require redemption seems to stem mostly from him doing anything for his family, especially Cersei. And that he was the wrong person to do the right thing, Aerys needed to die but Jaime vowed to protect him. Aerys' death isn't something he needs to redeem himself for, it was the right thing to do regardless of how society interprets it. As for the rest, he has finally broken away from Cersei, so we shouldn't get anymore "the things I do for love" moments. I still predict Jaime to die a hero's death, not because he needs to, to finish his arc but because his arc is essentially done and his death could be very influential in the arcs of several of the remaining characters: like his siblings, Brienne, and potentially Dany depending on how it goes down. Plus he is heroic so him going down like a hero is in character. Theon I predict will survive because his arc is less about him making a dramatic act of redemption, but more of learning how to forgive yourself after committing an atrocity. At least that's how I see it. So I don't see him dying as being the conclusion of his arc, but instead him learning to live with himself. Sandor seems to do bad things because he is so cynical and considers the world to be terrible and that being awful is the only way to survive. So for him, his redemption is found by realizing that the world isn't as bad as he thinks, that there is good in it. But it requires those with the strength to protect it to do so. So I predict he would live and become a bodyguard, either for an individual, like Sansa, or for a community, like the one we find him in during season 6.
  17. Kajjo

    The white walkers want Jon Snow alive???

    I don't understand what you mean. Can you give the exact time in the following video, please? Where does he break his sword? The swords clash, the White Walker is very certain that Jon Snows steel sword will decompose, but it holds up, because it is Valyrian steel. The white Walker is obviously surprise and shocked and Jon can kill him shortly after. This shows (1) that the White Walkers have not been aware of Valyrian steel being immune to their ice swords or probabyl not aware of Valyrian steel at all. It shows (2) that White Walkers are thinking entities with emotions, here expectation, surprise and shock.
  18. Dorian Martell's son

    Who or what attacked Essos during The Long Night?

    That was probably just the tales of the long night that changed and mutated over generations and thousands of leagues of travel. After something as destructive as the long night, with people starving and dying from the cold and famine, communication lines would not be very strong.
  19. Damsel in Distress

    Skinchanging a dead body

    Should be easy. It's not like they can refuse. What make the WW special is their ability to simultaneously control and coordinate a mass of dead corpses. Maybe the skin change ability originated from them and that's why they do it better. There are ethics involved but the WW follow different rules. A weak warg like the ones mentioned should be able to do this to a dead body but perhaps not enough to make that body dance gracefully. The control is not going to have precision.
  20. massoir

    Rant and Rave Thread

    Not even that, only 50mins including the intro
  21. massoir

    Rant and Rave Thread

    Only just watched this as there is nothing else on.... A few of my issues were the first red dragons fly-past winterfell, dont know if this was my streaming quality, but it looked like it was out of a dungeon and dragons movie quality. Why would rhaegar name jon aegon, he already had a son called aegon, so why wouldnt he choose a different flipping name! The golden company has doubled to 20000 and harry strickland has become young and handsome with tip top feet. Drogon is apparently an incest loving voyeur. The dragon flight together reminded me a bit of avatar with those pterodactyl things, also make a flipping saddle for them as thats what all the dragonlords of old did! So sad to see the nuance and characters of the book so poorly displayed.
  22. Kajjo

    Order of deaths to come.

    Very difficult to predict. This is the subforum for episode 2, so I would predict, that no major character is dying in episode 2. I suppose, episode 2 will still be a set-up for the battle, some more politics, preparations and arrivals. We have enough potential for conflict with Jamie vs. Bran, with Sansa vs. Daenerys and with the revelation of Jon's parentage. I suggest to discuss this question as a new thread in the episode 3 subforum next week. I don't think Edd, Beric and Jorah will make it, though. They are most likely to bite the grass early on.
  23. Mystical

    dany and sansa

    The hell? Have you blinked on the show? The North was only eclipsed by the Riverlands as most devastated Kingdom since the show started. Remember that maybe a year ago or less they still had things like Battle of the Bastards where thousands died? There was also an Ironborn invasion before then. There was a Red Wedding. And the North is not the most fertile region for food. Dany didn't even bring tents. Did you see any wagons in her entourage? Were the Unsullied carrying anything (tents, clothes, provisions)? No, all we saw was Dany and her army and the only wagon was the one that had Tyrion and Varys in it. So not only will the North have to provide food, but clothes and tents as well. But Sansa is the one who is ungrateful and in the wrong here? LMFAO. Honestly, you make no sense.
  24. Today
  25. Kajjo

    Order of deaths to come.

    It is disputed whether this is a plot-hole or not. We simply don't know (1) whether taking off the necklace is supposed to cause the change from young to old woman, or (2) Melisandre simply decides to go to bed in her natural state and the necklace does not matter. In the bath tun scene she might have used other magic to keep young, for example bathing ingredients. It is peculiar she asks Selyse to pass her these blue bottle. Maybe she need the drops to keep her in shape? Secondly, Selyse has a weird glance into the mirror, so maybe she glimpses Melisandre in her old shape in the mirror? Well, they will survive if their Stark children counterparts survive. I suppose, ff Jon dies, Ghost will die; if Arya dies, Nymeria will die. No wolf lives if the associates Stark kid is dead. This is of course not true vice versa, since Bran's and Sansa's direwolves are dead.
  26. Bran Snow

    The Night King and King's Landing

    As the above have said, it was originally Baelish's dagger. In the book's (not sure about the show), it was won by Robert at the tourney. Joffery then takes it and gives it the catspaw to kill Bran. Baelish just tells Cat that the dagger was won by Tyrion to start a war.
  27. Kajjo

    Dorne? Highgarden? Riverlands?

    I was very unhappy about the timeline idiocy of the wight excursion. That was simply dumb. But other travels are mostly fine. We do not always see travels and sometime several days or weeks are supposed to be between scenes, but "just teleporting around" is a to black-and-white backbiting.
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